Day 1039 Canyons – Blowing Rock! 

Mike and I had lunch at the Canyons in Blowing Rock because as she said the view of the mountains was spectacular from dining room.  The food was delicious too and the service was great. 

Spring green was the key color out the window covering the trees and the mountains. 

Painted with Charles Reid palette leftovers. He only uses 12 colors. All Holbein.  The greens are hookers and Oxide of chromium. He also likes cobalt violet. Uses all of those a lot on flowers.  

I guess I need to do a sample of them so you can see the colors. Just normal old colors. No Quins though I added my favs Quin gold and burnt orange which I sub for ochre and burnt sienna at times. 

I kept trying to get a pic of this interesting guy when he was sitting at the bar inside but he was back lit which does not work in a photo. Don’t u love all the trash can background?!  

Funnny story. I went to the trash cans when we got in the car to throw some junk out that I pick up like a pack rat and guess who was there!? The guy. And a waitress who had been watching me draw she told him to pose for me because I was a really good artist. Lights not great but it might work.  I have more of him not smiling. Do t like painting teeth showing. 

Should have told him to take off his hat but that would have ruined his charm. I did get him to turn around but still no light. 

The Mountains from the porch. 

In the restaurant from our table.  What a view. Love this place. 

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1038 Procrastinating w the Chuck and Judy show!!

Judy Reid 

Hard to believe it’s already been two weeks since I was with Charles and Judy Reid in Boone. Of course that means the time til the next class with them is shorter. Lol. 

Judy told us Charles’ bio and of course I had to illustrate it. I thought you might like to read it. Also additions by Charles who made  small comments and corrections  through out the her story. 

Why Chuck and Judy. HEs never called Chuck. He’s always Charles. But they acquired the nickname over the years because of their close symbiotic relationship of running a class over their 60 plus years of marriage. 

She runs the practical side with the efficiency of the retired kindergarten teacher she once was. He runs the creative side and ongoing discussions between them settle all the details. 

The quote is Judy’s about his new Mast General baseball hat. He always wears one to shade his eyes from overhead lights or the sun. 

This is Christine and Brenda. I think I have sketched them more than anyone except Rebecca. They usually stand nearby the teacher so they can see. This is my fourth class with them I think. 

Margaret whose going to paint some in her coloring book sketchbook before she gets busy on the big horse painting. Xoxoxo

Day 1037 Drawing for days now. 

Finally getting the big painting of this ready.  

As Charles Reid says “There are just some days I can’t draw.” And apparently this painting involved that for me. 

The new painting has involved a lot tweaking. Harley is one big horse and he’s not in this painting. He’s too small. 

I took a comparison pic of Raisin and Harley when I was in Bristol to see just how big he was. His head is about three times as long as Raisins plus his ears. In the first painting he was a little small. I think his head needed to be twice as big. 😳

I had already started drawing her on a whole sheet  of watercolor last summer but there was no way I could stuff Harley onto that sheet of paper. Oops! I had ripped five previous inches off. Double oops. 

So I traced her to transfer her to an elephant sheet(30×40″)  of arches cold press. And drew one eye to low. Eeekkk. I couldn’t even trace!

I drew him and 

Worked on him. Eyes too big. And her hands too small. 

And tweaked him. Too narrow in this one. And what’s with that eye. 

And I shaded it. And he’s too sleepy. 

I drew more and I searched my fifty or so photos of Harley 

and I cropped it

 and lightroomed it for better contrast. 

and printed out more of him. 

And drew some more. 


And this is Harley now. Time to transfer them to the elephant sheet I hope. Unless I walk by them on my circuit thru the house and think NO that’s not right. Sigh. 

But there’s plenty of room for a bigger Harley now!! 

Ttyl Margaret who needs a nap before she transfers this and paints. Xoxoxo😳🤗

Day 1037 AlexPowers 

I don’t usually review books BUT this is a great book for anyone wanting to do figure drawing and painting. 

Comprehensive as only older art books are. He covers every aspect. I think newer books are shorter to cut down on costs. You can own this book for about $5. 

So what do I like about this book besides its comprehensiveness?! 

Well I love his art. It’s sketchy but visually exciting with slurpy runs and drips and smears of gorgeous color. Some Of my favorite things about watercolor and art. 

I discovered him when I was at Cityart during the Vista gallery open house last month. 

His art is like huge pages ripped from Sketchbooks or figure drawing sessions and combined on big sheets of paper complete with notes. 

And how did he draw these in motion sports sketches?! Well now I know. He video tapes and paints from the video. A who knew moment for me.  

His first 25 pages covers everything about drawing the head. 

In great detail 

With great illustrations. 

How to draw the figure. 

Designing the picture. 

Hmm you mean you dont just take great photos?! 

