Day 582 – A little reworking

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I decided that all that green blue  I had painted on her was awful looking so I started painting.  

 That raccoon look was NOT good. Edges needed softening ALOT. 

I added a lot of burnt sienna for shadows and some nickel azo gold with pyrrole red and white for flesh tone. I also added a dark grey with sand in it to the background and then washed it with a thinned white. 

And softened edges. In case you don’t know. What that means it means that the edges are blurred aka softened like around her mouth and her eye. 

At the last minute I realized her tight shoulder was too high so I took about half an inch of the top and a bit off the side to round it some more. 

For the moment she’s done but you never know. Sometimes when you look at them you realize more work is required. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx who needs a nap. 

Day 591 – Saturday!!

Did u leave a comment for the drawing?  Only nine days. 

Ilenia was a bit of a pill today. If I could do it wrong I did. 


  Here’s the first block in. The head size was so big that I would have lost her foot so I started over.  

Round two. The legs fit on the board. 


Something about the legs was off. And her body. What the heck was up with that? I lowered her shoulders about an inch and that helped.  Who knew? But still those legs. 

What she looked like after and hour and a hoax. Legs still off. Sigh.     

 So I changed her a lot. I really like the bottom of this one better than how she looks now BUT I stopped too soon and had hash marks from the block I that I needed to cover. Maybe tomorrow I can get this effect back?

And here she is now. Thinking about changing the reddish background to this great bottle of golden acrylic a  grungy grey I have. Any way think I will sleep on it. Maybe I will stamp on it.  I think the backgrounds are the hardest part. 

Thanks for reading. 

I think I need a nap now!

Margaret xxx