Day 610 – The Home Stretch is ON!!

30×40″ acrylic 

Major Dad is making progress. In case u missed passed posts will add some of the process.  


  • Original photo. Major Dad at 93!  Did not want to paint all those chickens!! 

The block in. 

Playing with the photo in Waterlogue 

 Washing in the foundation colors. Recent reading about acrylics told me NOT to do this with just water. If you use more than 25% water with your acrylics it breaks down the polymer binders. I used polymer gel to thin it. 

Read about more than you ever wanted to know about acrylic paint  and mediums here on 120 plus pages of anything and everything about acrylic paints. I read the whole book and it’s actually very interesting. 

Bytw I use both Golden and Liquitex. I still have a few older paintings that are painted with liquitex which was the first acrylic and they are still in great shape. I buy whichever is on sale with a coupon. 👍🏻


Layering in color. Did you know u can use the cheap paints for this later and finish with the expensive stuff?! Sounds like a lot of work, right?! 

I added back in a lot of the lines I had painted over trying to tie the painting together. I also lost some of the lines on the face. Probably need to loose a few more on his hands. 

When he’s done he’s getting a coat of acrylic varnish as soon as I get the kind the book lists.  Evidently there is one that liquitex makes that is removeable with ammonia. Who knew. The book also said all acrylics should be sealed because otherwise. they remain porous. 

Thanks for reading.

Margaret xxx