Day?! Rhineharts

  Sold a painting to Rhineharts that will be on their Masters Week shirt. How exciting is that. I know stacks will be sold that week. 
  The shirt pocket

I sat out front of Rhineharts waiting for my high school friends Peggy and Karen. We are all excited to be on the shirt!! 
Yesterday I got in Charles Reid’s class at Cheap Joes. It fills the instant its released. My friend Mike and I got one of the 16 places. Now to contain our excitement til May 2017!!!šŸ˜³šŸ˜ƒ 
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Margaret xxx

Day ?! St Pauls


  I drew the inside the other day and decided to draw the outside when I was downtown yesterday. It’s a beautiful old colonial style church. Really like the way this painting turned out. 
All the main colors were done in one wash of color and then other colors dropped in while it was still wet. 

  Here’s the inside again.  
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Margaret xxx

Day ? PCM

  Aka Ponce City Market which no doubt u have noticed I am in love with. 

   Today I meant to paint the PCM sketches watercolored but spent it cleaning the house, the garage, and hauling a mattress up  three stories after stuffing it in a Prius creating a new guest bedroom. Let me know if you want to rent it. It does have a river view. Still have to hang the pictures but doesn’t it look cozy?! And yes I made those quilts. 

This originally posted on that other domain I have so reposting it.   
Love the dragon but thinking of cropping the walking dead out of this. Odd that people look like the walking dead when staring at phones or iPad terminals. 

Dragon is Quin gold and pyrrole red.  
Ponce City Market has an amazing food court similar to the mall but all upscale restaurants that are so good they were recently on CBS Morning News.  
Ponce City Market was an old Sears building that has been repurposes as a shopping mall with condos on the upper floors. All Atlantans remember it as the Sears across from the old Atlanta Crackers field where Ty Cobb played. 


I drew it again yesterday but yet to paint it. I think this is a better sketch. 
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Margaret xxx

Day 635 Ponce City Part two or three?!

Szechuan Restaurant and Bar
I had a perfect seat to have another go at this dragon. I think I did a better job at the perspective this time. 

While there is a lot I like about this the perspective on that bar is wild and I still think the people look like the walking dead. 

    A nervy young couple say not two feet from me between the restaurant and me blocking my view. First time that has ever happened. 

I kept craning my head to look around them as I drew. They never noticed nor did they notice when I took this picture of them. 
I really should turn them into a large painting similar to the one I am working on now. 

Waiting at Waffle House which no loner looks like this. Who could resist those crosses arms and those faces?! 

  Ponce City Market looking toward the Beltline stairs. No walking dead in this sketch. 

Taped down and reading to watercolor. 


The Cuban restaurant LL Superpan. 

All three Ponce City Restaurants are drawn with the very fine tip pilot pen with Carbon Platinum Black ink on Strathmore 500 watercolor paper which is lovely paper. I can’t wait to use it. Takes the color so well. 

A tea towel from French Silver Shop. Sooner or later I will buy some. I just can’t pick which one. 



We were “hangry” from all the oohing and ahing, the walking, the two hour drive, the packing, the loading of the car. Which restaurant would we choose?? There were so many. 

  Marakeesh Mediterranean Market North Africa East of Atlanta 

  We decided that though the hamburgers smelled oh so delicious wafting thru the air we were not doing burgers. So many restaurants how did we choose?! 


We got food from Marakeesh Market because there was a small line and well it was just exotic to eat Moroccan food. 

  1. The potato stuffed burekas,tahini, Israeli pickles and Israeli salad which looks just like feggous – a Morrocan tomato and cucumber salad except for added radish sticks were all just simply delicious. I can’t decide which item I liked best. Best pickles ever.  Perfect iced tea. 

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Margaret xxx

Day 634 – Ponce City MarketĀ 

 Happy Easter!!! Evidently I have been posting on another website domain I have. Ooops.  Really have to figure out how to delete  that one. Very annoying to have to redo and the WordPress ap defaults to it. Why I have not got a clue. Sigh. 
    Love the architecture of the outdoor eating area at Ponce City Market.



