Day 365 ONE YEAR

of daily blogging and creating art.  I have grown a lot as an artist in that year which included a class with Charles Reid and one with Fealin Lin four online Sketchbookskool classes. Highly recommend them all. 

  Currently seemed to be obsessed with painting girls. Making progress on the latest one. She’s big. A half sheet of 300# fabriano which is about 15×22. That’s a big watercolor.  

  ALOT of negative painting. And a lot of wet in wet. 

I added a lot of why Fealin calls jewelry which are light blobs of paint. Most of mine are small but may add more larger ones to the girl before I am done. 

Painting the background has been a lot of fun. Colors used green apatite marine blue cobalt ultramarine cerulean mineral violet alizarin a bright yellow green. 

More to do. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 367- A Few More Favorites


Day Dream 1/2 sheet 300#  fabriano 

This one just squeaked in last year but she won’t be finished for a while.   I love the way she’s going so why not show her off?!! 

She needs more jewelry aka dots in the grass and more done to her hair more curls and frizz aka dots. Not sure if I will do more to the left side. Will think about it a while.  They always tell you what to do if you are patient and don’t hurry them. 

My favorite part of the field. I love all the negative painting. The batchelor buttons are cerulean and Inathradone blue painted wet on wet as so much of this painting is. The stem is DS green apatite added while the flower was still wet so it bled. The small white flowers are alizarin, cerulean and a touch of orange added all while wet. Love the way it looks like tiny white flowers in the grass. 

My son Ben.12×18″ All wet on wet on 140# fabriano artistic cold pressed. Love all the drippy runny colors. Let me know if you need a portrait commissioned mcmhunt @!! 

 A quick dirty journal page. Major excitement here. Booked a Viking cruise from Paris to Normandy yesterday!! 

I am going to sketch the Eiffel  Tower, Notre Dame oh and did I say Giverny?!😳 Good enough for Monet good enough for me!!

Pentel Brush pen in my SuperBee

 Buy something!! I have a cruise to pay for!! 

Thanks for looking!! 

Margaret ️xoxoxo