Day 1700 OH MY that MaNy??!! 😳 and My new Sailor Pen!

Consecutive posts. Who knew since I only meant to do fifty. Far surpassed that goal three years ago or is it four now?! Four I think.

Did a little urban sketching yesterday in downtown Augusta at the New Moon Cafe and at my hair stylist Silvia Drews.

Sil in her chair making phone calls. Drawn with my new Sailor Namiki Fude. Such a fun pen. It does thick and thin lines with little effort.

The sailor Fudes tip is bent to give those great line variations.

And only cost $10. A converter cartridge is $10 more and then you can use permanent ink. I bought it on amazon.

However the ink cartridges that come with it are NOT permanent so you really need the converter. In the long run a bottle of permanent ink like Noodler Eelskin or Lexington Grey and the converter is cheaper. Those throw away cartridges can add up on their way to their future home at the landfill.

Lunchtime The New Moon Cafe Augusta

I drew the people sitting around me first as I waited for my lunchbox. Then I drew the plants and the fence adding people as they walked to and fro.

My lunchtime salad which as I told My friend Terry Smith yesterday would look much better when I paint it. I can’t.

Salad remnants! Yummy chicken salad. Greens not so much.

The ink I used isn’t permanent. Eeekkk. The fork is colored by the ink running from water I added judiciously.

Sil has on black pants in a black chair. I had to blot off the ink to get a little texture.

Today’s flowers

Ttyl. Time to paint.

Margaret xoxoxox

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