Day 1148. DISCOMBOBULATED STiLL? It’s Saturday

Thinking she requires more work. Body looks great but the head. Hmm too small or what is that growing beneath her nose.

And my big toe HURTS from the enamel pan karate chop. Blaming it for her

mustache. And her mouth. eekkk.

I didn’t realize my easel was collapsing. The antique enamel meat tray fell and karate chopped two of my toes. My big toe and the next one. Still hurts three hours later. But I thought I was going to have to sit down and cry when it happened. As someone Ilaina? said nothing like toe pain. 😱😰

Maybe I will just cut her head off. Lol.

Drew wins this week.

Ruth Pearls lovely pastel! She came to see us from Chattanooga. We miss her.

Al Beyer’s huge one. Maybe I should have done her back. Much less to deal with.

Jeremy’s lovely head. Colored pencil. Limited palette

Sweet Katie Padgett’s pencil and colored pencil.

Alex’s Another beautiful sketch. To think he will erase it.


Fred’s always makes me smile.


Tom Needham’s. Love

That blue.

Don’t know his name. Quite interesting. Oil on what looks like Arches watercolor paper.

Drew Murphy’s from last week. Jessica. LOVE This one.