Day 309 – something a little different. 


 I thought you might like to see the layers I did to arrive at this strange but I think pretty background color.  Just remember don’t do it in a journal because it may leak thru.  The above rectangle is 8 washes of different colors. The one with Maestro Z is 16 washes. 


 Sorry about the colors in the following photos being off.  I did take a photo after each new wash. 

 Cerulean is the first layer. 

  Burnt Sienna is the second.  
  Hookers green is third. 

  Cerulean is layer four. 

Orange is layer five. 

  Cerulean is layer six. 
  Then Orange layer 7. 

  Cerulean layer 8. 

I actually did this twice.  The washes where more opaque.
Layer 5 Orange. Second time around. Difficult to the color Correctly.   

  Layer 6 cerulean second go round. 

  Second go round layer 7 Orange. 

Cerulean layer 8. Second go round the washes were more opaque. All of the plots are opaque of you do not use thin washes. U will get a very dark color this way. The sample really is almost an olive green. 

 If u want to make it as dark as the maestros photo. Reverse the above order and then do 8 layers backwards.  Then add 8 more layers like the above eight.