Day 1715 Dr Sketchys

So much fun last night. Usually I use my trusty pentel brush pen but last night I decided to use my 2B Derwent sketching pencils.

Pepper was our model and so funny. Her trailer trash five minute poses where so complicated to draw. But her character was a hoot. She cane out onto the stage with a funny sarcastic remark every time. And then she would use it as her motivation to go into character.

I think this was my first sketch. And I actually won the first contest of the evening with my trailer trash inuendo Cegarettes?! So sumthangs Gonna kihl me. All said with a southern twangy accent in a snarl of course.

This was the second one. That rolling pin was hard to draw.

Stuffing her feelings with eggs. She really had five or so in her mouth. While we were drawing this pose Chris our Mc told us that Pepper had a costume fitting for the next season of Stranger Things series on Netflix but didn’t get a call back. Darn we could said we knew her when.

Our next story was about a bride. She did make a beautiful bride. Had to work hard not to make her to voluptuous. I have to say she was rock still as a model. Sorry for the rotten pic. Too lazy to go get my sketchbook out of the car.

Hugs. Putting my feet up now. Xoxoxo Margaret. Dr Sketchys at Chat Noir! More at #augusta #pentelpen #watercolor #ink #chatnoir #burlesque #inkdrawing #art #sketching #stephanie #lifodel #nude #burlesque #charlesreid #allaprima #dailydrawing #burlesquedancer

Day 1714 Gord

Obviously not done. I took my time on drawing his face and there was soooo much to paint. Skin is cad red and cad yellow pale though I think I should have used yellow ochre instead. I did on his hands and liked it better there. Cerulean burnt sienna shadows.

So this is NOT done. The plaid took forever and ever to paint. It was as if everything about painting Gord was complicated. Plaid is alizarin and cad red light ultramarine and cobalt with raw umber and cerulean shadows. Same for the vest.

Gord works as an extra on movies filming in the Atlanta area as well as a model. Evidently he’s posed several times at the Portrait Association of America when it meets in Atlanta.

This is actually not the final drawing. I redrew his eyes lower down. I think I moved his eyebrows down too.

Still lots to do like a background and hmmm. What to do about those jeans?! Wipe them off and just make a vest orrrr. Sigh. Sooner or later I will think of what to do. Right now long naps on the sofa before Dr Sketchys tonite.

Been staring at this between naps. Really like it a lot.

Ps book club was fun. Leftovers for lunch today. Yum yum. Go read the Guernsey Literary and Potato Pie Society. A great book!

Hugs Margaret xoxoxox

Three hours in and more to do. Gord Shriver 16×22” fluid watercolor paper. #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #atlanta #atlantaartistcenter #lostedges #charlesreid #watercolor #artist #painter #aquarelle #allaprima #lifestyleblogger #lifestylechange #drawing #sketching #travel #travelblogger #holbein #mgraham #danielsmithwatercolors #drawing #sketching #lifemodel


Day 1713 More Matthew!!

15 min pose #1 got to fix this one. I made the line on his right lower leg a bit too long. a zip of the Mr clean eraser and a little more burnt umber and ultramarine and all will be well. Now what about a background. Hmmm.

Funny story about this picture last week I realized that what the Altanta Artist Center used for a foot stool is identical to a doll table my granddaughter has that was her moms. I used it for a table for a light last week. 😂🤣😅

#2 Both are painted on Fluid 15×20″ cp paper. Left leg too short or maybe his foots too small?! An easy fix. Stay tuned.

Sketched with a 2B Derwent sketch pencil on Fluid 140 # cold press.

Colors used – skin tones quin gold burnt sienna raw umber Burnt umber ultramarine and touches of cerulean. Cad red light and cobalt violet on lips.

Alizarin and ultramarine towel.

Blacks – ultramarine and burnt umber or raw umber

Five minute gesture pose. Well I think it was five minutes. I spent a lot of time drawing hands this weekend. I drew mine seven or eight times at least. I think it paid off with these hands. Really LIKE this one a lot!

