Day 1698 Dahlia Time

kinda liking this one a lot. Got them from a lovely married couple at the Farmers Market yesterday- KY Flowers in Hickory NC.

My moms cup saucer and creamer. Grandmothers old silver plate spoon. She would die if she saw how tarnished u I let it get.

I had a lot of trouble with the peachy dahlias and the purple and orange zinnias. I finally got out my quin red and quin magenta which helped a lot. I might repaint them using alizarin. I thought the colors were getting muddy. The Quins and alizarin are transparent so wouldn’t do that.

Also dyeing these ick orange socks red in the microwave with tropical punch koolaid. Last time I did that the due in then lasted til the socks were in tatters. Directions to do that are here. Will post the red socks tomorrow.

Hugs!! Margaret putting her feet up. Xoxoxo

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Day 1697 No More Saturdays

Ilania undergoing a few renovations. I lifted some of the blue off her face and worked on her sausage leg some.

So why are we going to do on Saturday mornings now that we can’t go to lifemodeling in Aiken anymore. I decided I would post some of the drawings from the last year. Guess I would have stayed in town more if I had known our party on Saturday was going to end. .

Emily last week

All of us are at 6s and 7s because we miss our friends that we hang out with every week we are all home.


ilania EmilyEmily 2×3 acrylic

Ilania. She’s not really this round.

EmilyIlania ilania. Not a very good one but that happens sometimes when you do life modeling drawings. ilania Drew MurphyAndreaIlaniaMacyMacy

Moh flowers as my granddaughter would say.

The bouquet from a really neat guy from Hickory nc that drove all the way to Augusta to sell his gorgeous dahlias and zinnias on The Riverwalk Farmers market today.

Margaret tired from shopping for junk to paint today. TOOO RED!!

I have been looking for a chicken or a decoy to paint. Golf Chickens!!! 🤣

Maybe the white one on the right?!!

Somehow none of them suit. Xoxoxo