Day 1700 OH MY that MaNy??!! 😳 and My new Sailor Pen!

Consecutive posts. Who knew since I only meant to do fifty. Far surpassed that goal three years ago or is it four now?! Four I think.

Did a little urban sketching yesterday in downtown Augusta at the New Moon Cafe and at my hair stylist Silvia Drews.

Sil in her chair making phone calls. Drawn with my new Sailor Namiki Fude. Such a fun pen. It does thick and thin lines with little effort.

The sailor Fudes tip is bent to give those great line variations.

And only cost $10. A converter cartridge is $10 more and then you can use permanent ink. I bought it on amazon.

However the ink cartridges that come with it are NOT permanent so you really need the converter. In the long run a bottle of permanent ink like Noodler Eelskin or Lexington Grey and the converter is cheaper. Those throw away cartridges can add up on their way to their future home at the landfill.

Lunchtime The New Moon Cafe Augusta

I drew the people sitting around me first as I waited for my lunchbox. Then I drew the plants and the fence adding people as they walked to and fro.

My lunchtime salad which as I told My friend Terry Smith yesterday would look much better when I paint it. I can’t.

Salad remnants! Yummy chicken salad. Greens not so much.

The ink I used isn’t permanent. Eeekkk. The fork is colored by the ink running from water I added judiciously.

Sil has on black pants in a black chair. I had to blot off the ink to get a little texture.

Today’s flowers

Ttyl. Time to paint.

Margaret xoxoxox

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Day 1699 Headache😱

15×22″ on Fluid watercolor paper. Planned to paint this sketch I did yesterday but if a headache and decided to take it easy. Aka didn’t get back around to it but did enjoy Anne with an E on Netflix’s. Oh and Guernsey Potato Pie And Literature Society and Chocolat. Two great movies an old fav and a new fav.

Bytw discovered a great source for fluid paper on amazon. Got a six pack of full sheet 22×30″ 140# cold press for $26 or $28. I like the paper because it dries flat. Doesn’t form hollows while it’s wet like some 140 lb will and it’s easy to wipe the paint off if needed. Just dampen blot with a Kleenex and lift and repeat. No harm no foul.

And a blue jay newcomer on the back deck when I threw out black sunflower seed. He seemed to really enjoy it. Watercolor pencils in my stillman and birn.

I should have been watching some of the great YouTube videos by Proko. Everything you want to know about portraiture and figure drawing. Check them out!!

Margaret whose headache is gone. Xoxoxo

Day 1698 Dahlia Time

kinda liking this one a lot. Got them from a lovely married couple at the Farmers Market yesterday- KY Flowers in Hickory NC.

My moms cup saucer and creamer. Grandmothers old silver plate spoon. She would die if she saw how tarnished u I let it get.

I had a lot of trouble with the peachy dahlias and the purple and orange zinnias. I finally got out my quin red and quin magenta which helped a lot. I might repaint them using alizarin. I thought the colors were getting muddy. The Quins and alizarin are transparent so wouldn’t do that.

Also dyeing these ick orange socks red in the microwave with tropical punch koolaid. Last time I did that the due in then lasted til the socks were in tatters. Directions to do that are here. Will post the red socks tomorrow.

Hugs!! Margaret putting her feet up. Xoxoxo

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Day 1697 No More Saturdays

Ilania undergoing a few renovations. I lifted some of the blue off her face and worked on her sausage leg some.

So why are we going to do on Saturday mornings now that we can’t go to lifemodeling in Aiken anymore. I decided I would post some of the drawings from the last year. Guess I would have stayed in town more if I had known our party on Saturday was going to end. .

Emily last week

All of us are at 6s and 7s because we miss our friends that we hang out with every week we are all home.


ilania EmilyEmily 2×3 acrylic

Ilania. She’s not really this round.

EmilyIlania ilania. Not a very good one but that happens sometimes when you do life modeling drawings. ilania Drew MurphyAndreaIlaniaMacyMacy

Moh flowers as my granddaughter would say.

The bouquet from a really neat guy from Hickory nc that drove all the way to Augusta to sell his gorgeous dahlias and zinnias on The Riverwalk Farmers market today.

Margaret tired from shopping for junk to paint today. TOOO RED!!

I have been looking for a chicken or a decoy to paint. Golf Chickens!!! 🤣

Maybe the white one on the right?!!

Somehow none of them suit. Xoxoxo

Day 1696 Done!!