Drawn by Jacques (actually fromGeneva Switzerland) who used to draw fashion models in NYC. I LOVE this sketch. The economy of line. The black to the left of his head and that face. Just wonderful. To think I had to rescue it from the floor when another artist walked on it. Eeekkkk. Jacques didn’t want it so he let me have it. Yeahhhh.

Off home. Sad to leave Atlanta and all those lovely models at the Atlanta Artist Center.

Margaret tired from too much fun but book club tonite in Augusta. So off I race. Xoxoxoxo

Done?? @caramelmuse84 Matthew 16×22” fluid watercolor paper. #charlesreid #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #atlanta #atlantaartistcenter #lostedges #charlesreid #watercolor #artist #painter #aquarelle #allaprima #lifestyleblogger #lifestylechange #drawing #sketching #travel #travelblogger #holbein #mgraham #danielsmithwatercolors #drawing #sketching #lifemodel

Day 1712 Matthew

Down except for some erasing and maybe a background. Much to my delight Matthew was our model today. He’s caramelmuse84 on instagram in case you want to follow this gorgeous guy!! The pose as a boxer was great fun. I was drawing well I think. I didn’t measure til almost the end.

Forty minutes. We had a series of gesture poses and two 15 minute poses that I think went well too.

Loved his boots too. Since this was outed almost vertically I got lots of runs drips and juicy color blending.

Sketched with a 2B Derwent sketch pencil on Fluid 140 # cold press.

Colors used – skin tones quin gold burnt sienna raw umber Burnt umber ultramarine and touches of cerulean. Cad red light and cobalt violet on lips.

Alizarin and ultramarine towel.

Blacks – ultramarine and burnt umber or raw umber

Chair – cerulean cobalt and burnt sienna.

Margaret putting up her feet. Xoxoxo naptime?!!

Done?? @caramelmuse84 Matthew 16×22” fluid watercolor paper. #charlesreid #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #atlanta #atlantaartistcenter #lostedges #charlesreid #watercolor #artist #painter #aquarelle #allaprima #lifestyleblogger #lifestylechange #drawing #sketching #travel #travelblogger #holbein #mgraham #danielsmithwatercolors #drawing #sketching #lifemodel

Day 1711 Do You Think it’s a Woozle?!

A memory page from my trip to the High Museum of Art to see the original Shepherd sketches and ink drawings for the Pooh books. My brothers and I grew up reading the adventures of Christopher Robin and Pooh.

I decided to incorporate the leaves feathers and magnolia seed pods into journal pages for the Pooh sketch I did at the museum. The museum provided paper so and a child sized table to sit down and write or draw a letter to Pooh and friends they wanted and stick it in a mailbox. Oddly enough it was only adults filling out the letter on Friday.

I just love the endpaper from the books. I remember pouring over the map when I was a first or second grader finding each place the animals lived.

what a treasure that the Victoria and Albert Museumhas shared with us. Hop in your carsload up the kidsand head to the High It only lasts one more week thruLabor Day Weekend. to look at these jewels. Who doesn’t love a silky Pooh stuck in rabbits doorway. and what glorious sketches. Such expression in Shepherds line. So much character in his lines.

Margaret xoxoxox who now has a high membership. Wonder if I have time to go again since it’s free. Maybe tomorrow?! Xoxoxo

Do You think it’s a woozle?! #highmuseumofart for #Pooh exhibit #mixedmediaart #poohbear #winniethepooh #shepherd #aamilne #christopherrobin #piglet #watercolor #ink #lead #drawing #sketching #journal #stillmanandbirn #Atlanta #georgia

Day 1710 It’s Saturday

Well not really. These were done in Chattanooga on Thursday nite at the Townsend Atelier downtown.

However I am glad to report that Saturday drawing is starting back up on Sept 1 at a new location

Both of my paintings are done on 15×22″ cp fluid paper.

