Day 319 – Grace and Frankie again!

i drew this while I was watching Grace and Frankie. Frankie’s hat made her hard to resist. I love a lady in a hat. Remember you can always pause the TV and have the actors pose for you. 


Here it is for now.  This is in my big 8.5×11 sketchbook.  

 Actually drawn in pencil. I rarely do that in my sketchbooks.  

 First face washes. 

 Adding some cad red light for her clothes. Nfrankie wears the most interesting clothing 
Hair. Now that was almost a disaster. Too solid.   

Added brown to little worms of color and dots coming off it. Better. Her face is still too delineated n thinking about that. What to do? 

The wispy hair is my fav part of this spread.   
Jane Fonda. Much smaller than Lillie Tomlin so quickly done.  

Almost done

Done for the moment. 
Thanks for reading!

Margaret XXX

Day 318 just a quick post

because I am busy painting. More about that tomorrow.  

Cropping can be a good thing. This was a practice sketch. A warm up for painting this sketch.   I did not like the way the drawing went.  

I liked this sketch much better than the one in the first picture.  

This is the whole spread uncut. The sketch of Livia on the left is pretty bad. A warm up for the next sketch.  But the good thing about a bad sketch or painting is that it liberates you to slap paint around and have fun.  Loved making the drips and applying the sheer colors. Think it helped with this painting.  I did the drippy baby painting first.  Do you see a connection? Sometimes the most interesting painting gets done on a painting that you no longer care about the way it turns out.  The fun stuff in this bad sketch are the dots of the hair and bow on her head the washes and drips from the dress and the luminous center of the spread. Really like that luminous glow and. I used all of that in the lady in the white dress. 

  Anyway that’s my theory and I am sticking to it. Try it. Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading. 
Margaret XXX