Day 326 Flying High

Went out to lunch yesterday with my sister in law Jan at the Peachtree DeKalb Airport where they were preparing for their Spring Open House. We watched the planes come

And go during lunch. Then I decided to draw a few.  All their antique WW2 planes lined up asking to be drawn. 

These were drawn on site with a Noodler Creaper Ahab in my Stillman and Birt Alpha painted with watercolor and touches of white get pen. 

The Grumann Avenger Torpedo Bomber was the first one I drew. A nice Navy blue. How could u resist it shining in the sun, saying draw me?! 

Sometimes crosshatching the background fixes mistakes but NOT this one. I think A bad line would have been better. Planes are hard to draw because there are so many angles going every which way. Typical perspective rules apply but don’t seem too. Easy to get off track. 

I tried to stay on track by looking at the angles of the real wings compared with the angles I drew on the page starting with the fusillade then adding wings and tails. As it is I forgot to add the tail gun. So many small details it’s easy to miss a few. 

When I got home I looked up the plants to try to figure out which ones they were. The Grumann Avenger was the plane Pres George Bush flew in WW2. 

The navy blue is a mix of ultramarine and black a color I rarely use. It was hard to get a deep deep blue without the black. 

Next was the infamous WW 2 Mitsubishi Zero famed for dogfights in and kamikaze missions in the Pacofoc campaign. We thought surely it was not a zero but it had that big red circle on it. We knew what that meant. I looked it up and yes it was. This was fairly easy to draw. Profile views are easter even in a plane. Even the military green was easy. A bright green mixed with yellow ochre. Piece of cake.   Success at last. I added a touch of Quin burnt sienna to the cad red of the circle. 

Not sure what kind of plane this is. A WW2 Army Spotter plane I was told. Of course now the tail says USAF. Hmm I noticed that as I was drawing. 

I used the same greens on this plane as the zero. The gold is Quin gold. Yellow ochre was just being when I tried it. Grey is ultramarine and Quin burnt sienna. 

More planes tomorrow and a comparison of paint. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret XXX

Day 325 – Dog Days

dog sitting my sons pit bulls. 

Bear is always a challenge to paint with his brindle fur. First he was painted with a mix of Quin gold and Quin burnt sienna. Then I daubed in burnt umber and ultramarine for the blackish brindle in his fur. I also added the shadow under him when the fur was still wet. And that’s all I did. It was all wet on wet except the dab of muddy Quin red in his ears. 

Livia is always interesting to draw with her curves. And fairly easy to paint. A wash of Quin gold, burnt umber shadows and burnt umber and ultramarine to make a black for her muzzle. 

Thanks for reading.  

Margaret XXX

Day 324 Dr Sketchys Part two


 Ten minute pose. This one is going to be used on social media to advertise the Sweeney Todd show at Chat Noir this weekend. Wish I could be there to see it but in Atlanta dogsitting. The red is a wink of Stella brush pen. All red glitter. Makes him look even more gruesome. 

The sketching went much better but I do wish I had used my Noodler Creaper Ahab for some of these. Instead I used the Pentel Brush Pen, Tombow Markers, Pentel color brush pens, and Wink of Stella brush pens for some glittery sparkle. both the Tombows and the Colorbrush pens are water soluble and fun to use with a water brush. 

This was a ten minute pose. We were supposed to make a poster of him so I turned him into a pirate because I messed up his left eye. Perfect place for a patch. Problem solved. Most of the coloring was done with the Tombows. There was a prize of two free tickets to Sweeney Todd but since I wasn’t going to be there I didn’t enter. 

Mickeys a great singer so we drew him as he played the guitar and sang. Tombows and Pentel color brush.  10 minute pose. The challenge of this was drawing his moving arm as he played. 

15 minute pose. His leg is too short. Oopsey. It was hard to see in the dark theater. And as I was sitting in front of him I had to peek over the sketch book to see his lower half. Or at least that’s what I am blaming this on. Lol. Couldn’t be me!! 

