Day 1210 Whiskey Bar Sidewalk Cracks

Blue Footed Booby FOR SALE!!!9″x12″ 300# watercolor paper

This was drawn from a sidewalk crack down at the Whiskey Bar in Augusta. My friend Tom and I ate lunch there Saturday after dropping off my painting for Wet Paint Party.

This is the crack that inspired the blue footed Booby. I know the people thought I was crazy taking all those photos of the sidewalk. There are at least a dozen good cracks there.

Here’s how it evolved. I picked purple as my main color on my new favorite tool Bob Burridges color wheel. It gave me blue green and red yellow as my accent colors. Green yellow as the focal color. That made it easy to pick out my palette colors.

And this is what I got. In retrospect it might have been fun to paint the background blue green and the feet green yellow.

Stamps added.

And last night I thought if it’s been a day his eyes needed a little something something as my kids at school used to say or was that one of my teaching assistants??

So I made his eyes look a little weary using a Lamy ef aka very fine point to scratch fatigue lines around his eyes.

Get a Burridge color wheel and use it. You will love it. Makes life easier.

Margaret off to Charlotte xoxoxo

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Day 1209 – Joy

Love Joy Reid. So Bright and sharp and just adorable.

Sketch in my Stillman and Birn

First washes


Pink cheeks and some thalo blue under her chin and around the edges to soften.

Colors used quin burn orange thalo blue dioxzine purple quin coral quin gold burnt umber and ultramarine blue. And a big size 16 Cheap Joes Sable Legend

Drawn with my Lamy Safari off tv as she yakked.

Two more sketches for the class. These are both full sheets of watercolor paper 22×30″ 😳 big brushes are in order.

Margaret who still has to do laundry pack and bake cupcakes for book club tonite. 😱😱😱😱sometimes I overcommit a little.

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Day 1208 A Bear of a Day because

Of all the right sketches I am working on for a Kim Johnson class I am taking this week. NO whimsy allowed.

I am having fun with the whimsical bears. Still using Bobs color wheel to pick out my palette. Takes the strain out of picking out colors. Use the pointer and there are your four colors.

As usual my stinking new iPhone is taking pics really dark unless I have it on live.

More bears done with the color wheel.

The rest of the bears all done with bobs color wheel. Really takes the strain off and makes colors that pop.


Also drawing my paintings for a class I am taking this week with Kim Johnson at Nancy Couick’s studio in Charlotte.

Livie not sure she’s done.

A couple of chickens. Still have two or three animal paintings to draw. She said we needed EIGHT!😱🤪

Honey my black lab. Don’t know that I like this one. We shall see.

Off I go to sketch some more.

Margaret xoxoxox

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Day 1207 It’s Saturday

So many people so many drawings and paintings. Yeah my Sacred Heart painting sold last nite. You never know.

Ilania 19″x 24″ mixed media on Strathmore bristol

First forty minute break

Second break an hour and ten minutes or so. The purple is not that dark.

Finished well ya never know. For now. Lol.

finished first break Pastel by a guy that teaches portraits at Aiken Center for the Arts.

Jeremy Sutherland finished. If u need a portrait done. HIRE him. Always love his work.

first break. Alex’s born in 1975 and loves chocolate cake.

Alex at the end of class. Usually he’s long gone before I get a finished pic. Pastel

Al Beyer another huge oil

Thomas Needham on canson watercolor board. Lovely but not finished.

first break

Bill oil on sheet metal finished for the Day

Somebody new but what a great job oil on canvas

April oil on board

Katie Carr Padgett small watercolor in a moleskine watercolor sketchbook

Fred the wild man is back.

No idea who did the rest of these. Sketches were everywhere.


Margaret who has to get her sketches done for class next week. Finally have all my pictures printed. Xoxoxo

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Day 1206 Wet Paint Party


Tonite Feb 24 at Sacred Heart. My sketch as well as 70 other pieces of art will be up at silent auction for adoption to decorate your walls with some fabulous art. There will be some wild fun entertainment engineered by Vintage Oolie. Always interesting. All money raised goes to the Augusta Arts Council.

I was trying to keep the sketch light and loose. I meant to take a photo of the ink drawing which was not exact just close. Loosening up as Bob Burridge would say. I was also trying to keep it transparent.

I really loathe painting trees with watercolor and it always seems to show. I had to work on them a lot to get them right. Multiple Layers.

