Day 1197 people sketching

At critique on Monday’s people usually hold still and listen so it’s a good chance to draw people. I don’t even know this lady’s name but I liked her painting.

Sketched on Fabriano hot press-such lovely paper- with a Lamy. Love the verditer blue in the background. Makes a great sub for cerulean. And it covered up some of the damage I did on her shoulder since it’s opaque. A win win.

Loving this yummy detail from Dancing in the Streets. I did it with paint that has dried on my palette a little and a big three inch flat. GREAT texture don’t u think.

Just in case u didn’t see Dancing in the Streets which has changed again. I forgot to take a new photo. Oops.

Margaret xoxox who needs to did some dinner and quit eating Valentine’s goodies. My bad. 🤗