Day 567 – I know I posted this 

But it seems to have disappeared. 

 My cat and Jack Russell seem to think I am a pillow. I wonder why. 

The virus drags on though I think I am a bit better. Maybe I thought I posted yesterday and coughed it somewhere else? 

Noodler Konrad Dartrementis brown and Noodler creaper with platinum carbon black ink. 

I did mean to add a bit of color to these.   Other than black pen I didn’t. Soon I hope. This monochromatic world grows tiresome. 

I did spend a while on air Bnb plotting a return to Paris soon. Found some wonderful places. One with a view of the Eiffel Tower from the bed. What a sight to fall asleep to!  Several ground floor and all quite reasonable. Waiting for my brain to clear before I jump in but fall in Paris is looking good. 

And you know I will be drawing and painting while I am there!! Excitement. 

Au revoir! 

Merci beaucoup! 

Margaret xxx whose starting French as soon as the crud is gone!

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