There’s more to it than that? Yes there is and he explains it. 

And a great section on that hardest of topics- edges lost and found. 

It keeps your art from looking pasted in. 

Look at the dynamic movement he gets. And he uses a spray bottle. What an idea! 

And coloring book syndrome. Never heard of it in this sense but what a great painting.  

And lots of practical art business advice from an artist whose been supporting himself with his ar since 1979. 

So run over to Amazon and order this amazing book. 

Margaret xoxoxo whose looking forward to dr Sketchys tonite. 🤗

Day 1036 – The Ferrier

I took a great photo of Raisins ferrier when he was showing Harley and Beau a couple of weeks ago. 

He has luxurious mustaches. 
Here’s the photo I took in the barn when he took a quick break. 

Filing shaving who knew it was such a job. Not to speak of holding up the foot of such a large beast. Harley is 17.2 hands. A big fellow! 

As you can see it’s hard work shoeing horses. They have been known to sit on Ferriers while their shoes are being changed. 

I was surprised he was all done in about an hour. Busy guy!! 

The sketch. Drawn on 140# cold press fluid paper. 

Marking progress. 

At this point he’s pretty scary looking. The shadows on his cheek look too dark. 

Not fond of the no lost edges look of his head. Every thing was too hard edged. Not what I had envisioned. So I left him here to think about it overnite. 

Besides I had to watch the last show of Call the Midwives. LOVE that series. Now I can watch it all over again. Yes I have it on DVR! 

Here he is with the beard in progress and some background added. Starting to loose some edges. I decided to do him what I do when I don’t like the way a painting is going. Add some sloppy dots. 

Once you don’t like a painting it’s a good opportunity to just mess with it. 

I started reading this great watercolor book that Raisin gave me. Ran across his art at Cityart when I went on the Vista Gallery Walk last month and was thrilled to find he had a book. 

One of the things he suggested was spraying the hard edges with a spray bottle?! WHAT?? Yes SPRAY the edges to loose them. 

So I hit the background with the spray bottle. What a great effect. Juicy runny spotty color. LOVE The effect. 

Did the same thing on the left background. And swished it with a big brush. 

Love the speckles the runs and then the light areas. Try it. Such fun!!

It did leave a few horizontal drips on the left that I didn’t like but a few swipes with Mr Clean and zip they were gone. 

See?! All gone! Got to love fluid paper for its liftability. 

Yesterday I didn’t like the dark ick colored shadows on his cheek. Funny today they don’t bother me. I guess time fixes paintings as well as the heart. Lol!

So he’s done for now. Fixating on his mouth and that hard edge Sean on his shoulder. Oh well nothing’s ever perfect. Going redraw him on an offer sheet of 300# paper today. 

Margaret who has to get drawing now. Xoxox

Day 1035 Its about a dog! 

I took a great photo of my friend Raisins white English retriever Lucy lounging around on the window seat. 

 This is a small practice painting for bigger painting. Note to self LOOSE THOSE EDGES!  It’s very hard to do a loose painting when it’s so small.  

It all starts with a great photo of a gorgeous dog. 

Click the link for a short video on how to draw your own dog. 

Think I will draw Zoe. It’s been a while and she’s curled up ready to be drawn.  

Colors used Winsor yellow, ds carmine, cobalt violet, mineral violet, oxide of chromium, viridian?, cerulean, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, cad orange, cad red light or scarlet lake. 

Ttyl Margaret who had to get walking again. Been on vacay TOO along now. Xoxox

Day 1034 Best one yet

This is number ten flower painting. And all my friends think it’s the best one. I agree. I softened all the right edges and lost some. I let it drip and run and mingle the color like watercolor does so well. I got the essence of flowers without the exact flower being painted. 
 I think it’s actually due to the change in paper. I used up the last of my old Fabriano block so I dug out a pack of fluid 140# cold press which is what Charles Reid recommends. 

It seems to have a slidy effect due to the sizing when you add water to the color. This was painted by adding full strength watercolor on a dry #10 da Vinci brush then adding water. It uses a lot of paint but well worth it for the effect. 

Of course the slidy effect could have been due to the fact that I had painted this at almost a vertical angle. 

So I googled it to read reviews of it. North Light said 

“Work wonders in watercolor with Fluid watercolor paper!

Fluid Watercolor Paper is crafted in a European mill (Schut) which produced its first paper stock in 1618. Mill masters craft small batches at slow speeds allowing for finer control of quality. This slow approach produces a sheet of great strength that shares much of the working integrity of more expensive mold-made papers.”

And Roz Stendhal who is diligent in her art material reviews uses it all the time. She said it’s 100% cotton hand made artist grade paper. The blocks are much cheaper than arches and you frequently can find a deal on it. Right now Cheap Joes is offering it with a free sample pack of 20 8×10 sheets with the purchase of three packs. 

