Day 382 Key West Food Tour – A Commission

I drew this in my sketch book after we went on the Key West Food Tour. The tour director Analise had to have one for herself so I spent a couple of days tweaking the small one and painting it. 

She was tickled pink with it. I am sure it will be framed shortly and gracing her office walls soon!  
Let me know if you need me to do one for your business! Or your town!! 
What you do with all those maps and ephemera you pick up on your trip. Draw on them!! 

    Yesterday was our last full day in Key West. We are packing to leave now. It was also the culmination of the Hemingway Days – the Pamplona bull race key west style and the winner of the Heningway Look alike contest is announced. 

  The guy on the left , Pat, won the contest lady eat. All the guys with the red ribbon and medal are previous winners. There were 175 entrants this year. Mostly old guys with big white beards. As my friend Siobhan quipped Key West is where Santa goes in the summer!! Lol   A rowdy crowd follows the papas around the block. 
  We also went to the Audubon House. His paintings there are gorgeous as are the gardens.  

Out the Audubon house window to the Customs house. We included a tour of it on our SEVEN Mile GUT it out tour. Next year we are doing the hemingway five K. lol. Going into training NOW!!

   Incredible philodendrons and pothos we grow as house plants tower fifty feet high in the yard. 

  My favorite plant in the garden. 

A lobster plant. I think. 

 The ginger plant beautiful and smell heavenly. 

Orchids hang off the trees. 

  and banana plants abound. 

Stay tuned for more Key West tomorrow. 
Thanks for reading
Margaret xxx

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