Day 656 Lets Say 

Who knows for sure. Yesterday I felt a bit better and drew my cat. I don’t know why it’s easier to draw a dog than a cat but at least for me it is. 
   This is go round two. And I like it best. I like the lines. I like the shading. A stripe or two suggested.  

 Toms a pretty orange cat with a white mask belly chest paws and tip of his tail. Try drawing and orange not quite striped cat with brown pen. Too much thinking required. 

Thanks for reading. 
Margaret who has been told tomorrow is the magic medicine makes you well day. Let’s hope!!

2 thoughts on “Day 656 Lets Say 

  1. Marilyn Cieremans says:

    I hope that you soon will be feeling better. Now that the weather is nicer one wants to get out and smell the fresh air and look at the flowers which are ahead of time this year.
    I love your second picture of the cat. When we moved here 16 years ago we brought 4 cats and a dog. All of them are gone. I lost the last cat…Tippy Toes…last Christmas morning. I intend to get an older cat or two that should be adopted together. I do miss my cat because she was my constant companion when I was sick and when i went to Tampa, FL for an operation I came back to a sick kitty. She grieved when my Mother died and I think she was grieving because I was away for 2 weeks. The Dr. here said that it wasn’t urgent and the Dr. in Tampa said that I should have been dead by now. I had a benign tumour on one parathyroid
    which was putting out 2219 units of parathyroid when it should have been between 30-80.He thought that I had it for 15 years and rarely sees one so bad and the clinic operates on 3100 patients a year just for this. Our dollar was down so it wasn’t an inexpensive fix but I am alive.
    Take care and hopefully the medicine will make you better soon.
    i enjoy looking at your drawings each day.


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