Day 1151 – Honey girl

Went on a walk about this evening she was gone for HOURS. Bad dog won’t come

When you call. But she’s home safe and sound so now it’s bed time.

Stillman and Birn Lamy Safari Ted Nuttalls Transparent palette.

Night all xoxoxox margaret.

Day 1154 Its Saturday

Today was a struggle. New great model named Macy.

A new model is always problematic. I drew her three times before I started painting which meant I only had about an hour to draw and paint this. drawing 2. All I can say is eeekkk. Yuck!

Although everyone’s eyes are in the middle of the head it just never seems to work out so easily in practice.

Not much time to cover a 18″x20″ piece of paper. She will probably get some caran dache neocolor ii before she’s done.

Strathmore Bristol 6b lead raw sienna Quin rose for skin, burnt sienna and cerulean for shadows with some Quin rose and dioxazine purple, sepia and ultramarine for hair. Background any blue on the palette and Quin rose. White gouache on her left shoulder which I accidently painted w the blue background. OOPPS.

Jeremy’s lovely sketch. I don’t know how he does that but his drawings are perfection.

Drew Murphy 3’x4′ acrylic. Like me he started over. Love the variety of colors.

Bills oil One of these days I am going to tell him about eyes in the middle of the face from too to bottom-ALWAYS!

Coach Larry’s charcoal

Ilanias small oil. Great figure. Love the background.

Als large oil.

Tom Needham’s small watercolor -1/4 sheet

Fred’s large acrylic. These ALWAYS make me smile. I just enjoy looking at them in all their wonkiness.

Margaret due for a nap. Xoxoxo

Day 1153 A tiny addition

Can change the while proportion. I started to chuck this sketch from last week.

Her head is now in proportion. I added maybe a 1/4″ on top and the left side of her head. That little bit made all the difference.

The shadows on her face are still not perfect but better. I used my caran d’ache neocolor ii to color her face and a bit in her hair. Used as a crayon they are somewhat opaque which let me lighten the darks.

I think the pink cheek on the left distracts somewhat from the dark on the left cheek.

Here she is before. Is she perfect now?! No. And maybe I will torture her some more. Or maybe she will end up in the garbage. We shall see!!

Happy weekend.

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1152 An Augusta Treasure

Phillip Morseberger August University Professor Emeritus. Morseberger works in oils using many layers of often very heavy paint. Nowadays he would use acrylic but he’s been painting a very long time. Superficially his paintings seem cartoonish at first but aged far more sophisticated than first impressions seem. The show is at Au in the gallery. A

Day 1150 Zoe and I

Had a good nap on the sofa this afternoon while supposedly watching Cider With Rosie on YouTube. Oops. Jack Russell’s are great at snuggling anytime anyplace. Always up for a nap too.

Hugs Margaret xoxoxo who is refusing to be sick.

Day 1149 Some urban sketching.

Really like the way The Denizens of Chic Fil A turned out. Wish I had drawn it on watercolor paper like Mary told me to do. Then I would frame it and sell it to the chic Fil a manager. lol.

It’s bad when you don’t need a reference pic to remember the colors of a restaurant. It means you have been there a lot. I have eaten of mile of their country market salads at this chic Fil a. There’s one in the corner of this sketch. And two in my fridge right now.

Starting with the guys on the left and then the people along the wall I added the people as they came and went during late lunch to fill up the page.

I also decided to add people who drifted by the background in line behind the dividing wall.

Stillman and Birn Alpha. Lamy Safari and Noodler Eel skin ink Ted Nuttalls transparent palette.

Xoxox Margaret off to Rhineharts for lunch with the grand kids ok the way home from the edisto beach.

Day 1148. DISCOMBOBULATED STiLL? It’s Saturday

Thinking she requires more work. Body looks great but the head. Hmm too small or what is that growing beneath her nose.

And my big toe HURTS from the enamel pan karate chop. Blaming it for her

mustache. And her mouth. eekkk.

I didn’t realize my easel was collapsing. The antique enamel meat tray fell and karate chopped two of my toes. My big toe and the next one. Still hurts three hours later. But I thought I was going to have to sit down and cry when it happened. As someone Ilaina? said nothing like toe pain. 😱😰

Maybe I will just cut her head off. Lol.

Drew wins this week.

Ruth Pearls lovely pastel! She came to see us from Chattanooga. We miss her.

Al Beyer’s huge one. Maybe I should have done her back. Much less to deal with.

Jeremy’s lovely head. Colored pencil. Limited palette

Sweet Katie Padgett’s pencil and colored pencil.

Alex’s Another beautiful sketch. To think he will erase it.


Fred’s always makes me smile.


Tom Needham’s. Love

That blue.

Don’t know his name. Quite interesting. Oil on what looks like Arches watercolor paper.

Drew Murphy’s from last week. Jessica. LOVE This one.

Day 1147 Inner Bean

If it weren’t for the inner bean and chic fil a I don’t know where I would eat. Oh. Maybe at home. Lol.

Just a quick sketch. My style of sketching has changed slightly w the Lamy Safari. More contour than representational which makes for wonky people. But I like wonky.

Ted Nuttalls transparent palette plus cerulean some white grease pencil and white gel pen which always seem to die on me. Stillman and Birn Alpha.

Company coming!! got to run. One thing about company makes you clean the house.

Hugs margaret xoxoxo

Day 1145 Discombobulated.

I feel like I have been running like a chicken with my head cut off for the last two weeks. Not painting just running to keep up. Sorry to offer nothing more than a sketch.

Now back to that nap.

Hugs margaret whose going to do better but I really do like this sketch.

Margaret xoxoxox