Day 1198 a few more people

Spent the day running up and down the roads. Guess it’s better late than never. Using my new favorite color verditer blue. Yummy color. But it’s NOT transparent. A Nice change from cerulean.

These are two of my friends. I was hanging out with Alexis for s while tonite. A fascinating lady. A retired counselor who I think was quite good at her job. Extremely perceptive lady. A big pickle ball fan. And Nancy who got her first ribbon in the McCormick art show. Yeah Nancy.

Ps I used my new palette to paint these. Same old colors. Quin coral w a dab of quin gold for the skin. Quin sienna for shadows w a dab of cerulean. Same thing for grey hair. Cobalt teal for Alexis shirt. Burnt umber and ultramarine blue for the blacks. Green gold for Nancy’s top. Quin burnt orange for her hair and collar I think.

Lamy in a Stillman and Birn.

Anyway bedtime. Xoxoxox Margaret.