Thursday Ruth and I decided that it was better to make an interesting painting than an accurate one. With that in mind I used a large brush and tried to let the colors blend on the paper instead of fussing with them. Aka I let them do the blending.

Too short. The foreshortened left arm and hand was giving me trouble as usual. I kept telling myself the hand was bigger than you think. and I kept measuring across her too narrow shoulders. finally the left arm is long enough!!

The model never repositioned her right hand in the same position between breaks. I kept having to start from scratch on it after each break. 😱🤪

Trying to be more immediate in my paint application.

Colors used cad red light cad yellow light for skin tones.

Shadows cerulean dioxzine purple cobalt violet and raw umber. A daub of red ended up serendipitously on my paintbrush when I picked up the ultramarine blue for the drapes and promptly ended up on my painting. I liked it so I left it. I added raw umber for even more darks just laying it on and leaving it.

Number 2. I moved one spot to my right from the first painting.

My friend Ruth set a limited palette for me. I was only allowed to use four colors: winsor yellow deep, cerulean and carmine plus I got to choose a dark. I used raw umber paintI

Terrible sketch but I decided to correct it with paint since time was limited. I drew it with a chunk of 6B lead.

I decided to paint only using my 16 Cheap Joes legend sable. It’s a huge brush.

First a yellow was painted over all but the whites. I used the carmine as a dark plus the raw umber adding them in the shadows while yellow was still wet plus some cerulean.

The cerulean didn’t play well with the yellow making a barf green.

You can see the cerulean on her right arm. So I used cerulean for the drapery with the raw umber. Then I went back over her with a charcoal pencil. I let the drips rub where they wanted since I didn’t have a lot of time. I can always lift them later with a mr clean eraser.

Margaret who has internet again. Off to explore as soon as west side story is over. Xoxoxo #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #tennesse #chattanooga #charlesreid #watercolor #artist #painter #aquarelle #lifestyleblogger #lifestylechange #drawing #sketching #travel #travelblogger #holbein #drawing #sketching #lifemodel

Day 1709 Pod People😱😳

Wednesday we went down on the Tennessee River front urban sketching. Lots of things to sketch around there. The area could fill a sketchbook. Ruth was drawing what I call the podpeople and I finished my bakery sketch before she was down so I pulled out my elegant writer pen and drew the podpeople.

Actually these weird things are called Birdzels. Standing about five feet tall they march across the lawn. Very freaky I think. The sculptor Mark Chatterly is evidently fairly famous. He will sell you one of these for $4500 but we really thought three or more would be better. Take a few home!! 🤣👍🏻

Back to the elegant writer. Fun pen. You draw with it. Then paint over it with water and it releases color but then dries permanent. All that watery color in this sketch is from wetting the pen lines. As I said fun.

Also drew the Chattanooga Choo Choo billboard this morning from the parking lot of Niedlands Bakery. The Choo Choo sign is the little grey bump in the sky above my sketch. Might have been a perfect opportunity to use my elegant writer but I didn’t think about it.

Back to Niedlands Bakery I bought the most amazing ham and cheese croissant. I was going to eat it tomorrow for breakfast. I didn’t make it ten miles before it was gone. Amazing. Why didn’t I buy two or three.

Sigh too far to go back to Chattanooga for some more.

Margaret now in Atlanta without internet or tv til tomorrow when the repair guy shows. Pray for me. 😱😂

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Day 1708 Loosen Up Challenge

12 inch square approx 280 # cp Arches

After digging thru loose urban sketches on instagram Ruth and I decided to have a 15 min loosen up challenge at the Old mill and Market where she lives in Cloudlands. Great fun. We set a timer and only could draw and paint for that time. Some dummy left her sketchbook at Ruth’s and then ran out of water. Duhhh. Had to dig out my 10 davinci and sacrifice my water bottle. I used a Derwent 2B pencil and held it up the pencil near the end like a brush to draw this on Arches 280#cold press paper . Painted it with my whiskey painter box full of winsor Newton wc from my old WN travel palette that fell apart. I like my whiskey painter box much better. By the way my Caran dache water brushes are great for splattering. Remember tap the brush bristles about the brush with your index finger. It’s metal and it’s not going to break.

