Day 1203 Moh people

As my granddaughter Livie would say.

Watching Sketchbookskool Office Live video the other nite I drew Koosje and Jean Christophe. I like hers best. I colored it last nite with my watercolor pencils.

Sorry I just love the crazy red I added to both of them. Just added more to Jean Christophe. He was very interesting to listen to. He’s a hobby sketcher though he publishes. His day job started as an engineer. Love the fact that he draws his vacation photos when he’s home and his friends think he’s still off on vacation. Too funny. Interesting show though I do wish they would make him the bigger screen instead of koosje. Then we could see his sketchbooks better.

Before I added white gouache to his head to get rid of the white line. He has such a nice round head I had to add more to it.

And now it’s shower time. Been mucking out the house today and I am tired and dirty. And since it was 82 a little sweaty!

Margaret xoxoxo who has a few animals to color now.

Koosje office hours live Sketchbookskool. Great show. #sketching #drawing #watercolor #aquarelle #fabercastell #ink #stillmanandbirn #officehourslive #Sketchbookskool #dailydrawing