Day 914 – Your Own Coloring Book

Today’s assignment was draw a coloring book page with a marker and color it. Done!! Don’t forget you can copy  your coloring book page and color it in lots of different ways. 

 Still trying to use the wild fauvist colors. Drawn with my black tombow pen in my Stillman and Birn Zeta. 


Margaret xoxoxo


Day 912 a little conch republic 

And a little more FauvismWhat we jokingly call a jacaranda when we head to key West. The trail on the Sunshine Parkway to Key West and we try to entertain ourselves. One way is the first jacaranda sightings which we usually spot south of Orlando. 

The Tale of the Jacaranda 

Now why do we call Norfolk Pines Jacarandas?  My first trip to Key West I sent a picture of a very tall thin tree to a friend who grew up in Florida. She told me it was a Jacaranda even though we thought it was a Norfolk Pine. I finally looked it up and yes it’s a Norfolk Pine. They grow fifty or more feet tall in southern Florida. Straight up like a cornstalk. 

But that’s southern Florida for you. Every house plant we have grows to enormous size. Our house plants are their outside foundation plants.  Pothos and philodendrons have leaves bigger than dinner plates and grow stories tall just like the Jacaranda Pine tree. 

Stillman and Birn mixed media Zeta Ted Nuttals transparent colors. My small Isabey mop. Well mostly. 

Yesterday after I bough the sunflowers I remembered that Earthfare sold some gorgeous red radishes with lots of green leaves. So I made an extra trip 8 miles up the street and got a bunch. $2.99 ouch. Cheaper than flowers though. 

Once again we were to use as many cooors as we could to draw these after drawing the first one in the colors the object is. I was lazy and left them on the plastic bag. 

Number 1.  Fun but I like the other one better. 

And all the colors I used. 


Day 911 Finally some color and Fauvism! 

Color always excites me. The more the better. The reason I took this class. This week in sketchbookskool drawing a day class we are finally using color. All 96 crayons. And Prismacolor pencils and a few pens. 

The challenge today was to draw flowers two ways. One the normal way and one in a fauvist  style using as many crayons as possible. See below for all the crayons I used!!  

Fauvist is an early 20th century movement lead by Matisse that grew out of Impressionism. It means wild beast because the pictures have colors where you would never find them in nature.  

This was drawn by drawing a bit then changing to another color. 

Of the two it’s my favorite. 


Here’s the first sketch drawn using the color the sunflowers and the case truly are. Much more boring than the first one don’t you think?!  Try it!! Grab any crayon and draw a bit grab another and keep going.  You can be a wild beast too. 

All the crayons. 😱 

You will find one or two will Judy not show up on the paper. 

This is yesterday’s homework mark making in color. Instructions were to fill up a page with marks only. 

I used just a handful of colored pencils and a couple of markers. This took about an hour believe it or not. Fun to do. 

Prismacolor pencils are the best.  If U don’t  have some go get some. Michaels half price coupon. 

Bytw don’t drop them. They break inside the wood and become hard to sharpen. Ask me how I know? !!

Here’s what I used. 

Thanks for reading. More color fun tomorrow. 

Margaret xoxoxo


Day 910 – Hours of Marks Making 

Happy MLK Day dear readers!!  A holiday is always a good day for lots of drawing and painting. 

Spent three hours last nite drawing this old rice paddy down the street from my house which is built on an old antebellum rice plantation. No idea how many pens I used. Also scratched the wild rice tops with my xacto knife.  At least I assume that’s what they are. 

The assignment was to make a variety of marks. And I tried to add a variety of tones and not relie on lines. Have you ever tried drawing weeds and trees without line. Not easy.  

Stillman and birn Zeta.  I know I used my Noodler Konrad, both pentel brush pens, my carbon platinum pen and my Lamy Safari and a white pentel gel pen.  They each make such different lines both in weight of line and style of line. Even the two pentel pens are very different from each other. 

A detail for those who don’t like to click on the big pic. 

 And a few words from MLK himself. Words to live by in a daily basis too. 
Ttyl off to draw. 

Margaret xoxox 


Day 909 A bit more of Key West 

Been meaning to finish this for a while. Today I did it. A compilation of two of our tours the Historic Inn Tour and the Christmas Trolley Light Tour which was our fav. $15. A bargain. 

Still have three more spreads to finish. Guess it’s time. Anyone know a publisher who needs a Key West book?! 

The tools. 

Hmm painted with my smaller #2 Richeson  mop and my #10 Da Vinci Sable. And mostly I used the mop. 

Tips on The Christmas tree. Leave a lot of white. First layer is quin gold. Then I added hematite green and a bit of hookers green and ultramarine blue. Did the palm the same way. 