The old mill is really interesting. Fully furnished. You can climb up the stairs and see where the Miller lived. The market is honor system. I got Ruth and I some Hershey’s dark chocolate with almonds and put my $$ in the cash register. Kids would love this place. Ice cream candy a cash register to play with AND A huge checker game to play.

Cloudlands Station is a lovely place. I know why Ruth and Ken moved here even though we all miss them in Augusta.

So who did we look at for our loosen up challenge?! Felix Schleinberger Pitt pen and watercolor both pencil and blocks Charles Reid(of course) pencil and watercolor and a Russian girl Sidnenevaumbra who seems to use a sketching pencil 2B -6b and colored pencil a lot. Occasionally watercolor hows that for a name. All on instagram!!

Hmm maybe I need to turn my paper diagonally next time?! What do u think?!

Margaret who needs to rest up before life modeling tonite. Xoxoxo

Old mill and market @cloudland_station #pleinair #Urbansketching #ink #chattanooga #arches #tennessee #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #watercolor #painter #lifestyleblogger #lifestylechange #drawing #travel #travelblogger #holbein #drawing #sketching #charlesreid #chickamauga #georgia

Day 1707 Urban Sketching in Chattanooga!!

No pencil was involved in the drawing of this building. 🤣😂😅

A charming bakery called the Bluff View Bakery down on the Tennessee River Bank in the Arts District.

I called it the Harry Potter house. It’s tall three stories with a peaky roof. I think Harry might live there with his wife and children. Don’t you?! It has a sweeping view of the Tennessee from the upper floors I am sure. Sorry I did turn around and take a picture of it for you. Watercolor sooner or later!!

Ruth Pearl, her friend Cheryl I followed our bout of urbansketching with lunch at Rembrandt’s and a visit to the Hunter Art Museum which was nearby.

Lamy Ef (thin lines) w noodler Eelskin ink and a sailor fude(heavy lines) also with Eelskin ink.

Margaret tired from her busy day. Xoxoxox

Bluff View Bakery #bluffviewartdistrict #Urbansketching #ink #chattanooga #arches #tennessee #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #watercolor #painter #lifestyleblogger #lifestylechange #drawing #travel #travelblogger #holbein #drawing #sketching #charlesreid

Day 1706 Jacqueline

Jacqueline 15×22” Fluid cp 140lb

What a regal woman our model was today at the Atlanta Artist Center. Jacqueline Chester an actress.

The drawing. The left hand was giving me fits. I think I moved it up down and to the right made it small made it bigger. She would move it I would erase and start again. I finally used a picture. Only to find it did not stand out much once I painted her dress. Hmm. Much storm and drama over what was a non starter. Who knew?!!

Next problem what paint color to use?! Burnt sienna quin gold quin sienna?! None of them quite suited. Cerulean went green with the quin gold. Eeekk.

A little raw umber was improving things.

Quin sienna and raw umber was perfect on her dress. Cobalt turquoise for the necklace.

Hmm maybe too much dioxin purple and ultramarine blue?!!

I can always lighten it. That fluid paper will let you wipe it right off if you don’t like it.

Some splatters and raw umber stripes on her scarf. Calling her done.

Hugs Margaret ready for bed after her drive to Chattanooga. Xoxoxo

16×22” fluid watercolor paper. #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #atlanta #atlantaartistcenter #lostedges #charlesreid #watercolor #artist #painter #aquarelle #allaprima #lifestyleblogger #lifestylechange #drawing #sketching #travel #travelblogger #holbein #mgraham #danielsmithwatercolors #drawing #sketching #lifemodel #WorldWatercolorGroup #charlesreid