Finishing up

Done added more details today with a variety of tombows, Pitt pens and a uniball micron pen.

Can you tell what I did to it?!

Spent the morning watching Ian Fennelly on YouTube. There are several worth at watch that are actually paint alongs. Some are free.

Here are a few of them: Color and Shapes:Breaking them down
Drawing Piccadilly Circus

Arty Class sketching the Charles Bridge Prague

Sunflower Sketching

Arty Class Sketch Your High Street

Sketching Venice with Brush Pens

The Urban Sketch website with a free class in Feb drawing a 1938 Ford Truck

Ian also offers a wide range of online classes for reasonable prices. Really tempted by a couple of them. The Drawing Cornwall is calling my name. I love Doc Martin which takes place in Port St Isaac in Cornwall. He even drew one of the sketches from Doc Martin’s house. 😳

Starting another one. Will post if I get far enough to bother.


Margaret xoxoxox

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