Last I used a white pentel gel pen to add white lines and lights to the trolley. And anywhere else I wanted a bit of white. It doesn’t show when u use it but it does show in photos. Strange but true. 

Off to sketch the park in black and white. Wonder how many pens I will use?! 


Enjoy your Sunday 

Margaret xoxoxox


Day 908 Lazy Saturday

After all that sneezing and Benadryl decided to be lazy today and binge on Netflix’s. 

Maybe I should do some urban sketching off of Midsommer Murders? It’s always set in the most charming Bristish villages as long as you overlook a serial murder or two in every village. 

About the sketch one of the Key West sketches. A steel drum player at Buzzards Roost. Sketched on location of course. 

Colors are Ted Nuttalls transparent colors. Pentel. Rush pen in a Stillman and Birn Zeta. 

Tip: I do much better painting all trees when I use my  squirrel mops. I have a 12 and a big fat Isabey mop. It keeps me from getting to detailed. Then I usually splatter them to give the small lead effect. 

Love my mops. Top one is the Isabey 12 second one is an Isabey 8 I think. Bottom one is a Richeson 2. The 12 is from Blick Atlanta Peachtree store. The bottom two are from Cheap Joes. I use the two smaller ones the most. 

It’s really hard to get detailed with these which is great for trees or painting Charles Reid style. The smallest brush he likes to use is an Isabey 16 Kolinski sable. 

That’s is for today. Go forth and sketch. 

Margaret xoxoxo thinking about a run to the nearest park to sketch the kids in the manufactured snow park. One day only event. 


Day 907 Still sneezing but

I know it’s allergies. Drawing more fabric! 

The pens I used in my Stillman and Birn Zeta. Notice my nice yellow pencil from Cheap Joes. I got it when I took a class there or was it in an order from there?  Joe always includes a little giftie with your orders. The sweetest mentally challenged young man packs all the gifties. His only job and he loves doing it. If you take a class at Cheap Joes you get to tour the warehouse where Joe introduced us to this special young man. 

The quilts I used for my patterns. My Jack Russell Zoe is my art assistant in charge of quilt testing. 


Margaret xoxox


Day 906 Sneezing is not 

Conducive to art making or exercising. Allergies beseech but they should be much better by tomorrow. That’s the good thing about allergies. 

I did this last nite when I was just tired. So I misspelled Kaffe. Only one e. I drew the pike of fabrics with just marks no lines separating each fabric. Used 8-9 pens in the process. Fun project you should try if you have a spare hour and a pile of tea towels or shirts. Variety is the key thing. 

So were did that other e go?! Photoshop. Took about five minutes to figure out how to use the clean up tool as in which was the right tool and BOOM it was done. 

Ps that Stillman and Birn Zeta does love ink. 

Hmm wonder that bandaid tool works on allergies. Erase them?! 


Margaret xoxoxo


Day 905 – the Bean

Everybody’s favorite place to eat lunch in Augusta or for a coffee or even better some of their amazing cake. They give you a slab of home made cake for $4 or $4.50. Today I had their Tuscan Bean Soup which was delicious. A big bowl and some delicious ice tea $5. A good deal. 

I don’t think I have ever eaten anything that was not delicious at the bean as we call it. Their coffee is from that other fabulous cafe that I drew a couple of weeks ago The Dancing Goats in Decatur. 

Painted in my new STillman and Birn Zeta.  Drawn with a Lamy Ef loaded with Lexington Grey and painted with Ted Nuttalls transparent colors. 

Sketchbookskool Homework. 

Draw some textured objects. I might have gotten carried away but have had these on my art table for a while to draw. I can check them off my list now right?! 

Pens used Staedler .01, carbon Platinum pen w carbon platinum black ink and a Pitt calligraphy pen which I soon abandoned because it was too dark to me. 

Stillman and Birn mixed Zeta journal. 


Margaret off to bed early after two hours at the gym and walking a couple of miles. Color me tahred. Xoxoxo


Day 904 Movie challenge 

There’s something about a Miss Marple show. I love all of them in their various reincarnations. 

 I have sketched Miss Marple before – the previous actress before Julia McKenzie. Julia portrays a sharp tougher version of Miss Marple and GPTV our PBS channel has been replaying her series on Thursday nites and Sunday afternoon. 

Sunday I like to just let PBS run as long as it’s not begathon time. Thank goodness they are done with that for a week or so. 

I paused the tv and took a pic of her in an interesting pose. 

I drew her with my pentel brush pen off my iPad. And it didn’t go well. I got too heavy handed with the dark shadows. 

Gouache to the rescue. Almost like using acrylics. The background is watercolor. Peacock blue and hematite green. Then I scratched the wc off the palm tree. 

Last spread in my Stillman and Birn Zeta. Hurrah. 


Margaret xoxox