Day 2070 Problems Problems

Decided to add this lady to my sketchbook as a memory page.

She meets me at the back sliding door and peers thru the glass this way and that as if to say are you there. Where’s my breakfast??? It’s very funny.

Hahnemuhle Journal twisbee pen Charles Reid palette colors and Vlads neutral tint which is dioxzine purple indigo and burnt sienna.

Advantage of using his neutral tint or making your own is that you can shift it to blue purple or brown maki g it a flexible grey that Vlad never paints without it on his palette.

Miss squirrel earlier added some ground under her feet with the neutral tint so the nice highlights on them would show. And splattered it a bit with the neutral tint.

wouldn’t let me upload these pics yesterday. 😵😵😵

Seems I have run out of storage on WordPress. I either have to Del a lot of old photos which is oh so difficult to do or pay $200 more a year for unlimited storage. Groan.

wouldn’t let me upload this one either so added it today.

So while I am deciding I Del a lot of my friends nudes and I bet the pages look like Swiss cheese. Sorry friends and dear readers. I still love you.

Here’s the final painting again. Do wish I had left the metal strip on the side.

That freed up a little space.

wondering why I didn’t do this one but I think I will maybe on the opposite page.

Oh. Went to see Anne Hathaway’s new movie The Hustle. Funny well only occasionally. Best part was the French Riviera scenery the French music and Anne’s fabulous clothes.

Skip it and go see Poms. Much funnier.

Margaret In p189 of Redemption. Only 200+ pages to go.

Ttyl. Xoxoxo

Day 229 – A Few Bits and Bobs

Terribly cold here today and I cant stay home. Ten degrees with the wind chill this morning and it will be that bad tonite. Somebody send some warm air back.

Because I am busy today will post some more that I haven’t posted yet


I drew this at the Starbucks at the local Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago.  I really need to go again.  You really begin to know alot about the people you sketch if you sit there and collect drawings like I did on this one.  The young girl was on her cell phone though I thought she looked a little suicidal with her hair in her face all dressed in black. I was relieved when I noticed she was on her cell phone.

The old guy was talking animatedly about taxes.  Groan…dont want to hear about taxes!!


A very fast sketch that I drew while Jan checked out at the Hampton Inn in Valdosta.  I really like its chunkiness…almost an abstract. Always a favorite of mine it was NOT well received on Instagram but I still like it anyway!  This was sketched as I sat in the middle of a room of people eating breakfast busily walking by me checking out and getting coffee.  No one seemed to notice what I was up too…there are two more pages!!


This should have been in my Key West sketchbook. It started as a double page spread but I never finished the other page so it never got finished.  I dont know if you have ever driven from Atlanta to Key West but its a VERY long LONG trip!! I guess I will finish the other page when we go back this summer!!!


This well dressed older man was sketched at the Atlanta Starbucks in Edgewood Barnes and Noble.He had such long fingers.  I also have his hadn drawn somewhere else…Hands can give you fits and do require PRACTICE!!

Thanks for looking!!

Day 225 – A Bit of this and that!!

Decided I would post some of the sketches that for one reason or another I never quite got around to posting. These were done at Whiole Foods in the last few weeks. I really liked the guys green shirt!!


A spirited one sided conversation. I think she was interviewing but she did all the talking. I thought you let the interviewee talk occasionally?!


This guy fascinated me. Everything about him was very square. His shoulders his head his forehead. And mile long fingers. Read a running magazine as he ravenously ate pizza. Drove a car with DeKalb Co tags. No wanted to ask him if he knew my kids but I restrained myself. You learn a lot about people when you sit and sketch them aka observe them.

Thanks for looking.