Day 1091 A definite HMM 

Half sheet on Richeson 300# cold press 15×20. Everybody hates my antique Kowloon doll in the painting so I tried to knock him back by loosing my whites on him and making him darker with ultramarine. I also washed his head with Quin burnt sienna and cerulean.  I did the same to the background to make the light flowers pop more. 

I also added a bunch of blobby bits a la Fealin Lin to it to define the flowers more. Like it better now but still don’t know if it’s done. 

One friend thought my little guy was creepy. Lol. He’s actually a mandarin dressed in a black Silk jacket and beautiful blue silk pants w touches of bright saffron yellow which have faded over the years. 

Last nite it looked like this. I actually liked the bottom half. I just didn’t like the way the flowers were lost in the background. 

I think it’s because the values were too close. When I converted it to gray scale in iPhoto not much difference in tone. Which is why I darkened the background. 

The sketch. Bytw this was painted upright on an easel. 

Having another go without the doll on Strathmore Bristol board which is like hot press watercolor  paper but even slicker making  the colors slide around on it. This one is 20×30. Why not make my screw ups bigger?! 🤗

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1090 Zoe with a Z

She’s been glued to me since I got home. Haven’t drawn her in a while. I fixed that. 

She’s painted w only four colors. Quin burnt sienna cerulean Andrews turquoise and thalo blue. 

I guess this is my take on Alex Powers. Maybe I should write more in the background. Maybe not. 

The background was quickly brushed on with a 1″ flat handled Cheap Joes Golden Fleece. The whole
Painting was probably done in ten minutes. Very immediate quick painting. 

Zoe with a Z #jrt #jrtsofinstagram #jackrussell #jackrussellterrier #watercolor #ink #strathmore #aquarelle #dogsofinstgram #dailydrawing #sketch 

Ttyl. Time to play bridge. Rather stay home and paint. 



Day 1089 Henry’s Artaganza Birthday

I was in charge of the Sculpey clay table. Of course I ended up making lots of sculpey animals. Henry and I had been reading a dragon book so I made him a couple of dragons. Here’s the big one with his tail propped up for baking. 

I taught them to make dogs and bunnies and elephants and snakes. 

The snakes made out of leftovers were highly popular because they were easy to do. 

Sculpey scraps are too expensive to toss out so we picked up all the scraps and made logs, coiled them up and cut a mouth with a plastic knife. Add a tongue. Voila a snake.  

On the right are a few stray bracelets made the same way. Wish I had thought of them sooner. 

Ok here’s Henry the birthday boy in the piñata line. I have never seen so many kids line up obediently to break a piñata!  

Art stations on go. Line strung on fence for paintings. Lots of markers and chalk. 

And the required bouncy house.  The kids had too much fun. A lot of hard work. It was definitely a hit!! Try it. You might like it.  

Margaret xoxoxo 

Day 1088 A recap

Thought you might like to see the order of the sketchbook so far. Still at least one more sketch to paint which will go here in the order. Painted on Kilimanjaro with Ted Nuttalls Transparent colors or Charles Reid Palette. Pen Lamy Safari loaded with Noodler Black. 

Seemed like and especially good idea to me 

Since the upstairs AC was dripping water thru the ceiling  and it’s turned off. 

So I “slept” on the den sofa 

But mostly tossed and turned 

Getting just a few hours of sleep. 

AC fixed. Nap time now. Enjoy. Margaret xoxoxox worn out. 

Day 1087 Sweetwater Fly Fishing Camp

The Cabin sits on the Thompson River one of the best wild  trout rivers in North Carolina and it’s one of the few places there is access to it.  The property is surrounded by Nantahala National Forrest so the only access to the Thompson at the fish camp. 

The rhidodendrons were in full bloom last week as was the wild flower meadow. Gorgeous setting.  The shed is a picnic shed with adirondack chairs and a fire pit over looking the river. 

Ttyl Margaret heading home today xoxoxo I mean we have to watch GOT tonite right?! 

Day 1086 Cornucopia in Cashiers

Our favorite place to eat  Cornucopia in Cashiers. A great big open air barn of a restaurant. Even when you eat inside it’s like eating outside. They do have a large section of umbrellas to eat under too. 

It’s open year round. They roll large clear plastic sheeting down to keep the cold air out. It used to be BYOB so check before you go. Good food. Great service. Kid friendly. 

Painted with Ted Nuttalls transparent palette. 

Henry’s big birthday party today. Art with 20 something five year olds. 

Margaret already exhausted in Decatur. Xoxoxo

Day 1085 Back Porch Denizens 

I wanted to draw the birds at the feeder on the back deck but none showed up except the male Cardinal so I started drawing the squirrels. I always wonder what they are thinking. They hung around upside down for quite a while instead of pouncing on the seed. Huh?!  And I wondered why. And scribbled down as I drew. 

I had multiple problems with the background. The animal painting went fast and I was pleased with them except the goldfinch who annoyed me for a while til I took the hump out of his back.  I converted the painting to grey tones and realized it was all the same tone except for the birds. I like andres turquoise but it was too close to greys in tone. 

So I painted the background Antwerp Blue and laid it on to heavy. Since this is Strathmore 400 wc sketchbook it was easy to lift and boot off the color but it left hard edges on the squirrel tails. Oops. 

So I wet and whipped away some color and added more to the tails.
Anyway off to Atlanta for Henry’s fifth birthday. How can he be that old?! Margaret xoxoxo. 

Day 1084 – Cashiers Fourth of July Extravaganza

Finally happy with one of the paintings. About time. I got out my #2 Isabey mop to loosen up and I think it worked. 

Always does because it’s impossible to be exact with a mop. 

These spreads are long. About 6×15 so they are time consuming to paint. 

Painted with Ted Nuttall Palette of transparent colors. Bytw don’t people know they are suppose to wear red white and blue on the fourth. What’s with all the grey shirts!? 

Thanks for stopping by. Margaret with three more to paint from this trip. Xoxoxo

Day 183 Sweetwater Fly Fishing Camp page 

The title page is done. Not to sure about that rainbow trout but that seems par for every page I am doing lately. Lol. 

Earlier this week. How many more pages to paint?! Two or three. 

I don’t know if I said but this is a copy of a sketch I did for their guest book. Only that one is just in black and white. 

Bytw the water was painted with my #2 Isabey mop. Drawing with my Lamy Safari on Kilimanjaro cold press #140 paper.  

Back to sneezing. 

Margaret xoxoxo 

Day 1082 Watercolor 

Never turns out the way you think it should. I think it is Charles Reid that says it’s part you but at least 50% it’s doing what it wants to do.  

The Cashiers Fireworks Extravaganza. That and played from about 5 till midnight with fireworks in between. A fun nite and they only ask for a donation. What a deal!!  

Of course it would help if you could find the picture of the scene before you start painting. My phone aeeemd to have eaten this when I was painting it yesterday. Eeekk. And of course now that I am done I have found it. Oh well. 

I will say the camera tends to darken the shadows so who cares?! 

On to the next page right?! Painted with Ted Nuttalls transparent palette. 

I did draw this at the Extravaganza. Just my grandkids would have wanted to help me paint it. They would have been covered in paint with no access to clean up.