Day 1735 Hand time only 90 more to go😳

getting tired of drawing my own hand.

I mean how many ways can you twist your hand to draw it differently.

These are colored with watercolor pencils and then wet. You never know how they will turn out. I used the watery brush I released the pencil with to splatter the pages.

Glued on some ephemera we all accumulate in our lives. That stuff is making the sketchbook heavy.

Margaret off to Atlanta to draw at Atlanta Artist Center tomorrow. Kate Marie here I come. Xoxoxo

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Day 1733 Saturday or Emily torture

I decided to use my Bob Burridge color wheel for my limited palette.

I think all the sugar from the cookies fried my brain today I felt like sludge til Fred made me a latte espresso.

Main colors used were alizarin cerulean cobalt ultramarine a Daniels smith green and cad yellow deep. Strathmore Bristol Board.

Margaret who is still Tahred. Fred. Where’s my latte?!! 🤗xoxoxo

Her foreshortened right arm was a problem. Also the fact that there’s no room to stand back and look at your sketch.

Thomas Needhams lovely small watercolor.

Always enjoy what Fred comes up with besides a great latte. He’s getting a Bob Burridge good proof color wheel too. Makes it so easy to choose a limited palette.

Don’t forget about BobBlasts by Bob Burridge. 220 videos on YouTube about painting and drawing. Probably my fav YouTube artist.

Another lovely head sketch from Jeremy Sutherland.

Amy Lockhart Ness what a long way she has come so fast. Watercolor I think.

Dawns pastel. Really dramatic improvement. She decide to use a pencil sketch.

Al Beyer’s lovely head. Small oil.

Bill Daniels really did a great job today. Limited palette oil.

I think her name is Eve. Lovely charcoal.

Our other model Ilania’s limited palette pencil sketch of Emily.

That’s a wrap folks. Ttyl. Nap time. Going to stream some Bobblasts and do nothing for a while.

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Day 1733 Zoe time

Zoe ignoring me in her basket. There is a dog in the middle of all that inky texture. Really there is. Maybe I should call this find the dog?! 😂

So paintings are still not getting done BUT I made four dozen more cookies. Only took all afternoon and evening yesterday and about 6 more hours today to decorate them. I MIGHT be getting over the baking urge. Maybe.

All that baking has worn me out. Squeezing the rock hard icing bag does too. A new appreciation for a piped icing line here. Just remember icing on the thin side is better than icing that stands up in perky peaks. Peaks = rich hard icing. Not something you ever wanna ice a cookie with. Eeek.

Lamy EF Eelskin noodler ink and Strathmore and birn journal

Margaret Tahred and going to bed. Hugs. Xoxoxox

Day 1733 Sacred Heart

Or a little urban sketching. a little sloppy because it suooode to get paint. What can I say? And oops I ran out of room for the cross on top of the altar and was busy making big cookies instead of painting.

I always love to go to meetings at Sacred Heart.

My favorite spot to urban sketch in Augusta.

And today was a treat because the light was streaming thru all the fabulous stained glass windows that I faced.

Ok so I got lost in cookie land again and almost forgot to post. Oopsey. Will try to do better. Hmm I have another three dozen to ice. All my friends said I just want one. So I had to make more. Well shortly I will get over the cookie decorating urge I hope.

Margaret ready to go to bed and have sweet dreams. Did I say I saw this really cute video of hammerhead shark videos my grandson would flip out over?! Yum yum. I do love a good sugar cookie. Even tastier when made with Kerrygold butter. Xoxoxox

Day 1732 Happy+Sugar Cookies=Joy

Who says sugar cookies can’t be artwork? Been working on these for two days along with a few jillion cheese crackers.

First time ever making royal icing too. Was so happy when the icing hardened up so I could wrap these babies up for delivery to Leonard “Porkchop” Zimmerman a local artist and the genius behind the Happy stickers buttons and the Happy movie.

You can follow him on Instagram @pantone811.

He gives his stickers and buttons a ya for free.Truly an Augusta phenomenon. Leonard had a real sweet tooth so every now and then I leave a batch of cookies for him at art on Broad for him. Usually they are chocolate chip. This time they are hand cut out and decorated sugar cookies based on a sidewalk drawing he did a few weeks ago. I saw the drawings and watched a baking show and thought those sketches would be perfect for some cookies.

Voila they are here. Only problem I may have to make a few more since friends want some too. Groan. Too hot to bake right now.

Margaret xoxoxox who thinks cookies can be art.

What happens when you watch too many baking shows!! Bringing some happy cookies to @pantone811 tomorrow. Wait for the phone call. #sugarcookies #cute #happy #pantone811 #porkchop #augusta #georgia #cookies #baking #baker #royalicing #makemyporkchop

Day 1731 Feast or Famine

we either have plenty of lifemodeling or none. Sept 1 there was none. Now we can go twice a week.

I think Ilania#2 ‘s head is too small.

I measured it and it’s not but….

I know I need to slim down her back. Maybe that’s it?! Doesn’t seem to help. Hmmm. Maybe paint the back of her head. Sigh. So aggravating.

