Calling It Scrubby Dubby

because I scrubbed at this for over an hour I think. Maybe call it Mountain Mist?!

Before I started scrubbing. Everything was painted wet on wet. The trees were done with the liner and a chunk of kitchens sponge plus splattering. Only two colors were used. Payne’s grey and ultramarine. Arches 140# rough.

I had no idea how to do the fog which I wanted to do the fog because I live on a river that is frequently heavily fogged. I was following a YouTube video with David R Smith to practice for class tomorrow with my new liner brushes.

All my tools used to paint this. Red handled brushes are the scrubbers.

I was scratching my head when o realized his supply list for tomorrow said two scrubbers. On the video he did a tree with a Mr Clean Eraser. After scrubbing with the scrubbers for about an hour I realized duh. Use the Mr Clean. If it could lift off a birch tree it could lift off mist. I finished not long after that.

I used the scrubbers to make wispy strands of fog floating off the river. Yes there are wisps if you look. 😘

And done. Time to use the palette knife to loosen it from the block of paper.

Margaret xoxox

Sailing down the Dee

An old derelict boat on the side of the river. Today in my inbox there was an email from to pay $5.50 for access to drawing a boat with Ian Fennelly. I was willing to throw five dollars away in case it was bad. Well it was and it wasn’t. NO PHOTO to draw from. What the heck. So I went to Ian’s IG feed and did a screen shot.

The video also did weird things. I watched it in a window a little bigger than a postcard. If it restarted once it restarted four times. Never going back to where you were. Groan.

Here’s his. Love the silly birds. Seagulls of a sort.

First thing u do is lay out the shape using markers to fix it in your mind.

Then you draw it with a midtones grey tombow. I think this is a 25.

I finally made a key to the shades of my nine shades grey tombows. Got tired of opening each of them up.

So I got bored and went ahead of the video. The video was very cumbersome. If you had to restart it always went back to the beginning. WHAT?!!

My footprints got out of control. As a friend quipped they looked like elephant tracks. Eeekk.

What to do what to do. So much work and a massive screwup.

White pentel gel pen to the rescue. I may add some white watercolor paint to it also.

Here are all the pens. The tombows and pentel permanent liners. Mostly used the .3 on this piece.

Margaret watching Haregan and Oprah. Not sure I will stick with it. Hmmm. Xoxoxo

A Quick Trip to England

To draw the Harp Inn on the River Dee with Ian Fennelly and Sketchbookskool. A lot of fun but like chasing a greyhound painting with Ian.

The photo. The Harp Inn, Little Neston, England near Liverpool has quite a history including coal miners getting stuck here during floods from the River Dee across the street. The interior is on Yelp and looks quite interesting. Ian said the building was more than 200 years old.

Really wanted to do this view with the great Harp sign but hard to change from what the teachers doing without getting confused.

A quick sketch with my light grey Tombow pen – the pointy end. The lines are all slightly tilted. Nothing is square in the drawing though in reality the inn is square aka plumb.

Adding ink with my .5 pentel permanent pen. Don’t know where my thinnest one has gotten. Oops.

Laying in some watercolor. Got a little too dark with the ultramarine and burnt sienna on the roof at this stage. Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna, Yellow ochre, a dab of cad red and cobalt teal.

Painted with a 1″ flat and a rigger. Yes a rigger.

Using various grey tombows to color in the letters and other darks. Then a .3 pentel marker for line work and cross hatching.

I lifted a lot of the dark sienna and ultramarine off the house. Even though this is hot press paper the fluid paper is user friendly and lets you lift some of it. It even let me lift some of the pen when I took off the paint. Oops. But that was permanent ink. Not something u can usually lift.

I added a lot more crosshatching. Also since this house is daub finish dots all over with anything I could make dots with. Winsor Newton watercolor markers. Yellow ochre and turquoise. More line work with the .5 and .8 pentel pens and the uniball micron pen.

Now I am tahred. The kitties and the puppy want my attention. Margaret Xoxoxoxo

Three months later

Paragues, France #280 Cold press arches

It’s done. No clue as to why I didn’t finish it. The basic painting was a good one. But there it languished in the half dozen unfinished paintings. Some just drawings. Oops.

Here’s the original photo lost in the morass of my 30000 photos on my phone. The value sketch.

The sketch.

First wash

Keeping those colors transparent. Well except that black. 🤮

Adding more darks.

And I ditched it for THREE Months. Why?!

Well now it’s done and I like it. I wiped out a lot of the black by taping and lifting with a Mr Clean and lots of blotting today. Also lost some of the street shadow at the back. Lightened the clothing on the figures. Finished the signs. Added the red which I really like. Messed with the bush. I spent an hour originally painting it. Spent all afternoon fiddling with it. 🤪

Hope you like it.

