Day 1193-A new old hand held palette and another bird. A new Fav

and a bird! She told me she wants some drips in the background but haven’t had time to yet. She was colored with Fabre castell watercolor pencils. All the fault of Robert Burridge who loves watercolor pencils. Soon. I bought this palette years ago in high school for a big $9.50 at Baileys Art Store when it was open. I bought a new fancy portable palette for the first Charles Reid class I took about five years ago on Atlanta. It’s rusting away and has been for at least two years.

I have had this old thing floating around for years- not quite able to toss it. Where the paint is now there used to have a spot for tubes of watercolor- small skinny tubes making it useless.

I got the brilliant notion to try to rip that piece off. A pair of pliers and it snapped right off. It has 2 rings on the bottom so you can actually hold it with one hand.

I doubt I will add more paint pans to it like the empty half pans in the brush holder but good to have options right?!

After all too much paint might make it to heavy to hold for a long time.

My color key-a work in progress

I keep revising it sliding colors around.

It will be easy to change the colors out in this palette since they just pop out. I might find something to stick them in temporarily. What a mess if they fall out.

Currently. Waiting for Colors to dry. You have to fill them one half at a time. Sliding the colors around to be with similar colors aka all blues nearby each other ditto browns and reds.

Margaret off painting in Aiken. Don’t you want to come with me? Xoxoxox