Day 607 – 22 Sketches

When you do that many you can post sketches for a week or more never repeating yourself. The girls costumes begged to be painted and the  many columns lining Sacred Heart. Great fun to paint wet on wet. 

The second or third sketch I did that night.  I had not quite warmed up.  Gouache is great for covering the background fast. When you have 22 sketches to paint you better have something that gets done quickly besides the sketching.  


One day when I grow up I want to paint urban sketches like this one by Al Beyer done in India a couple of years ago. Can you see the moped flying by? This is a big oil painting 3×4′ not a tiny sketch but definitely falls in the urban “sketching” genre. You can see more of his work here but sadly non of his urban sketching he does on his Maymester trips abroad – India – China – and this year Cambodia. Watch out Angkor Wat. 

Thanks for reading!

Margaret xxx

Day 606 – Sunday Fun!! 

  Been drawing with platinum carbon black ink and a bamboo stick. Really a lot of fun.  

I started going thru the pics to find something to draw. I mean why would I want to go outside on such a lovely day?! 

Watching Downton Reruns ff thru the begathon. I already send them $$ 
 Anyway I found a cute one of my granddaughter and drew it. I had a few too many black lines in her tiny face like the eyebrow. So I painted her w gouache. 

First gouache portrait ever. Not easy but at least she’s not black from her nose to her chin. 

The only way I could get a soft edge on the face shadow was to feather white over her dry cheeks. Totally different experience from watercolor or acrylic.  

Gouache brands used Winsor Newton and Horadam. Colors red yellow white blue and burnt sienna. 


My lab  Honey drawn with the Noodler Creaper and smudged with a wet finger. She’s a very long nosed lab. Not a block headed English lab like Isis on Downton. Touches of burnt sienna gouache for her eyes. 

This one was drawn with the stick too. Fun fun. I think her eyes are a little high but oh well.

Get a stick and try it. You might like it. 

Thanks for reading.

Margaret xxx 


Day 605 Another Saturday


Ilania Acrylic 24 x 30ish”

Really liking today’s painting. This one is officially FOR SALE if she needs to come live at your house. 


This was painted almost entirely by the world’s cheapest brushes. They shed.  I had to  remove several bristles off the painting.  🙄 And they don’t hold an edge. They are raggedy but they make some great bold lines in the paint.   

Conversely I used some of the most expensive paint. All golden acrylic. Reason I say expensive is that I used Goldens Quin Nickel Azo Gold which was selling for $27.99 at Michaels the other day when I loaded up on white paint during their 40% off sale. Ouch!!  Glad I have had a new bottle of it waiting for the old bottle to be empty. 

Other colors it was painted with were ultramarine blue, pyrrole red, Zinc white and a smidge of burnt umber.  The only resin I used Zinc white was because it was the first tube of white picked up but it could just as well have been titanium white. 

White, pyrrole red and Quin nickel Azo gold make a great flesh color. 


Here she is at second break after about an hour of painting. Those brushes cover a lot of ground FAST!!  If I hadnt decided her face was a smidge to narrow she would have been done. I also didn’t like the shadow on the left arm. 

Forty minutes of painting.  Almost blocked in. Of course I had blocked her in four times at this point. 

First time I had the canvas vertical. I couldn’t see her calves or feet so that was not going to work. I turned the board and started over. 

Second time I decided I wanted her leg along the bottom of the canvas. Had to start over. 😁

Third time I didn’t quite get her to fill up the canvas.  😂

Fourth time I think I could have blocked her in with my eyes closed!! 

That’s about it for today. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 604 – Another Bond or two

    I did say I have twenty two of these right?!! This is one of my favorites.  I like Sacred Heart as the background. As a deconsecrated CatholicChurch it’s a great background. 

One of my favorites of the Bond girls.  She had a flowing black negligee on with sheer sleeves.  That was a challenge to paint.  I first painted the arm. Let it dry and then over painted it with a watery black as I painted the whole negligee. 

 I really wanted to put a bubble for two quote but couldn’t figure out how to do that. Like the red hair against the cobalt background and of course the splatters. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 603 – another Dr Sketchys 

 The Pirate Pose.  The last pose of the night. Thirty minutes I think and what great costumes.  

I used tombow markers and water colors for this painting when I did not have the correct tombow color. 

The Vamp

Is In the box now. I think this is a thirty minute sketch. I think. Interesting pose but proportions are off. 


The hmm third pose of the evening. I changed to my Noodler Creaper Ahab. I rather like this sketch. Bytw the guns were fake. 

First sketch of the evening. Five minute pose. Sometimes you have to warm up. Done with a Kuretake brush marker. Really like his feet.   

The second pose.  Another five minute pose. Kuretake brush marker. Not bad. I was doing get great with the guys shoes. Hmm?!! 

Colors used Tombow markers. Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 602 oops 


  Downtown at dr Sketchys and forgot to post.  

   Ten minute sketches tombow pens Noodler Creaper ahab Paltinum carbon black ink Aquabee super deluxe sketch book 

      Ten minute sketch

Thirty  minute sketch

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret downtown in Augusta

Day 601 – a few more sketches 

  What else?!There are only 22 of them. 

  I actually finished this one yesterday. I started it when he was flipping thru poses and abandoned it for a clean page. I finally gave up and begged him to hold the pose till I finished.  And he did a super job doing just that!! Thanks James!! 

Love the energy in the orange gouache do lines in the background.  


Loved his 70s leisure suit look with his mint green shoes. The lady in black could hold a rock solid interesting pose. Neither of them moved which made for great sketching. 


The golden girl could hold the most interesting poses. She’s actually painted  with my beloved gold wink of Stella glitter pen and yellow ochre but sadly it does not show without bright lights.  

And u know what that ledger paper means. The ink smeared. 😁

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 600 – Wet Paint 

 Will be posting the winner and the prize in a couple of smears. Thanks for sticking with me thru 600 days of consecutive posting. I wonder how long I will go on?!

Did I forget to say that this little mixed media angel I did flew away to a new home aka she sold at Wet Paint. Hurrah!! She’s stitches scribbled glued bubble wrap printed and three d. Genuine Lutheran hymnal pages in the background. A lot of fun!  

But not as much fun as drawing the models at wet paint.   

Another James Bond model sketch. I really need to fix his hand and his foot. Maybe. I had a lot of fun looking up James Bond quotes to write on the JB sketches. 


Beautiful model that could hold a rock solid pose. She’s wearing turquoise culottes with huge buttons. The half you can’t see is white. Harlequin style. She has lost had spectator pumps on. I had forgotten about them til I saw hers. I had a pair I loved. All tan leather so I painted those instead of the two tone ones she had on 

Thanks for reading. Will post the winner in a couple of days. Class today. 

Thanks for reading.  

Margaret xxx

Day 599 The Name is Bond

  James Bond -6×10″ Arches Carnet de Voyage HOT Press 

Lots of fun last night sketching at Wet Paint party at Sacred Heart Cultural Center. 


The Vintage Olie models were styling James Bond movie fashion style. Lucky Ruth Pearl and I had a table right next to one of their six pedestals as they rotated around the audience. 

I really liked this just as it is EXCEPT all my gooey only fingerprints all over it. Sigh. The light we were drawing in was terrible and my beloved Noodler was leaking as usual. Not conducive to clean drawings. 

Misplaced my non leaky Noodler

 Konrad.  😱

Background is gouache. Covers those ink prints!! 

Wc Used Quin coral , French ochre, cerulean, burnt sienna, burnt umber, ultramarine blue. 

More urban sketching coming!! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx 

Day 598 – It’s Saturday 

Fun morning painting in Aiken. Our model was a no show but Ilania was there to draw so she kindly stood in for Alice the no show. 

Here she is blocked in after our first go round. I was really liking her at this point. Maybe I should have stopped then? 

I kept putting her belly button down past the third head hash mark which just threw everything off. 

Odd how that works. Finally at the ninth hour my nonmathy brain got it. It was above the third head hash mark. Duh!! 

Background has to be done but otherwise just a twitch here a twitch there. However too many and she just goes down the tube. 

Despite that considering these twitches!!😨 

Fix right breast. Too droopy!😔

Left eyebrow eyes too defined wrong angle 

Left hip. Curve starts at belly button 

Thin neck top to bottom on right

Shadow left of left breast

Dark blue line shadow under left hand.  
 Hopefully these will all be minor twitches. Nothing major.  

Funny story Ruth and I thought we were going to get the backside of her including the head but at the last second she turned around to face us. 

 Hurrah!! A pretty great  pose. 

Ilenia is such a gorgeous girl too bad I don’t do her justice.  

Colors used cobalt, nickel Azo gold white, burnt umber, ultramarine blue, cerulean.  And that’s it. 

Thanks for reading. Urban sketching coming up. Yeah!!