Day 76 The chair

Really a rocking chair. I just love this chair. Silly I know. Usually it sits in the corner of the den and nobody sits in it though it’s quite comfy. An extra chair. Definitely a challenge to draw this very curvy chair.

Namiki Fude pen.

I think this is done now. Somehow I managed to forget to paint the balcony. What?! I also lightened the tree. And worked on the store a bit. I forgot I was going to do some writing over the one store front. Maybe tomorrow. Lol.

Margaret watching the riots all over the country. 😢😢😢xoxoxo I hope you all are safe tonite.

Day 75 what I am wearing

left page. Right page was suppose to be what I would wear to a party. Honestly couldn’t think of a thing to draw after so many days slouching around the house. Now I have thought of something so maybe I can finish the spread.

Gorgeous sunset tonite. All actually reflected on the clouds. The sun is setting too far north now to set over the river so it reflects off the clouds on a good night.

Margaret busy day grocery shopping and scrubbing fruit and veg and boxes. 🤪 so tired of doing that. But on the other hand it’s all washed and clean when you want to use it so that’s a plus.


Day 75 Barcelona

Meant to repaint this today but nope. Lost a lot of transparency but other than that I like it. Annoyed with myself when I do that. I do NOT know why I am doing that so much on these paint alongs with Vlad but I am there it is. Annoyed.

Next one is Sunday. Hopefully I will do a better job. Anyway you really should try one of these you learn an awful lot. And he’s very funny. A running commentary about what he’s doing and why as we paint paint paint.

Margaret who spent most of the day trying to get a tv to run her iPad to no avail. Sigh. Xoxoxox

Day 74 Drawing w Danny

And now I am ready for bed. Only an inch or so added to the long scarf. What?! We stayed busy all day. Painting and drawings. Scrubbing out palettes.

Namiki fude

Decided really didn’t like the Lukas paint so I cleaned it out of my palette. It’s pale, chalky and I could go on. Top painting done with Lukas the more vibrant bottom painting done w a normal collection of Daniel Smith Holbein and M Graham watercolor. Which one do u like best. I vote for bottom. Hope to finish top one soon.

Margaret Xoxoxox did I say I never scrub out palettes?! EVER

Day 73 Italia 2

Got up at the crack of dawn literally to paint this morning and spent most of it doing that. Hurrah. Paint along with Vladislav Yesileyev.

I repainted this trying for more transparency which I think I got. Still not wild about the wall below the pots but love everything else.

Yesterday’s. I might need to add a few more darks to the first one. We shall see after I stare awhile.

Another foot or so added to the endless scarf.

Margaret who needs to quit knitting and go to BED. Xoxoxo

Day 72 Italia

Probably my least favorite painting I have done with the Vlad Yesilesev on his paintalongs. The top part looks great but don’t like all the brown on the very dull steps. Maybe I will wipe them out tomorrow and try again. Or maybe I won’t. Easier sometimes to just have a do over. Too many muddy colors on the bottom. Right now I am blaming the new Lukas paints I bought but Vlad doesn’t get them when he uses them so hmm. Read they have a lot of white added to them and that kind of color will mud easily.

Anyway back to my knitting. My mile long scarf is growing. Just what one needs in summer right?! Oh well as they say winter is coming.

Calling this the body blanket. Might just sleep on the sofa under it since I am too tired to move right now. Knitted most of this since Friday or is it Thursday?! I am a mad knitter.

Margaret xoxoxo who thinks she needs a break out. Oh and I have already signed up for two more paint alongs so a good crash and burn won’t keep me down.

Day71 – Pepe’s Key West’s Oldest Eating Establishment

This started out to be a palm tree practice then bougainvillea and flame tree and gradually I added buildings, Pepe’s, a rooster, people, and a bike or two. The essence of the big more formal painting I that I started Wednesday.

I think it’s done. I rather like the Arches 140 lb rough paper it’s painted on but will have to use up my stack of Fabriano rough before I buy more. The paper behaved very well staying flat. Hurrah.

Back when the palms wet Transparent. I fixed that. 😫

I had to add the sky. What’s a Key West painting without the gorgeous tropical sky?!

Sky added but I decided the palms were too bright and fighting with the buildings which were the focal point.

Watching/Listening to 100 Foot Journey today Marguerite said this about her pots but it’s applicable to drawing and painting.

Good movie if you haven’t seen it.

Margaret ready for Father Brown. Xoxoxo

Day 70 National Show

Loosing my mind entering but Gypsy arrived at the National Transparent Watercolor Show this week. Still can’t believe she got in. Summertime got in the South Carolina Watermedia Show and thanks to my friend Colettes reminder I entered it in the National Watercolor Show. Cross all your fingers and toes it gets in and that Gypsy wins a big juicy prize.

Makes me wish I had finished this one today. Pepe’s the oldest eating establishment in Key West but sinuses were feeling stuffed up so nursed them and binges some tv shows today. Already working on a headache is not conducive to painting under stress especially palm trees which are always tough.

Edie on Amazon. LOVED it. Now watching Silent Witness. Only 18 episodes to go on Brit Box. 🤗

Also watched Inferno on AMC about some nuts releasing a pandemic to thin the earths population with Tom Hanks riding into the rescue. The Dan Brown spin offs always are wonderful for watching major art hot spots in Europe vicariously like Florence in Inferno.

Margaret is still feeling a little stuffed up. Xoxoxox

Day 69 Havana

Might be my favorite to date. Coming off the watercolor board soon.Paint along with Vladislav Yesileyev.

The photo. A wet day in Havana.

My sketch on 300 lb rough Fabriano

First wash with very watery yellow ochre alizarin crimson cobalt blue and a dab of cobalt teal.

Trying to fix my street. Was too choppy. Aka wipe it out with tape and a sea sponge.

And done. I added a bit more yellow ochre and cad yellow on the sidewalk and lower edge of the building because it is so yellow.

At some point I decided I hated my painting so I had lots of fun playing with my Loosey goosey dagger brush from Cheap Joes. Love that brush. It makes all those thin thin lines.

Ps sign up for a paint along with Vlad Yesilesev.

Margaret ready to find some lunch or is it dinner time. Xoxoxo.

Day 68 what did I get done?

Not a lot other than a vacuum downstairs or a hoovering as Brits say.

I laid in bed contemplating my repaint in the left. I do like the houses better. However the background trees are not that great.Paint along with Vladislav Yesileyev.

My sketch. I think I kept the houses straight. So many houses. 😱😱😱

First wash. Eeek. On the dark side but still wet.

Mountain and trees done one way or the other.

Foreground wash done. May be too dark. Painted fast and loose with a large kolinsky sable.

And the buildings.. Managed not to go opaque on them. Hurrah. Small miracles do happen. I kept the chimneys too. Woohoo. Crack the champagne. 👍🏻

So here it is finished. Maybe I should have left it alone or splattered it!?

Nope I kept thinking about misting up the background while I lay awake in bed this am. So what did I do?!

I taped it up following the building lines then wiped the trees and mountains down with a damp sea sponge. Amazing how it wipes right off like a baby’s bottom. Well not quite as pink.

So here it is now. U can always repaint it if u decide I like the darker background better. We shall see.

Then I spent the rest of the day working on a value sketch, a sketch and a first wash of Pepe’s in key west.

Manana. Xoxoxox Margaret who is officially tired. Did I say I moved the sofa too?! What?!