Day 579 – More Chateau Gaillard

I did say I drew Chateau Gaillard a lot!  This was my first attempt  and the same view as yesterday post.  

I seriously ran out of room before I could get the whole town in at the base. Just rooves looked odd so guess what’s under the accounting ledger?! You got it!! The bit of town I drew before I turned the page and started over. 

This turned into a fun opportunity to do a bit journaling, mixed media and add some stamps. 

I chose this quote because Richard was the quintessential adventurer traveling from France to the Holy Lands, got kidnapped and ransomed, hung out with Robin Hood, battled the wicked King John and his lackeys. Now that’s a life spent in adventure. He even took on his father the original tough King Henry II to usurp the throne. 

Colors – the same as yesterday’s. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret off to class in Aiken. Xxx

Day 580-One Last Chateau Gaillard


I sat on the corner in Les Andelys watching my cruising companions hiking up the hill from which “many don’t return” according to my new friend Gus’ husband Bob. Gus and Bob have done the Paris to Normandy cruise several times annually. 

This painting was done wet on wet and is one of my favorite paintings to date. I felt like I was finally getting Charles Reid!! 

Since hill hikes make my asthma go crazy I elected to draw while they hiked.  Les Andelys is just a charming tiny village. A cute row of shops. A church dating to 1200! Half timber buildings. 
What’s not to love?! And Richard the Lionhearted walked these streets. Fascinating to me with our young American history. 

Once again same colors. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx