Day 1150 Zoe and I

Had a good nap on the sofa this afternoon while supposedly watching Cider With Rosie on YouTube. Oops. Jack Russell’s are great at snuggling anytime anyplace. Always up for a nap too.

Hugs Margaret xoxoxo who is refusing to be sick.

Day 1149 Some urban sketching.

Really like the way The Denizens of Chic Fil A turned out. Wish I had drawn it on watercolor paper like Mary told me to do. Then I would frame it and sell it to the chic Fil a manager. lol.

It’s bad when you don’t need a reference pic to remember the colors of a restaurant. It means you have been there a lot. I have eaten of mile of their country market salads at this chic Fil a. There’s one in the corner of this sketch. And two in my fridge right now.

Starting with the guys on the left and then the people along the wall I added the people as they came and went during late lunch to fill up the page.

I also decided to add people who drifted by the background in line behind the dividing wall.

Stillman and Birn Alpha. Lamy Safari and Noodler Eel skin ink Ted Nuttalls transparent palette.

Xoxox Margaret off to Rhineharts for lunch with the grand kids ok the way home from the edisto beach.