Day 1296 Magic Time Finally

This post was stuck in my scheduled posts box. I don’t know if I posted but it’s such a great post can’t hurt posting again.

Watching Charles Reid paint a person is like watching someone make magic. He twitches his brush here and here. Stating at the nose suddenly there’s a fabulous painting of a person.

John was our model today. He did a wonderful job.

Charles painting.

The Master Charles Reid the most talented watercolorist in America today.

My sketch.


More painting.

Charles said time to quit so I did and I started another of John. Let ok’ing at him he needs more shadow on his cheek to define his cheek bone. Maybe a highlight lifted also on the cheek and more shadow in his brow.

John and his Jack Russell Jedi.

We all adored Jedi

Especially me. Missing my Zoe. One more of Jedi and his dad John.

My second drawing. I had about forty five minutes left to paint him.


Times up. Hmm think he needs more hair but I like this one best of the two paintings.

Up to the rooftop the rain had ended.

A tugboat heading up river.

Night on the river

A paddle boat passing by while I waited for my car.Look who decided to jump in bed with me tonite. My friend Karen’s collie Carly. What a sweetheart.

Tomorrows model Carver whose mom looks like Madonna.

Nite nite. Margaret xoxoxo

Day 438 – Fishing time 

This was sketched on the docks of Laretto Creek across from Fort Palaski on Tybee Island. 
One of my favorites painted recently because of all the whites I think. 


He had noticed me sketching and asked if he could see them. I had been wanting to draw the fisherman but resisted because I might get caught undercover Sketching. As soon as he started fishing again I whipped this sketch off and quickly turned the page. I knew he would not mind. 

It was painted with my Isabey squirrel mop #2 in a strathmore mixed media journal and drawn with my noodler cheaper ahab with platinum carbon black ink. 

The bright fall sky was painted with cobalt and a bit of cerulean. Trees were painted with Quin gold and hematite with dabs of hookers green. So was the marsh grass.  The water is Andrews turquoise with dabs of cerulean. Skin is Quin red and yellow ochre. Shirt hookers green and inathradone.  Pants no idea. Yellow ochre and burnt umber w inathradone?! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 431 – Sketching Tybee

We packed up and left the house about ten am. The kids were off to Atlanta and it was SkEtcH TIME!! 

  These will all be watercolored soon but in the meantime I am sharing the sketches. I did eight total yesterday. A lot of painting soon. 

 If you want to draw this feel free.  Shrimp boat photos are hard to come by.   
 I found the perfect spot on a fishing dock when you first come one the island across from Fort Pulaski. The fisherman had to check out what I was doing.  
 So I drew him after he checked out my sketches. Think I better straighten up that bucket. Oops!! 

I switched to Lamy fine with this one. My noodles Konrad ran out of ink and my ahab was leaking. Guess I am going to have to fix it. 😳 That said I really liked the sketchiness of the fine line the Lamy does. 

Not the best pelican I have ever drawn but he will look better when he’s got some color on him. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx