Day 629 – Henry Time


This weekend my sister Jan and I tagged teamed my sweet grandchildren Henry and Livia. Henry slowed down enough for me to sketch him watching Care Bears and playing with his cars his gramy bought him at Mc Donald’s and Publixs. 


  His dad asked me if I bought him a car at Publixs and I said Yes of course he asked for one and a rabbit for his sister and flowers for his mom but we knew daddy didn’t want anything but that ham we cooked!!

They also went to the zoo. When I asked Henry what his favorite part of the zoo was he told me you Gramy. What a kid. Lol.   

Last a bit of ink fun with my Kuretake brush pen. I just like the quote.  And it’s true. Hard to be perfect. 

I got the quote from the strathmore art on line sketchbook Art Ninja Graham Smiths class.  Check it out. It’s free.  I wish I drew glad as well as he does. Here is his website

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx


2 thoughts on “Day 629 – Henry Time

  1. lindywhitton says:

    Love your Henry sketches. One day I’m absolutely going to work on my people sketching skills – not today or next week because I haven’t got the commitment time yet – but within the next year. That’s a promise- so thanks for making me commit to a time frame!!!


    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Thanks. Get busy doing something easy like drawing your morning cup of coffee. Quick easy. And it might wake u up. I have started doing that every am lately. I have a coffee cup collection. Aka lots of hand thrown ones.


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