Zoe dressed up for Easter. She likes to start early. The dog seriously loves her scarves. If she shakes them off she will try to nose them back on.

Margaret xoxoxo

Around the World in 60 Seconds

Drawing each icon of their country for 60 seconds each with Danny Gregory today on YouTube. He had a slide show of each of the icons that let you view it for 60 seconds. Then on to the next one.

Quite the challenge. Also trying to get them all on one page was a challenge. Eeek. And no time to plan. Double eeek.

So not bad considering EXCEPT the first time I didn’t realize it was suppose to be on ONE page. I used SIX!!

These are quite large. The sketchbook – a handprint journal is 5 1/2x 8″.

This set was drawn with my pentel brush pen which is always fun but makes a big thick line. I only used two colors. Quin gold and cobalt teal. Together they made a great mucky green.

So second time around I used my Namiki fude. Love drawing with them making thin or thick lines easily. Check out the weird tip on it. Does a great job.

No I didn’t cheat. I didn’t pause the video either time except to get the dog in. And then I started it right back up.

It’s time for pot kitties again. They have grown a lot. Halley looks gorgeous with an orange glow from the sunset on her back.

Margaret xoxoxo

Every day a sunrise

Making mist in the blue ridge. Arches 280#cold press. Cheap Joe’s American Journey paint.

Took photos of the process today. But it might be easier if you wanted David R. Smiths YouTube videos. This is the short one. Then the longer more involved one. Or you could sign up for his online class next Tuesday. Should be fun. His students give him rave reviews.

First layer wet the paper add yellow sun red ring and cobalt. Spray it with a spatters spray. Dry it.

First row of trees. Wet under the trees and spatter again. Lift some color form the bottom w a thirsty brush. Aka dry brush which will suck up the paint making the mist. Dry after the colors run and mix.

Repeat on the left.

And so on and on. Repeat repeat. Repeat. Getting darker with each layer. Load bottom of trees w water. Paint the trees. Spatter tops w water. Lift some off bottoms w a thirsty brush. And dry.

Last layer is the darkest. It’s wet here.

I lifted some with my thirsty brush and this one is dry.

Crash and burn

Go round 2. Misty Mountains arches

Watched a free YouTube video on shopkeeparty with David R Smith this am. Very interesting technique. Uses lots of water. Wiping spraying letting colors run.

This was go round 1 on Kilimanjaro. I used too much alizarin and could not get the ring to lift. Oh well.

Too tired to type more.

Margaret putting her feet up. Xoxoxo

Toyota time

Now that I have had my second vaccine I decided time to brave the Toyota showroom cesspool and get my car a check up.

Was fun to have a real human to draw for once. This lady held quite still for a long time reading a real book.

Drawn with a fine Pitt pen stillman and birn alpha. Painted with this set of travel fuumuui kolinsky brushes I got from Amazon. Sizes 4,8,12. They have brass tubes for handles so they can collapse into the leather folder they come in. Nice brushes for $25. Great reviews. People love them and they hold up well.

Evidently Zoe’s kitty missed her while we were in Atlanta. This cat will not come near me. I can only pet her when she’s eating. But Zoe. Much to Zoe’s chagrin she follows her around rubbing all over her. Doesn’t she know most Jack Russells like to eat cats!? Lucky for her Zoe tolerated them.

Margaret xoxoxo

Bordeaux Hillside

Bordeaux hillside.

I tweaked it a little this am. The photo is a little dark.

The photo

Vlad’s value study

The sketch. Hahnemuhle 140# rough cezanne

First wash. Ripply paper.

Sky wash.

Adding bushes everywhere. Midtones and darks too. Eeek.

A few more darks. Lots of dark greens and browns.

done and dusted and tahred. The peace of the roof on the house is off and aggravating me. Maybe I can figure out how to fix it.

On the Adriatic

Croatia. Paint along #three with Vlad Yesileyev. He’s taking a group there to paint this summer he hopes. Covid willing.

Done for now and maybe forever. 

The photo

The value sketch.

The sketch. 140# rough Hahnemuhle Cezanne great paper. Only thing I don’t like abt it it buckles when soppy wet but dries flat. Paint and paper from Cheap Joes. Love them.

First washes. Looks very ghost like. This photo was taken when it was wet. See the buckles?!

Adding midtones.

Adding darks and the water. Painting those darn boats. Hmm they were the easiet thing to paint. Actually this was not a hard painting. Just a lot to do.

And done. I need a nap now after the paint along. Work slap out!! 😂

Margaret whose ready to tuck up on the sofa with a blanket. Xoxoxo