Not quite a disaster but almost.  Had her body too long and her legs too short.  


Then I shut the book before the black wink of Stella I did the lettering with was dry and it glued the pages together. Poop! 

The grey on her legs is where I shortened her body. I used gouache to try to straighten up the stray pen marks and the grey on her legs. For some

Reason my flesh Tombow kept lifting the Pentel brush pen. I don’t remember it doing that before. 

At any rate I added the gouache and the black Tombow this morning. 

Sometimes a good crop can improve the look of a sketch. Lol. 
Thanks for looking. 

Margaret xxx

Day 323 Dr Sketchys Part 1

Great nite!  Mickey Lay was a great model!  Always our favorite sketching activity. It’s worldwide so see if there’s one near you. 

  2 Minute pose Head is a little small Done w brush pen in a strathmore mixed media sketchbook. I have one just for Dr Sketchys. Thank goodness the drawing went better than the ones I did at Good Books. Perhaps those earlier drawings loosened me up?!

We started with several two minutes poses.  

 The poses were very interesting. He did a lot of muscle poses. Seemed to have trouble getting the whole body on the paper. 

Another two minute muscle pose

The first five minute pose. Hard to hold the spear up in the air for 5 minutes but Mickey did well. Hard pose to hold. 
Two five minute costume poses.  Finally managed to get his legs on the page.  Hallelujah. These were embellished with Pentel brush markers and Tombow markers. The Tombows cover a lot of area quickly and are fun to wet down with a water brush giving a watercolor effect. 

Thanks for reading. More dr Sketchys tomorrow!! 

Margaret xxx

Day 322 – Good Books

shopping for Franklin and Froggy books at our Gucci Goodwill. Found a stack. Sat down to draw the customers in the Good Eats Cafe there. 

Some days you can’t draw at all. Viewing it as a warm up for Dr Sketchys tonite. Hope I do better then. 

These are the best of the trash that I drew. Could not get in the rhythm today. 

I brought in a sketchbook with only two pages left DUH! So I drew over some screwed up pages of Rhineharts Oyster Bar. 

Browsers and worker bees at Good Books. 

Rhineharts roof. Guess I could have drawn on the napkins!?  

Sorry about the quality of the photos. Weird shadows from the lights in Good Books. 

Maybe color would improve these?! Or a brush pen!?

Thanks for reading.  

Margaret XXX

Day 321 – I meant to be 

 drawing more strips today. What did I do? Long arm quilted all day. For 7.5 hours. Good to have those done. I do free motion quilting which is mine drawing all over a quilt. All designs are drawn no markings.  One of my favorite people strips. Love all the action and different clothes.  

  These were drawn at the concert a few weeks ago. I drew tons of pages. The brush pen allows for a lot of quick drawing.  These people in the chairs were an experiment. Something different after filling up an accordion book. . Not sure how successful it was but fun to do. 

Here’s some of what I did today. 

   This king sized trip around the world quilt has been waiting for 15 years to be finished. Worst part of this was taking out the jillion safety pins. More to come. 

  It’s about 100×120 inches. All two inch squares. 

  Mostly made of Hoffman fabrics which is a Cadillac fabric. 

Friends granddaughters first quilt.  Her grambo  helped. 


A baby quilt for my nieces son. Only a year late. 😳 But he will be here home fromJakarta to nap under it in a week or so!!! Exciting!! I would post a whole pic of it but it’s upstairs and I am downstairs and TahrEd!! 

A wild storm rolling in from Georgia out my back deck. Now a deluge and lightening aka dogs NOT happy! 

Thanks for reading.  

Margaret XXX

Day 320 – only 45 days til it’s a YeAr!!

Oh my the goal is getting so close. I will be in Key West I think then so look south for skyrockets. Lol. The year long odyssey can almost see the finish line. 

