Day 596 – La Cantina

 Sketching around Augusta pales in comparison with France but we do have a few quaint interesting places in the area.  One of these is La Cantina, a funky restaurant in Clarks Hill SC run by two artists full of their quirky art.

 If you look closely you will see there’s a carved wooden nude on the right supporting the “arch” over the bar which incidentally was still decorated with Christmas garlands in February. 

Why not?  I can get behind Christmas displays year round. 

Food. Usually awesome – it’s Tiger Woods favorite restaurant when he’s in town plying at the Augusta National 15 miles down the street from Clarks Hill. 

The sauces were delicious as was my second NY strip. First one was a little grisly but they replaced it cheerfully and that one was awesome. 

This odd assortment of plants, to go containers, and a lantern were in a corner directly behind us. Just one example of the strangely decorated nooks in La Cantina which makes it alot of fun for artists to sketch. 

  There’s also a large outside patio with a huge chimney style oven where the steaks sizzle merrily in the intense heat. Gives such a delicious crust to the meat. 

Furnishings are an odd eclectic blend of course d objects garage sale finds art objects and 1989s “chic”. When was the last time you saw a cheap Home Depot black plastic pot in a restaurant that sells good food?! As I said funky. I hear there are live shows but we never seem to catch one. Another reason to go back. 

Be sure to call for reservations of you decide to go!!  

Anyone want to fund a trip to France or Europe for me!  Free art if you do!😋

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Margaret xxx

Day 595 – Dad

Dad – 30x 40 Acrylic 
So one is done and time to start the next one. You have to draw with a paint brush. Not easy. Try it sometime. 

 I am drawing it from this photo I took of dad a couple of weeks ago. He’s 93!  

I couldn’t resist dumping it into Waterlogue. Kinda liking this. May have to paint it in watercolor too. 

  There’s also one of mom who’s a mere 90. This was taken four days after her birthday. Zoe was hiding from my parents mean schnauzers. 
Mom was supposed  to save her from them. Lol. 
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Margaret xxx