Class with Keiko

Venice Nocturne Arches rough paper

Online class with Keiko Tanabe since Vlad isn’t doing his paintalongs lately.

The sketch

Painting the background. First laid down a layer of lemon yellow and quin gold. Then painted night colors over it. Thalo burnt umber alizarin dioxzine purple

Decided I did not like making darks with Thalo blue. They seem to go green instead of black.

And done. Seems a lame post but here it is. The class only lasted about an hour and a half. Was supposed to be at least two hours. I do wish she had told us to use our escoda perlas. I used my sables which are not as stiff and noticed right at the end she was using the perlas.

Basically I don’t think I learned a thing except I don’t need to pay to learn from Keiko. I think I could have done this on my own.

Doubt I will take another class from her. She’s sweet but Vlad is the far superior teacher. He Stays as long as it takes to get the job done and answer every question.

Margaret xoxoxo

One more

High Street, Henley, UK

Hot press fluid 140# watercolor paper

I did this on a paint along g w Ian Fennelly that I posted in my YouTube list of his classes yesterday. Lots of fun. Love hitting the Pause button.

I started painting this a little after 9 last nite. But it was fun.

The drawing and the shading. This is mostly tombow pen with some Pitt pen for details. The Pitt pens are permanent.

Watercolor layer done. I only used a few colors. Quin sienna, ultramarine, alizarin, burnt umber a dab of cerulean, and yellow ochre. Next time I will use more transparent color.

the finish. I really enjoyed doing the details in ink with Pitt pens like the column cap, the bricks, the sidewalk, tv antennas and a plethora of other details. Shading with cross hatching so much fun. It’s somehow soothing. I used a .03 Pitt pen for that. The Pitt pens have India ink in them.

Now I need to do some of Augusta or Atlanta. Really enjoy doing these. Been a pen nut since first grade and probably a painting nut even longer.

Margaret watching an ink seminar on crowdcast. My there are some positives about covid like zoom and crowdcast activities.


Finishing up

Done added more details today with a variety of tombows, Pitt pens and a uniball micron pen.

Can you tell what I did to it?!

Spent the morning watching Ian Fennelly on YouTube. There are several worth at watch that are actually paint alongs. Some are free.

Here are a few of them: Color and Shapes:Breaking them down
Drawing Piccadilly Circus

Arty Class sketching the Charles Bridge Prague

Sunflower Sketching

Arty Class Sketch Your High Street

Sketching Venice with Brush Pens

The Urban Sketch website with a free class in Feb drawing a 1938 Ford Truck

Ian also offers a wide range of online classes for reasonable prices. Really tempted by a couple of them. The Drawing Cornwall is calling my name. I love Doc Martin which takes place in Port St Isaac in Cornwall. He even drew one of the sketches from Doc Martin’s house. 😳

Starting another one. Will post if I get far enough to bother.


Margaret xoxoxox

That was fun

Took an online live class with Ian Fenelly. I have long wanted to take a class with him but never been where he was teaching. I have to say with ten years of public school teaching under his belt he’s an excellent organized teacher.

There are some pluses to the pandemic. If you haven’t tried one or two you should. offers something for everyone. The photo Winsor Castle.

Starting the sketch with light grey tomboy pens on hot press fluid paper. A half sheet size.

Since Tombows are water soluble it is a great idea to use permanent markers on it to show details. The idea is to make an exaggerated perspective using some lines that are square but most not.

Watercolor layer done. Quin gold, Thalo blue, burnt sienna and andrews turquoise.

The markers and some of the paint brushes.

Adding details with the grey tombows. It was getting a lot of fun to do at this point. The fact that it did not all have to be exactly in perspective was freeing. Who cares if a line wobbles here and there. That’s part of the fun.

I added a lot of cross hatching per Ians direction. Done for now. Now it’s time to look at it for a while.

The bit of sky was added because I had some grey mess of Tombow that I couldn’t cover up any other way.

I recommend a class on Thursday Keiko Tanabe is teaching. Will be scratching her off my bucket list come Friday. And next week Liz Chaderton is doing a very fun otter class. Once a week they offer a free one hour demo paint along on Tuesdays. I meant to do the otter with Liz today but got up too late. No sleep last nite. Might try it tomorrow when it’s on YouTube.

Margaret ready to put Her feet up and stare at her painting for a while. Xoxoxox

On a roll

Some of my favorite British birds from Paul Dinnings Videos and Sounds for Cats: Garden Birds. They really are the best bird videos I have seen on YouTube. Some people use them for a good nights sleep.

Another new Favorite is Prowalking tours. I went to Rome and Montmartre today. Think I will try Venice next. Just the beginning of it is gobsmacking.

Stillman and birn alpha pentel brush pen uniball micron Caran d’ache neocolor ii watercolor pencils and a teabag to wet the Caran d’ache.

Margaret whose going to try Wendy’s for dinner. Xoxoxox

Victorian Farm

On BBC But also on Amazon. Fascinating show where three British archaeologist live as Victorians would have on a farm for a year.

What to wear when you trap rabbits which was illegal in Victorian times. There were heavy fines for illegal trapping. If u didn’t own the land it was illegal.

What a lot of work. Nothing was easy not even getting dressed. Yes she wore a corset all year too. Everything they used they had to make.

There were some good washing tips which is what started this spread. It took her a WHOLE week to do the laundry. Eeek.

Great for watching when you are madly knitting socks.

Margaret xoxox who has one more pair of must knit socks to finish. Xoxoxo

I discovered

YouTube is loaded with bird and squirrel videos. Since the cats moved in my birds have evaporated and the squirrels moved elsewhere.

Paul Denning’s videos are great. Gorgeous birds but European – in Cornwall. He taped them for his family cat who watches them. 😳😳😳

I realized today I missed the silly ravenous squirrels hanging from the bird feeders often launching themselves into space to leap onto them.

Pentel brush pen uniball micro caran d’ache neocolor ii

Margaret whose getting behind on her knitting. Xoxoxo

Happy New Year

Did Drawing with Danny on YouTube today hoping he would get my engine going. All things obsolete. Bet I could draw another page.

Drawn with a pentel brush pen and colored w Caran d’ache neocolor ii. Stillman and birn alpha.

Been madly knitting. Some for birthdays. Some just because who doesn’t like red socks to warm your toes. And then there’s my son the lawyer who wanted grey. What?!! That’s no fun!!

Taking a class with Keiko Tanabe next week. Should be fun. Also one with Ian Fennelly. Both on shopkeeparty website id you would like to take a class with them. A lot of YouTube videos too which are free.

Hugs Margaret xoxoxox