What’s for dinner? Caran d’ache, brush pen  8.5 x 11″ 
Memorial Day a day for families getting together to eat. So I drew my dinner yesterday.  Haven’t done that in a month. 

  The first time I thought it was finished.  Scribbling red and orange around the border to frame it. Also scribbling random colors on the various objects like the knife. 

A fast fun sketch with caran d’ache in my sketchbook. They are a lot of fun. You can use them as crayons or you can hit them with a waterbrush and turn them into watercolor.  They are a touch opaque if you color too heavily. Also great fun to spray with a fine mist and let them drip drip drip.  All those juicy colors sliding down the paper and mingling into mini rainbows. Really a must try. 

Adding some  finishing touches with my Pentel brush pen  or so I thought. The crayons always lighten the brush pen so a lot of times I go back over it when I am done with the caran d’ache.  

So treat yourself to a pack of Neocolor ii Caran d’ache crayons. You can get as few as ten though I think 30 or so is better.  More is always better right?!! 

Thanks for reading!!! 


Day 319 – Grace and Frankie again!

i drew this while I was watching Grace and Frankie. Frankie’s hat made her hard to resist. I love a lady in a hat. Remember you can always pause the TV and have the actors pose for you. 


Here it is for now.  This is in my big 8.5×11 sketchbook.  

 Actually drawn in pencil. I rarely do that in my sketchbooks.  

 First face washes. 

 Adding some cad red light for her clothes. Nfrankie wears the most interesting clothing 
Hair. Now that was almost a disaster. Too solid.   

Added brown to little worms of color and dots coming off it. Better. Her face is still too delineated n thinking about that. What to do? 

The wispy hair is my fav part of this spread.   
Jane Fonda. Much smaller than Lillie Tomlin so quickly done.  

Almost done

Done for the moment. 
Thanks for reading!

Margaret XXX

Day 318 just a quick post

because I am busy painting. More about that tomorrow.  

Cropping can be a good thing. This was a practice sketch. A warm up for painting this sketch.   I did not like the way the drawing went.  

I liked this sketch much better than the one in the first picture.  

This is the whole spread uncut. The sketch of Livia on the left is pretty bad. A warm up for the next sketch.  But the good thing about a bad sketch or painting is that it liberates you to slap paint around and have fun.  Loved making the drips and applying the sheer colors. Think it helped with this painting.  I did the drippy baby painting first.  Do you see a connection? Sometimes the most interesting painting gets done on a painting that you no longer care about the way it turns out.  The fun stuff in this bad sketch are the dots of the hair and bow on her head the washes and drips from the dress and the luminous center of the spread. Really like that luminous glow and. I used all of that in the lady in the white dress. 

  Anyway that’s my theory and I am sticking to it. Try it. Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading. 
Margaret XXX

Day 317 – Grace and Frankie

 Summertime or Tea Time or Julia. What do you think I should call her?! 


300# Fabriano 

The wonderful costumes on the show Frankie and Grace which I have been binge watching on Netflixs   made me want to do a girl in a hat. 
 I don’t know if you remember but I did a lot of girls in hats back at Easter. I love hats. I just done like the way I look in them. Anybody else line that!? 

Now that summer’s approaching its hat time again!  And of course a glass of iced tea with mint is required.  

Here she is penciled in with a 2HB mechanical pencil and the initial background wash done.  Very light washes of several colors all painted while the others were still wet so there are no blooms. 

  This is after. Added the first cerulean shadows to the dress and Quin coral and aureolin for the skin tones.  
Here she is later. Colors added. Alizarin cobalt Burnt Sienna Inathridone and burnt umber Quin burnt sienna Quin gold. You really don’t need a lot of colors to paint a picture. 


My favorite part of the painting though the hair is giving the skirt stuff competition. A lot of the colors were applied wet on wet. Others were added as blobs or dry brushed.  A lot of fun to paint. 

Still lots to do!

Thanks for reading!  Go draw a girl in a hat! 

Margaret XXX