Day 324 Dr Sketchys Part two


 Ten minute pose. This one is going to be used on social media to advertise the Sweeney Todd show at Chat Noir this weekend. Wish I could be there to see it but in Atlanta dogsitting. The red is a wink of Stella brush pen. All red glitter. Makes him look even more gruesome. 

The sketching went much better but I do wish I had used my Noodler Creaper Ahab for some of these. Instead I used the Pentel Brush Pen, Tombow Markers, Pentel color brush pens, and Wink of Stella brush pens for some glittery sparkle. both the Tombows and the Colorbrush pens are water soluble and fun to use with a water brush. 

This was a ten minute pose. We were supposed to make a poster of him so I turned him into a pirate because I messed up his left eye. Perfect place for a patch. Problem solved. Most of the coloring was done with the Tombows. There was a prize of two free tickets to Sweeney Todd but since I wasn’t going to be there I didn’t enter. 

Mickeys a great singer so we drew him as he played the guitar and sang. Tombows and Pentel color brush.  10 minute pose. The challenge of this was drawing his moving arm as he played. 

15 minute pose. His leg is too short. Oopsey. It was hard to see in the dark theater. And as I was sitting in front of him I had to peek over the sketch book to see his lower half. Or at least that’s what I am blaming this on. Lol. Couldn’t be me!! 

Not quite a disaster but almost.  Had her body too long and her legs too short.  


Then I shut the book before the black wink of Stella I did the lettering with was dry and it glued the pages together. Poop! 

The grey on her legs is where I shortened her body. I used gouache to try to straighten up the stray pen marks and the grey on her legs. For some

Reason my flesh Tombow kept lifting the Pentel brush pen. I don’t remember it doing that before. 

At any rate I added the gouache and the black Tombow this morning. 

Sometimes a good crop can improve the look of a sketch. Lol. 
Thanks for looking. 

Margaret xxx