Day 307 РReportage Accordion Style 


Maestro Z 

Drawing the conductor Maestro Z at Pops under the Stars was so much fun I wished I had brought an empty accordion book. This is just half of one. It would be fun to do a ballerina like this. 

Detail 1

The blacks were made with Inathridone blue and burnt umber.  Grey on the jacket is cerulean and burnt sienna or cobalt and burnt sienna.


Detail 2 

The background is Quin gold and Quin red painted on with my big Isabey squirrel mop and allowed to blend when they were wet. I think I might cover up Maestro Z and splatter this strip. 
Detail 3 
Drawing this was so much fun I drew ten pages of these in my sketchbook. Will post them tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret XXX