Summer Snow 15×22″Cp Fluid 140#

In more ways than one. First day back at the Y so I am done in and the painting is done too. I think.

I splattered the white areas a little more. I am loving splattering now that I figured out how Charles did it.

Remember!!!! Tap the brush not the Ferrell.

Will let it simmer overnite and then decide. In the meantime I large bath tub with magnesium salts pour moi!!

Can you find the light spots in the picture?!! Bytw DONT use blue tape on your painting to mask areas to be lifted. It peeled paint and paper off when I lifted the white rim of the cup with the magic eraser.

My dollar general two inch tape has NEVER Done th

Charles Reid palette

Margaret looking forward to that bath. Xoxoxox

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Day 1695 Summer Snow WIP?!!

Summer Snow – Fluid 140# cp paper 15×22″

Sorry for the late post. Been working on this when I wasn’t busy walking 🚶‍♀️ 🚶 🤗!! My feet are tired.

What I started off drawing.

I drew it with a 2 B Derwent sketching pencil. Very soft. Before I started painting I erased it to lighten the pencil marks.

Here we go. Decided the background was too light.

Kind of wish I had left it.

But I thought the background was too close in tone to the flowers. No idea why I thought that but I did. So I darkened it. Hmmm. Well those flowers really show now. And they look cut out. Not a good thing in a paintjng. Oopsey.

Lots left to paint on this half sheet.

Heading toward THE END! I was getting tired and probably should have stopped.

But I kept on. Now you might notice the flowers don’t look so cut out now. That’s because my friend Mike suggested I use a Mr Clean eraser on the flower edges to soften them. THANKS Ms. Mike!! That helped.

Now the question of the hour is more splatter or not on the flowers especially the ones on the right side. I think I will sleep on it. Have to work fast because those crepe myrtles don’t last long.

Charles Reid Holbein colors plus quin gold.

Margaret putting her feet up with the tv clicker in her hand. Xoxoxo

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Day 1694 My fav Fuel!!

My favorite fast food drink iced tea from chic fil a. I drink it straight. Sometimes next to no ice because I can add ice when I get home and definitely NO sugar. I am sweet enough without it! 🤗👍🏻 I will say that Bo jangles has good tea too. All brewed from scratch. None of the bottled ore made teas some places sell now. That stuff is NastY!!

Lamy EF Noodler Eelskin Ink – a bottle lasts me about two years watercolor pencils.

Ttyl I am now napping after walking three miles. Time to get back into shape. Gym manana. Yoga pants in the washer. Xoxoxo Margaret My fav fuel iced Tea!! #stillmanandbirn #atlanta #georgia #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #atlanta #watercolor #painter #aquarelle #lifestyleblogger #lifestylechange #drawing #travel #travelblogger #holbein #mgraham #drawing #sketching #charlesreid #chicfila #tea #icedtea #watercolor #ink

Day 1693 Dog Days

Of August right?!! BUT Zoe’s always there ready to be drawn. This am she was snuggling with me on the sofa as we watched the morning news.

She’s probably ready to nap

Since I gave her bits of the breakfast muffin quiches I baked this a.m. The pen was there the tiny moleskin was there so I drew her. Small pages so much less demanding when you don’t feel like drawing.

And of the art supplies are out on the coffee table you dont even have to get them out.

Lamy Ef in a OLD moleskine aka not made in China inktense and Faber castle watercolor pencils.

Margaret off to freeze her now cool quiche muffins for an easy breakfast in the am. Xoxoxo

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Day 1692 Grant Babysitting

My other grandson Grant a black and white pit bull who I dogsit in Atlanta a lot. He likes staying home with his gramma while his mom and dad are out of town. Grants favorite thing is running around the yard sometimes rolling in the mud. Eeekk.

Black Stabilo pen The Stabilo is like watercolor til it dries then it’s permanent like inktense pencils. Fun stuff. Burnt sienna or quin burnt orange watercolor for eye. Stillman and birn lant pen with Noodlers Eelskin ink.

Margaret off to Run errands. Xoxoxo

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Day 1691 Henry time

My sweet grandson who is a veritable pretzel when he watches tv. Cad red light and cad yellow pale for skin

Ultramarine blue shirt

Hair ultramarine and burnt umber. Shadows burnt sienna and cerulean.

Being lazy art wise today instead cooking more ratatouille. Yum. And I burned the roasted cauliflower and garlic and it still tasted good.

Margaret who might be ready for a nap. Xoxoxoxo

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