Day 1144 Teaching a Watercolor class.

Got a feeling there are going to be more roses in my future. This is the Rose I painted along with the class. Lots of discussion of types of paper, brushes and types of paint. This was painted with three colors. Rose Madder, cad yellow and thalo blue. A lot of wet on wet technique.

Student Ann Gilmore’s very first watercolor ever. She did a great job!!

I showed them how to use saral. As my friend Raisin said, “We are not here to learn to draw. We are here to paint!!”

Students get a deer in the headlight look when you mention draw. Just like anything done well it takes practice and most people think you should be born drawing. With saral you can blow up a photo and transfer it easily to paper or canvas.

Zoe loves the new quilt.

Ttyl. Margaret binding a quilt xoxox