Day 1257 More Iain

What a taskmaster. I don’t know who worked harder the students of the teacher – thinking the teacher.

Homework was to revise this painting into a sketch for today’s painting.

I did three. Well I do like to sketch.

This is Iains sketch. With notes as to tone and and how to rearrange or change it when he does the final sketch.

His sketch on the watercolor paper.


Iains First pass.

Mine. A little light and oops my spray bottle didn’t splatter right.

His second pass – hmmm didn’t take a pic of my second.

His third and last last pass.

My first third pass. A little light so I redid the darks in the foreground. And lifted some whites.

Done for today. Who knows how lifting complete

I may torture it tomorrow. Think I will lift that line where the dark stats.

Homework time!! Xoxoxox Margaret

Day 1256 – Iain Stewart

At Nancy Couick’s Studio in Charlotte.

Lets just say he’s keeping us VERY busy. Iains a great teacher and I am think his experience teaching at Auburn University probably makes him an even better teacher.

Iains sky wash and his gradated wash.

He’s detailed in his instruction with multiple tasks and brings it all together with a purpose. And he gave us HOMEWORK?!! Omg. Haven’t had homework since I got my last masters degree which wasn’t yesterday.

My sky wash. I forgot to take a pic of my gradated wash. Oops.

Next he showed us how to paint this ok the gradated wash.

I think I got a hmmm FFFFFFF!!!

Next up painting Rossy church in Scotland over the sky wash. Iains.

Laying in shapes. My painting.

The shadow pass. Mine. Finally. With the last steeple.

Way too dark and darned if I didn’t forget one of the towers. OOOPs. Also mucked up the wash at the bottom. Better than the boat but maybe a C?!

Hoping today goes better. Definitely a VERY interesting class. Time for homework.

Ttyl Margaret whose not seeing a career in ethereal landscapes. xoxoxo

Day 1255 Snaking it updates

My three year old nephew LOVES snakes.

So I paint them for him on scraps of 300# watercolor paper. Needless to say he’s thrilled.

Hmm sometimes they don’t quite fit on the paper. He was slithering off. But I do love his yummy cad red spots.

So far he’s requested a boa and a cobra. Wonder what he wants next?!!

Lots of fun painting these silly guys. Hopefully tomorrow a report from my class with Iain Stewart in Charlotte. Excited but first off to Cheap Joes for some art therapy.

Oh and a sock hot off the knitting needles. One down and one more to go.

Margaret having fun with her nieces and nephews. Xoxoxox

Day 1254 Honeys gone😪

Well I had a long post about my sweetie pie passing. And it seems to be lost.

No idea what happened to it. Will share again later. Suffice to say I am heart broken. I found her dead on the kitchen floor just when the vet thought she was turning the corner.

When she refused to eat her favorite food a biscuit I knew she was very ill.

Funny honey story. My neighbors all thought her name was Biscuit because the only way I could get her in out of her beloved yard was by shaking a bag of biscuits and calling Biscuit. When I got her she was a mere 75 lb but we fixed that. When she died she weighed 96 pounds. She was a big happy girl. As Dr Oz called them a true flabrador.

Farewell my sweet baby.

I will miss your kisses.

Xoxoxox Mama

Day 1252 – Honey pie has gone home

she is gone. She passed away during the night. I woke to find her lying on the kitchen floor. Such a sweetheart.

The vet kept saying she was better.

I kept thinking she was sicker than he said. He was just being optimistic.

Turns out I was right and he was wrong.

When she wouldn’t eat her biscuit Friday nite I was really worried. She LOVES biscuits and can eat them by the dozen literally.

She was a happy dog. When I got her she weighed 75 lb. skin and bones. We worked hard to fatten her up. She got up to 104 lb. 0She and I fixed that. Life was good on the river. And she enjoyed it. The neighbors thought her name was Biscuit because the only way she would come was if I shook a bag of biscuits and called Biscuit. I know she’s waiting for me over the rainbow bridge. My beautiful velvet girl.

Did you say Biscuit?!

I just wish she had stayed longer.

I will see you again girl! Xoxoxox Mom

Day 1252 Finishing Up I hope

The left eye drove me nuts. Finally used tape to block everything but the highlight out and wiped it with my dads old hog bristle filbert til I got the light back. Hate to loose the light.

Softened edges w lifting a little and manganese alizarin cad red light blobs of very dilute color.

Before she looked a little fuzzy. So I hope she’s more in focus now.

Next Foch g the divine Miss P a little more color. She’s half Indonesian. I painted her during Kim Johnson’s class. When I asked her how to darken Miss Ps skins she said she never did that she painted everyone the same color. She didn’t get that people like to be the color they are not the color you think they should be.

My guy. I darkened the left a bit with manganese more left the right the same color. I am not touching him again. Removing the taped edges as soon as I post.

Here he is earlier before I darkened the left.

