Day 1128 Cheap Joes Hurricane Harvey Relief Program

100% of your donation thru Joes goes to Hurricane Harvey relief plus Joe will kick in a percentage of sales and you don’t have to buy a thing.

Joe dressed as Theo Van Gogh giving us his Van Gogh presentation A real treat if you get a chance to see it.

Boone NC

I was not aware of the fact that Joe Miller founder of Cheap Joes takes charity work so seriously til John Salimen shared with me that after every Hurricane like Katrina and Sandy Joe goes thru their customer database and sends gift certificates to any customer that lived in the disaster area.

Joe recently got a Humitarian award from the American Watercolor Society because of his charity work. He employees mentally handicapped people and then brags on them when you tour the warehouse. It makes them glow with pride. Just a lovely man.

Which is the reason I ALWAYS recommend Cheap Joe’s when people ask where to buy their art supplies.


Here’s how you do it!!!

Think I will get some of that fabriano hot press I have been wanting while I am at it.

And while you are there treat yourself to a Cheap Joes class. You will get treated like a Prince or Princess and have a lovely time.


Margaret xoxoxo