Day 671 – it’s Saturday

Emily. 24×30 acrylic  B

About a hour and a half painting.  The background still needs work but I like the figure. Was good to be back with the Saturday morning painters. More than a month between being out of town and sick. 


The background is a hardboard I had been smearing leftover palette paint on for a couple of months. Tough to draw a figure on because the colors kept on changing across the background. 

What was I thinking?! And of course it still needs some taming because it competes with the figure. 

Colors Nicole Azo gold, pyrrole red, titanium white, green gold, violet and ultramarine blue. That’s it. You don’t have to own every tube in the paint store. I seem to use the same 6-8 colors. 

Emily at second break. 80 min 
Emily at the first forty minute break. A lot of painting in that short period. 

The start. 

I thought using this wild background was going to be hopeless but I kept at it. 

I kept having to change the color of the line I was using to draw her. 

Not something you want to do when you haven’t done life modeling in a month and still feeling off.  

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx who’s trying to make believe she’s well but was told she looked a little green still. 

Day 569 Toyota Time

Sketching at the local Toyota dealership today while the Prius is tuned up. The guy said it would take an hour to an hour and a half. When I got out I told him to be sure to fumigate after he took my car back. The sinus rage on. My car was done in half An hour!! And I was actually enjoying sketching there. Lots of sketch fodder. Dare I go back and just sketch? 

Before I forget.  I discovered this website Tuesday and been reading it a lot. Interview with modern American painters. Discussions on color which should not be missed. an excellent seven pages on color and painting and abstraction. Very eye opening. 

Loved sketching this salesman as he did his sales dance. I think he could make a great strip. 

This guy walked off.  I thought I had been discovered but I found out why he left later. It’s funny how much you learn about other people when you sit and observe and draw them. 

This aGI was five feet from me at most. He never noticed me drawing him because he was so engrossed in his phone. And he crossed his legs. Decided I like that look better than the first legs down sketch so I changed them. 

Found the reader In spot of sunshine charging his device. There was a chair in front of him so I could not see his feet or second leg. 

I smudged his eye.  Needs a touch of white gel pen.

The GI stopped slouching so I drew him again. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx whose trying to pretend to be well but thinks it’s nap time. 

Day 567 – I know I posted this 

But it seems to have disappeared. 

 My cat and Jack Russell seem to think I am a pillow. I wonder why. 

The virus drags on though I think I am a bit better. Maybe I thought I posted yesterday and coughed it somewhere else? 

Noodler Konrad Dartrementis brown and Noodler creaper with platinum carbon black ink. 

I did mean to add a bit of color to these.   Other than black pen I didn’t. Soon I hope. This monochromatic world grows tiresome. 

I did spend a while on air Bnb plotting a return to Paris soon. Found some wonderful places. One with a view of the Eiffel Tower from the bed. What a sight to fall asleep to!  Several ground floor and all quite reasonable. Waiting for my brain to clear before I jump in but fall in Paris is looking good. 

And you know I will be drawing and painting while I am there!! Excitement. 

Au revoir! 

Merci beaucoup! 

Margaret xxx whose starting French as soon as the crud is gone!

Day 656 Lets Say 

Who knows for sure. Yesterday I felt a bit better and drew my cat. I don’t know why it’s easier to draw a dog than a cat but at least for me it is. 
   This is go round two. And I like it best. I like the lines. I like the shading. A stripe or two suggested.  

 Toms a pretty orange cat with a white mask belly chest paws and tip of his tail. Try drawing and orange not quite striped cat with brown pen. Too much thinking required. 

Thanks for reading. 
Margaret who has been told tomorrow is the magic medicine makes you well day. Let’s hope!!

Black dawg – day???

Here’s a black dawg story for you. Did you know if yer black dawg can walk under the kitchen table she’s considered a small lab?!! Bytw a black dawg is usually a lab or lab mix. Lovely sweet animals. Worlds softest velvety fur.     
These are two of my fav sketches ever of Honey and I have drawn a lot of them. I think it’s the lights and darks. 

 Anyway my black dog honey loves to look out the front windows of this house. I call them gun slits because they are only two feet wide and six feet tall. She couldn’t care less about the back windows which are all triple sliding glass doors. She has to keep up with what’s going on in the neighborhood. Can’t do that from the back. 


 Honey actually resting her chin on her command post window. 

Drawn with my noodler Creaper ahab Carbon platinum black ink superaquabee tablet. 
Thanks for reading. 
Margaret who thinks she is on the mend finally. Xxx


Posted on wrong blog. Sickness side effect. 
 Sickness update. 

Finally well enough to go to doctor. Didn’t want to ask a friend to take me because I feel like I have the plague. 

Turns out it’s a massive sinus infection ears stopped totally. Cipro and steroids. Here’s to rapid improvement!! 

   Zoe is still on snuggle mode at my feet on the sofa. Maybe I will try some tv sketches soon?! 

In a hurry. Going to draw Honey who is actually where I can see her. A rare occasion. 


Did u know a skylight casts a shadow when you try to take a photo of your sketches under it?! Who knew?! 😳

Thanks for reading. 
Margaret xxx

Day 657 – grrr

Once again I seem to have posted on the wrong blog dear readers. I guess this cold is drain fb all my veins. 

Zoe snoozes.  

Thanks for reading. 

Time for a nap. Zero sleep last nite. 

Margaret xxx

Day 653 Black dog

Honey could not resist the smell of the sausage and lay patiently waiting long enough to draw her. At one point I thought the sketch was ruined but I smudged the only shadows and she improved greatly. 

 Giving up. No sausage for her. 
Platinum Carbon Black ink in a Noodler Konrad. Superaquabee paper. 
Thanks for reading. Think I might live IF it does not become bronchitis. Hanging head over steam. Amazing what that can do to wheezy lungs. 
Thanks for reading.  
Margaret ever entertained by her fur kids. Xxx