A fun mixed media snake I painted for my nephew. Watercolor w ink and red grease pencil. Same colors I used on the others with a lot of wet on wet mixing of color.

And that’s all folks.

Hugs Margaret off to class with Iain Stewart in Charlotte xoxoxox

Waiting. #hotpress #watercolor #aquarelle #fabriano #fabrianoartistico #danielsmith #holbein #mgraham #transparent #aquarelle #aquarellepainting #watercolorpainting #watercolorartist #portrait

Day 1250 Waiting

Is the title of this painting of my daughter in law. She was waiting for the server at Sun in My Belly. She was also pregnant. And I was waiting for my sick lab keeping an eye on her while painting it.

This is painted on 300# Fabriano hot press. Not quite done but getting there. I was trying to keep the colors transparent. Hot press paper seems to suck up the color when you touch it but gives a lovely glow if you keep it transparent.

The sketch w a soft lead pencil.

First layers. Loving the hair. Quin gold burnt umber and sienna manganese and cerulean.

Flowers were tough. It was as if every read was the same. And not very transparent. Eeekk. Cad red was not getting it down but vermilion helped. As did some quin reds. The leaves are Charles Reid greens viridian and an opaque sagey green with shots of quin gold and French ultramarine blue.

More Darks on her face and neck. Lots of manganese blue and cad red light. A bit of hookers green. Bits of serpentine green and burnt sienna. All the colors were kept very watery and transparent. Allowed to blend on the surface.

Darker skin tones using the same colors. First layers on the bucket. Blues manganese and cerulean alizarin all very watery. Probably mineral violet.

More of the same colors on the bucket burnt sienna mineral violet cerulean on the paper table cover. Same colors were used to paint the sugar salt and jar on left softening the edges as I go.

So what’s left to do? Darken the background wall. Work on her face. She still looks a little out of focus. And soften the edge on her hair.

Stay tuned for the finish!! Hugs Margaret whose madly knitting when she’s not painting. Xoxoxo

Waiting. #WIP #hotpress #watercolor #aquarelle #fabriano #fabrianoartistico #danielsmith #holbein #mgraham #jake #transparent #aquarelle #aquarellepainting #watercolorpainting #watercolorartist #portrait

Day 1248 More Charlotte sketches.

Kathy was a great artist who had flown in for Cincinnati for Kim Johnson’s class. She was also very sweet. Love my chicken painting she gave me. And Sherry was just a whole lot of fun though I didn’t know it when I drew this sketch.

I catch a lot of people in profile in classes. Now and then I get a full face like Don a great painter from Myrtle Beach I think. Maybe a touch too much grey on Don.

Back to watching Jamestown on PBS Roku ap. Done by the Downton Abbey people. Great show. Witchcraft in Jamestown. WHO knew?!!

Margaret itching from cleaning pollen off the back porch. And yes I vacuumed it.


Day 1247 Jake- Picking away now!

The deadline for the SC show is April 27!! No time to dwaddle. I thought Jake as I am calling him was done til I noticed I had lost several lights. So back to my handy dandy masking tape and mr clean wipe out erasers. I did say I cut them up into wedges didn’t I?! Get 8 or so out of one eraser. Cheap Joes also sells them already cut up. Both work.

When you lift highlights a lot of times you have to soften the edges giving opportunities to loose the white. Then it’s time to lift again. Eeekkk

I also added some darks to his hair on the left of the neck and ear. Combos of burnt sienna and manganese. A few were burnt umber. Quite like those. Two tones wispy bits of u could only see Jake in person.

And I started another one called Waiting. On hot press Fabriano. Definitely abs exciting experience since you can NOT lift off this one. Aka NO Mr Clean will work on it. NIGHTMARE time.

First washes on her face. It looks like I actually know how to paint.

A few leaves added and painted a bit on the bucket. They don’t make me so nervous as the face. Aka harder to mess them up. Hang on I bet I can. I will say the hot press is just lovely paper somehow so rich.

Ok the flowers are knocking me off my feet and looks awful. PRAY for me. Where I stopped.

Flowers are such a pain to paint. I better go watch some Wei Taillendier flower painting YouTube’s. She paints great flowers. I did manage to blot a lot of the red off with clean water and a Kleenex. Hurrah. Somebody send me a red camellia and a few carnations so I can see what I am painting.

Painted some more in my sketchbook from Kim Johnson’s class to warm up at SEVEN AM this morning.

No wonder I am now tired 12 hours later.

And that’s enough for today don’t you think!?

Good nite. Off for a walk. Margaret. xoxox

Jake 13×22”- a random guy in Brevard #foreshortening #coldpress #watercolor #aquarelle #fabriano #fabrianoartistico #danielsmith #holbein #mgraham #jake #transparent #aquarelle #aquarellepainting #watercolorpainting #watercolorartist #portrait #brevard #wnc #waiting #hotpress