Day 1710 It’s Saturday

Well not really. These were done in Chattanooga on Thursday nite at the Townsend Atelier downtown.

However I am glad to report that Saturday drawing is starting back up on Sept 1 at a new location

Both of my paintings are done on 15×22″ cp fluid paper.

Thursday Ruth and I decided that it was better to make an interesting painting than an accurate one. With that in mind I used a large brush and tried to let the colors blend on the paper instead of fussing with them. Aka I let them do the blending.

Too short. The foreshortened left arm and hand was giving me trouble as usual. I kept telling myself the hand was bigger than you think. and I kept measuring across her too narrow shoulders. finally the left arm is long enough!!

The model never repositioned her right hand in the same position between breaks. I kept having to start from scratch on it after each break. 😱🤪

Trying to be more immediate in my paint application.

Colors used cad red light cad yellow light for skin tones.

Shadows cerulean dioxzine purple cobalt violet and raw umber. A daub of red ended up serendipitously on my paintbrush when I picked up the ultramarine blue for the drapes and promptly ended up on my painting. I liked it so I left it. I added raw umber for even more darks just laying it on and leaving it.

Number 2. I moved one spot to my right from the first painting.

My friend Ruth set a limited palette for me. I was only allowed to use four colors: winsor yellow deep, cerulean and carmine plus I got to choose a dark. I used raw umber paintI

Terrible sketch but I decided to correct it with paint since time was limited. I drew it with a chunk of 6B lead.

I decided to paint only using my 16 Cheap Joes legend sable. It’s a huge brush.

First a yellow was painted over all but the whites. I used the carmine as a dark plus the raw umber adding them in the shadows while yellow was still wet plus some cerulean.

The cerulean didn’t play well with the yellow making a barf green.

You can see the cerulean on her right arm. So I used cerulean for the drapery with the raw umber. Then I went back over her with a charcoal pencil. I let the drips rub where they wanted since I didn’t have a lot of time. I can always lift them later with a mr clean eraser.

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