Day 320 – only 45 days til it’s a YeAr!!

Oh my the goal is getting so close. I will be in Key West I think then so look south for skyrockets. Lol. The year long odyssey can almost see the finish line. 

What’s for dinner? Caran d’ache, brush pen  8.5 x 11″ 
Memorial Day a day for families getting together to eat. So I drew my dinner yesterday.  Haven’t done that in a month. 

  The first time I thought it was finished.  Scribbling red and orange around the border to frame it. Also scribbling random colors on the various objects like the knife. 

A fast fun sketch with caran d’ache in my sketchbook. They are a lot of fun. You can use them as crayons or you can hit them with a waterbrush and turn them into watercolor.  They are a touch opaque if you color too heavily. Also great fun to spray with a fine mist and let them drip drip drip.  All those juicy colors sliding down the paper and mingling into mini rainbows. Really a must try. 

Adding some  finishing touches with my Pentel brush pen  or so I thought. The crayons always lighten the brush pen so a lot of times I go back over it when I am done with the caran d’ache.  

So treat yourself to a pack of Neocolor ii Caran d’ache crayons. You can get as few as ten though I think 30 or so is better.  More is always better right?!! 

Thanks for reading!!!