And the architecture inside is pretty awesome too. Love the old pillars of the Sears building exposed and the way the red paint on the beams and the columns punctuating the space. 

And that each eatery is funky and a visual treat. Great food doesn’t hurt either. 
Thanks for reading.  
Margaret xxx

Day 630 – The Great Augusta Fire of 1916

Anniversary was yesterday. 100 years ago everything down from 8th Street and east of Greene  Street to the river burned. 


We went to the Tuesday Music Live Concert at historic St Pauls which commemorated the anniversary with one of their Tuesday Convert series. 100 years ago yesterday the congregation gathered to pray the colonial era church would be saved from blaze devouring downtown. 

I drew this while I listened to the wonderful pianist. 


Here’s a shot of the sacristy and a video by a local historian Bill Kirby about the fire. 


A quick sketch I did a couple of years ago of the church from the street. 

And an exterior shot. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx 


Day 629 – Henry Time


This weekend my sister Jan and I tagged teamed my sweet grandchildren Henry and Livia. Henry slowed down enough for me to sketch him watching Care Bears and playing with his cars his gramy bought him at Mc Donald’s and Publixs. 


  His dad asked me if I bought him a car at Publixs and I said Yes of course he asked for one and a rabbit for his sister and flowers for his mom but we knew daddy didn’t want anything but that ham we cooked!!

They also went to the zoo. When I asked Henry what his favorite part of the zoo was he told me you Gramy. What a kid. Lol.   

Last a bit of ink fun with my Kuretake brush pen. I just like the quote.  And it’s true. Hard to be perfect. 

I got the quote from the strathmore art on line sketchbook Art Ninja Graham Smiths class.  Check it out. It’s free.  I wish I drew glad as well as he does. Here is his website

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx


Day 628 – Costco Love!Ā 


Urban sketching at Costco. And NO I did not eat a hotdog when I drew this. I usually do though. Probably good snacks this day whxib everybody knows are calorie free right?! 

I did hide in the corner behind my purse which is of course big enough to carry my sketchbook and pants. 

Tip: when you take the grandchildren to the zoo you don’t want your bevy purse loaded with sketching stuff when you pick up a 45 lb kid to look at the snakes Be sure to take your over the shoulder sketch purse with sketching stuff and the other important thing MONEY for the gift shop train and carousel!! šŸ˜‹


These people were drawn as we all stood in the return line. I love to buy stuff and bring it back to Costco. They ALWAYS take stuff bought there back no questions other than can I Have your members card please. I do LOVE Costco!! 

Off to class. Need to go by Costco and fill up. Gas is always 20-25 cents cheaper!! And Booking a trip to Paris and maybe Lindon and Dublin via Iceland. No time to list colors but I did use the usual ones.

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 627 Down the Seine

One of the barges that haul anything that ships on the river. I was so surprised at the speed they cruised by us.  I barely had time to draw it.  

Here’s the sketch. These boats are enormously long easily as long as a football field. We even went on one that held an entire church and it was NOT small. 

Colors used. Cerulean sky, green apatite with cobalt grass and trees, Inathrodone and burnt umber for the blacks. Quin sienna for trees and red Browns. 

Which do you like better.  I think I like them both. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx 


Day 626 Eglise de RanvilleĀ 


A detail of a WIP of the Eglise de Ranville. I wish the whole building at turned out as well. As Charles Reid an American Master and my personal watercolor art hero says hit it once and be done! 


 I got a light hand back when I painted the cemetery. 


A bit of history. The cemetery is where the dead from Pegasus Bridge are buried. The church is a lovely old gothic building picked mark with shell holes from the fighting in WW2. RAnville was the first town freed by the Allies during the D Day Invasions. 

A slightly whacky perspective.  I may redraw this one. Originally I drew it standing inside the cemetery gate on a cold blustery day so of course you don’t get a full view. 
I had wanted the old limestone Gothic church much lighter like the tower.  I started with light yellow wash over the whole church. I made a mistake using cerulean and burnt sienna to paint a wash of grey. Cerulean is opaque. Eek! Bad choice.  It can make a great grey as long as you aren’t too heavy with it.