Day 1190 Those Birds

But it’s not the ones you thought.

Busy Day at the Feeder and as usual the squirrels are elbowing the birds out.

Really like the paint on this finch.

Before I painted it yellow. I sit on the den sofa and look out the sliding doors drawing the animals as they feed on the back porch.

Too bad the squirrels and the mocking bird is the same color. In retrospect it didn’t have to be that way. More purple on the bird would have made it contrast more.

Anyway it’s also fun to just draw the birds out back and not easy to do. But you learn the more you draw them all the better they look. Try it. It’s fun.

Ted Nuttalls transparent palette

Off to class. Margaret xoxox


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Day 1189 Time to post

I meant to post about noon today. And did I? Nope. have I painted?! Nope!

I started listening to YouTube videos and then for some reason I checked to see if there were Robert Burridge videos. OMG. I went down the proverbial rabbit hole.

This frog seems appropriate when talking about Robert Burridge. He would say yippie when painting. He might be the new Bob Ross.

Love this whacky dog. You know he spies a CAT as my dogs would say.

I just like this funny bird.

Back to Robert Burridge.

I watched this one first a Cheap Joes artist interview.

Then I looked him up on YouTube and found these.

And laughed my way through these two.


His one was super fun Best of Bob Blast I can’t decide if this one or the one about the trees is my favorite. He also has several dvds-Painting Figures, Loosen up and the Drippy Trees on amazon which you can rent for 1.99. Guess what I am going to do??! I may buy my favorites wit that gift card I have floating around.

Anyway back to Robert Burridge. Xoxoxox Margaret Hunt.