However she’s not so fond of the hot press. Has a slight pattern when it dries. 

I will say I found it annoying when the paint slid off these fruit to make dark shadows under them but today I quite like the effect. 

Time to go fruit and flower shopping. I ate the apple and the orange yesterday and the flowers well they are looking raggedy! 

Next up trying the ferrier on this fluid paper. If it’s good enough for Charles Reid and Roz it’s good enough for me. Hmm evidently their paper was in the republished Audubon catalog in 1972. 

Ps Cheap Joes is offering a good deal on Fluid  paper. A 20 sample pack free when you buy three Fluid products. I do love JOe and his company. Great humanitarians spreading the joy of art! 

Colors used Winsor yellow, ds carmine, cobalt violet, mineral violet, oxide of chromium, viridian?, cerulean, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, cad orange, cad red light or scarlet lake. 

Ttyl Margaret getting ready for brunch and a lazy rainy Sunday. As Oprah says no demands on a rainy day! Xoxoxo


Day 1033 Those darned teapots! 

In every class you take there is usually very useful  fact that sticks out that you learn. 

  • I have learned that rubbing alcohol dissolves and removes acrylic paint even when it dries. 
  • I learned about Mr Clean erasers in my first Charles Reid class in Atlanta and have been using them ever since. 
  • In John Salimens class I learned about masking taping your painting when you use a Mr Clean on your painting.  That way you can hone in on an exact spot. 

For some reason when I drew the above painting I decided it would be a great idea to put the teapot behind the leaf. DUHHHH! 

I absolutely loathed it when I was done. As no doubt you know that might mean the painting was ruined. So yesterday I decided to lift it with a Mr Clean and masking tape. It couldn’t hurt it. 

Here is the top of the teapot taped off and the star on top of it.  

And here it’s all erased in one swipe and a blot with a Kleenex. 

I had to do the spout twice.  Once to remove the leaf over it. And once to correct my not so great painting of the inside of the spout. 

This is the tape job before I lifted the color off the spout. 

And here’s the spout after I swiped  with the Mr Clean. Be sure to use clean water and a clean sponge. 

Here’s the spout and the top repainted after lifting with the Mr Clean. 

And here’s the painting now. I also went back in and added some carmine to the lilies in the left. They were too purple. 
And I tried to soften their edges. Those darn Lilies are asuch a pain. Always sticking out. 

Ttyl time to paint. Margaret whose thinking of giving the droopy flowers one more go round. 

Day 1032 That bouquet

Thought I would change up the title! Lol. 

The bouquet is definitely on the wane. 

Finally one that I am pleased with everything. Well almost. Only took  five years of practice, three classes of fifteen days and we won’t discuss the $$ spent on classes and art supplies! A valuable painting.   

Filling up the page like Bonnard would do. 

The ubiquitous tea pot is gone. It was too big and too fat. Give me a nice juicy navel orange any day. I spent a lot of time rearranging the fruit. They were all lined up either vertically or horizontally every time I drew them. And they started out way too big. 

In the sketch you can see the fruit is different than the final painting. 

Bytw of u haven’t got the audible ap get it and download some great books to listen to while you paint. I listened to War Brides a thrilling world war 2 story set in England. Full of spies Nazis bombings and of course a love story or two and war time marriages. 

Paper Fabriano 140# 18×22. An odd sized old block that I have had for three years since my first Charles Reid class in Atlanta. Should have saved one of my first paintings I did with him. This one is a big improvement.  

Colors used.  The splatter was the soup in the plate under my water bucket from painting all day. Perfect grey.  

Colors used Winsor yellow, ds carmine, cobalt violet, mineral violet, oxide of chromium, viridian?, cerulean, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, cad orange, cad red light or scarlet lake, sap green.

Ttyl Margaret xoxox

Day 1031 How many flowers 

Can she paint?! Evidently a lot. 

While I love most of the bouquet with the possible exception of the top is too flat aka you can draw a straight line across it I really like this painting EXCEPT that darned teapot. 

Here’s the sketch again. I really liked the sketch which is odd since now I don’t like the teapot in it. Maybe it’s just that I don’t like that teapot? 

Thinking about repainting it again when I get home from my meeting today without the flower pot. 

Have to strike fast those flowers are getting droopy. Especially those daisies. And those lilies. Well they are dying. They are taking over the world. 

Fabriano 140# cold press 

Colors used Winsor yellow, ds carmine, cobalt violet, mineral violet, oxide of chromium, viridian?, cerulean, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, cad orange, cad red light or scarlet lake, sap green.

Ttyl Margaret off to a meeting.  Xoxox