However I like her hands. Drawing the hands drove me cray cray because they kept going to sleep on Ilania and she would move them just as I was drawing them. Something she never does !!

Ilania #1 – we all know our early because we thought the session was over. slimmed down a bit. Don’t wealk wish we could get on a diet. Loose 20 lb with a pencil mark or two?!!! Oops it wasn’t. So I worked on this some more. I can usually nail Ilania. And profile a piece of cake. Not today. Argh.

#2 Derwent sketch pencil Strathmore Bristol and watercolor. Same old colors. Cad red light and cad yellow light for the skin. Burnt sienna cerulean and dioxzine shadows. Hair burnt sienna ultramarine and burnt umber.

My friend Drew Murphys at the almost last break. Oops. He want happy with it at all. We both were having that kinda day.

Bill Daniels did an excellent face. Oil. Over Saturdays painting I think.

Marilyn Hartley. What a great job.

Rich’s I think. But not sure.

A new lady whose name I don’t know. It was a lot of scribbles for a while. You can still see a lot of them. Very interesting.

More tomorrow. Baked a jillion sugar cookies and cheese crackers for a party tomorrow. Maybe I can tear myself away from frosting the cookies to fix Ilania’s back poor baby.

Xoxoxo Margaret who needs her head examine baking for three hours on what feels like the hottest day of the year. Ilainia @ilainavanpelt details @ #strathmore #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #atlanta #lostedges #allaprima #aiken #augusta #lifestyleblogger #lifestylechange #drawing #Sketching #charlesreid #nude

Day 1730 The Cabin in the Woods

Always liked the view of the cabin from the river. BUTW you can rent it on VRBO Sweetwater Trout Camp in Sapphire NC. My sons mountain cabin surrounded by the Nantahala National Forest with six waterfalls up and down the Thompson River runs thru their 12 acre property and is also known for its trout fishing.

The cabins meadow river and picnic spot

A bit of paradise!! Too bad it stays rented out so much we don’t get up there as often as I would like.

Sliding Rock on nearby Mt Pisgah

It’s a runaway success. If family time doesn’t get blocked off ahead of time oops it gets rented. A good problem.

The driveway to the cabin

I really hate painting trees so I put this off for quite a while. I started with a wash gradually adding darker greens and blues to the trees tops.

Wild hydrangeas along the driveway

Still not perfect but not bad. I splattered it a lot with my Da Vinci 10 sable Brian.

Drawn with my Twisbi loaded with Deartrementis document brown and painted with my Charles Reid palette colors in my Stillman and Birn.

Margaret off to a busy day. Xoxoxox

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Day 1729 It’s a rainy lazy Sunday

Drizzly Florence rain all day til almost 7 pm tonite. A pajama day. Well except when I went to a movie today A Sinple Favor. Wow. Great show. Had no idea what it was about but it kept you going til the end. Same male star was in Crazy Rich Asians an entirely different t feel good fun movie. Not my best sketch of Henry. Been baking and cooking the afternoon away and knitting.

Colors used cad red light and yellow light for skin. Burnt sienna cerulean ultramarine a green I mixed with a gold and a blue quin gold in the background. Take your pen with d’artementis document brown ink.

Margaret ready to Watch Masterpiece on PBS. Xoxoxo now

Back to my knitting.

Day 1728 It’s Saturday

Princess Ilania as we teasingly called her. Her hair reminded all of us of Princess Leia.

40 minutes first break

Strathmore illustration paper. 19×24″ always get at least a very interesting painting when I use watercolor on this slick paper.

Second break

It acts like hot press.

Finished I think. Colors used. Cad red light cad yellow Light cerulean dioxzine purple burnt sienna cobalt violet for skin. Hair burnt sienna burnt umber and ultramarine blue. Most of the painting was done with 1-2″ flat and my #10 da Vinci sable a great brush and my 8 Cheap Joes faux squirrel mop.

Al Beyer’s lovely oil portrait

Drew Murphy 2×3′ acrylic he was painting in a very dark corner.

Tom Needham’s small watercolor. 10×15″

Coach who always sits on the floor and loving the new foam squares Drew and Fred and Al put down this week.

Fred who had the best light in the room. Loved that quin magenta.

Bill Daniels who was wearing a headlight to see the colors. Nice painting!

Not sure if the lady who drew this nice charcoal.

And that’s a wrap. A lot of people stayed home Florence is coming. Mostly rain.

Margaret snug as a bug anher house where it’s gently raining. Xoxoxox

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Day 1727 Tomorrows Saturday but in the meantime

Draw what you see. Is there anything better than a new honeycrisp Apple?! My favorite. How about you. Kind of fond of my gold Lamy EF and that pink opi nail polish.

Back to hurricane watching.

Miss Florence’s outer bands wafting by the Savannah river is high. Corps of engineer releasing water from the upstream reservoir

Wonder where it will go next.

On the upside my chest cold is almost gone. And tomorrow’s Saturday in Aiken time to draw and the hurricane won’t mess that up.


Margaret xoxoxox wondering if we might make Edisto yet. Crossing all her fingers and toes.