SKY – blotted the washes as I laid them down to get cloud. Used cerulean blue and some verditer blue.

Building – quin coral quin gold with dioxzine purple and cobalt blue with some cerulean and quin burnt orange for the greys.

Trees – quin gold, Daniel Smith gold green, cobalt, ultramarine blue, dioxzine purple and mineral violet.

Come on out. Always a fun event.

Margaret xoxoxox

Day 1205 oops again. baking cupcakes

And forgot to post. A quick sketch the other day. Wasn’t really trying to draw Al Beyer. Then the ink I used which I thought was a D’Artrementis document ink which means permanent began to run. Oops. I do love that green blue really color anyway.

I do know their document brown is permanent so no idea why it wasn’t.

And as you know I have been watching a lot of Bob Burridges Bobblasts on YouTube- great fun and always interesting. I decided to draw him too. Wild and loose like bob would do not an exact portrait but something fun. He loves Diebenkorn so do I and the San Francisco Bay Area painters awesome Abstract expressionists. So in the interest of following his advice I made Bobs portrait different. No read lines everywhere. I used GREEN instead. Lol. Love the way the Green lettering pops.

Margaret xoxoxo whose doing tomorrow’s post now and scheduling it so it will post in a timely manner. Tossing off a quick sketch #bobburridge #oceanparkseries #diebenkorn #loosenup #ink #sketching. #portrait #watercolorpencil #stillmanandbirn #bobblasts #albeyer #usca #aiken

Day 1204 another day another drawing or two

Watching a streaming video drawing. Wondering why some bald people are so round headed or is it egg headed? Others are squarer. Jonathan was definitely egg headed. Interesting guy with interesting things to say.

Likes this quote from him.

Decided it needed some red scratchy lines too. Like it better now.

The bird just needs a few stamps now. Progress is being made.

Augusta Rain.

Abstract 2×3′ acrylic. Needs more contrast.

When you convert it to black and white there’s not much difference in the tones. Oops. More work required.

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo who has homework to do.

Day 1203 Moh people

As my granddaughter Livie would say.

Watching Sketchbookskool Office Live video the other nite I drew Koosje and Jean Christophe. I like hers best. I colored it last nite with my watercolor pencils.

Sorry I just love the crazy red I added to both of them. Just added more to Jean Christophe. He was very interesting to listen to. He’s a hobby sketcher though he publishes. His day job started as an engineer. Love the fact that he draws his vacation photos when he’s home and his friends think he’s still off on vacation. Too funny. Interesting show though I do wish they would make him the bigger screen instead of koosje. Then we could see his sketchbooks better.

Before I added white gouache to his head to get rid of the white line. He has such a nice round head I had to add more to it.

And now it’s shower time. Been mucking out the house today and I am tired and dirty. And since it was 82 a little sweaty!

Margaret xoxoxo who has a few animals to color now.

Koosje office hours live Sketchbookskool. Great show. #sketching #drawing #watercolor #aquarelle #fabercastell #ink #stillmanandbirn #officehourslive #Sketchbookskool #dailydrawing

Day 1202 Sketching

Drawing random people at Chic Fil A and my salad. At this point I have no idea how many of those salads I have drawn or eaten but a lot. I need to buy stock in chic fil a because of all the salads I have eaten there.

The guy on the top right I think was homeless. Rocking and talking to himself but he looked so interesting I had to draw him.

Painted with Ted Nuttalls transparent palette.

An amazing amaryllis I bought at Costco

Margaret xoxoxox

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Day 1201 – Being Fearless and a bird or two.

Yesterday I pulled this out of the mailbox.

All I can say is RUN to his website and buy it. Not on Amazon though his videos can be rented there. Just jam packed with tips pointers and getting it done everyday. I also bought his color wheel and though I had almost filled by bird sketchbook I was waiting to get it to paint them. I was running out of ideas on colors. So I dialed some up and got theses two.

Blue was the main color green and red spice and yellow the focal color. Love the way they both look. Yes they still need stamps but I think they are zippy.

Just a page from Bobs book. Lots of how to too.

Don’t forget you can get his bobblasts here. Even if all you do is watercolor they are great. He calls himself a watercolor painter. After all acrylics are watercolor.

Two more of my fav pages so far. Only read about 1/3 ofnit yesterday because it’s jammed pack and I wanted to finish my socks.

Margaret who has a few errands to run in a bit so gotta sew up the toe of theses socks. Hate doing that. Xoxoxo

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