Day 1821 A Winters Dream

5000 things to do and I am snoozing away on the sofa. Did I say my grandmothers name is Sopha. I used to laugh about that when I was a kid that her name was the same as a sofa. A name you no longer here’. This was drawn from the parking lot when I got my hair cut the other day. At least I am drawing right?!

Two hats done and off in the mail. One more that I need to do for my dear niece who has shingles in her EYE😵😵!! Then I might knit myself one. Or find someone else who “needs” one.

Margaret napping again. Xoxoxox

Day 1819 Seriously

Seriously I need to do something besides knit like a maniac and bake and decorate the house for Christmas. I did take my car in for a tuneup and drew people while I waited. A guy with the wildest hair and beard was actually reading a real book not his phone and a teenager of course reading his phone.

Lamy EF Noodler Eelskin Black and stillman and birn alpha sketchbook.

Hats officially done. Did I get it mailed. NOPE. Too busy knitting and decorating. Hat #2 about 6″ long already.

Margaret did u know Christmas is coming. KNit FaStEr!! Xoxoxox

Day 1818 Childhood Toys

Toys are great practice to draw. And challenging. Really need to paint this page. Funny I actually enjoying my grandkids toys.

If you decide to do this draw fast because they may come along and claim the toy before you get done. Eeekk.

Been baking today. Delicious coconut macaroons and these traditional British Christmas treats small individual mince meat pies. So yummy. My friend Ruth used to bake these for me before she moved to Chattanooga. Now I have to bake them. I also share them with friends like she did. If you decided to try them be sure to get Crosse and Blackwell not Borden’s. I never liked mince meat til Ruth reintroduced me to it.

Margaret making more French knots on that hat.


Day 1817 Gesture time

I do love doing gestures. Number 1. A little off.

I think these were all three minute sketches of Kate Marie. Been meaning to post them for a while. They really do work as a warm up. You get better as you quickly sketch the models various poses. Some of them were killer.

Done with derwent sketch pencils. Big thick things.

I think these are actually watersouble graphite but like posting the gestures I never got around to it.

In my super aquabee sketchbook.

An adult sized hat approaching the finish line. Lots of French knot ornaments and some twizzles to knit for the top.

Or is it a Grinch hat. No that would be chartreuse green right?!!

Margaret whose been out in this freezing drizzle all day and wishes she had a warm snapping fire in the fireplace to come home too. I guess I will settle for Zoe. Xoxoxo hohoho

Day 1816 Making the deadline

Time to feed the birds. Poor things are starving in this awful weather. Tons of birds on the back deck.

I should have drawn more than the four crazy male cardinals on the back porch posturing and fighting over the bird seed but I am madly knitting Christmas hats.

One down a baby hat for a Christmas Eve possible delivery and a second one like the one in the photo for a friend who lost her house in one of the hurricanes. It’s about half done.

Hohohoho Christmas is coming. Xoxoxox Margaret and Zoe

Day 1815 It’s Saturday

Ashley Should have taken a queue from the chilly monsoon today and stayed home in bed but no I went off to lifemodeling.

The drawing first break. Not going well. Brought a homemade apple pie for a treat and people were lined up for it in the kitchen during break. Along with Freds lattes. Yummm

Second break what’s with those legs. Cut them off cut them off. So I did. Whack whack. One thing good about paper you can always crop it. Hurrah.

Ashley a slip of a thing about 100 lb was challenging.

I do like the lost edges on the right side. And I like her face. And hmm that’s it. Chop chop.

Canson Bristol Charles Reid colors plus Prussian blue and Daniel Smith hematite burnt orange.

Drew Murphy first break

My friend Andrew Murphys

Amy Lockhard Ness best of the batch. Charcoal pastel

Rich Klein’s pastel

Leg trouble was rampant.

Fred keeping it loose and zany.

Bill Daniels oil on metal panel

Thomas Needham the other successful one. Watercolor

Tyrone pencil

Margaret putting her feet up with Zoe. Xoxoxox

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Day 1813 Tam

Tam and her iPad in her happy spot on the porch at Key West where you can listen to the trade winds rattle the tall palms. She would still be there on the porch if she could.

Went to a great show tonight at the Aiken Center for the Arts. George Dawney was showing some of his gorgeous sketches and oil paintings.


As I told him the most beautiful sketches I have seen since the sketches from the Louvre at the High Museum Show a few years ago. George is also on Instagram.



Misanthropist Study Mixed Media


In Camera Oil

In Camera 2 Oil


Indigo Equus

Sport of Kings



There was one more large oil that I forgot to take a photo of.

Margaret ready to savor this weeks Big Bang xoxoxo

Day 1814 Added Benefits

Of my dog sitting is that I usually draw the dogs at least once or twice. Depends on how long I stay. It makes a nice record of our family dogs through out their lives.

A not so great side benefit is that I can tell when they are fading which makes me sad. I do wish our pups could live forever. Or at least as long as we do. Should be a rule. On the other hand the pounds would be worse off than they are. Zoe and I have been toying with adopting another lab friend for us. Right now falling on the no side. But who knows.

Noodler Eelskin Black Ink and Lamy Ef in my Stillman nd Birn Alpha. May or may not get paint. He’s a black and white polka dotted pit bull.

Margaret tired from baking two apple pies from scratch AND hunting all over town for yarn to knit Christmas twizzle hats.

Day 1812 One More Trip to Key West

Well Maybe.

Nope still have some more left. Guess I better count and see what I posted. This is actually one of my favorites. I drew the people staying at the Hyatt Beach House that week. Every week at the Hyatt starts with a give away from local businesses.

We have won all kinds of things. This year it was a bottle of Papa rum which is a good sipping rum. We have won free art work my personal favorite the shark hunt tour where we went chumming for shark. Fascinating what the captains know about the Waters around Key West.

Charles Reid palette Lamy Wf with Eelskin Black and a Stillman and Birn Zeta.

Margaret poopped from too much shopping today. Xoxoxo

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