Day 1894 Prof Joe

The sweetest hard working kid who inherited all of us oldies from the former Professor Al Beyer. Some of us have been painting longer than he’s been alive lol.

My favorite of these.

but he’s got an MFA from Indiana and his head his packed full of all kinds of art factoids.

He’s also an interesting introspective painter. Below is some of his artwork. Can’t remember if I shared it before. The names are BEFORE the art work.

this thing is HUGE. 8×10 feet 😳

Margaret who bought some flowers to paint today. Which will it be?! Xoxoxoxo

Drawing the professor while taking notes. #aiken #usca #sketchbook #sketching #dailydrawing #stillmanandbirnalpha #ink #lamy #sketch

Day 1893 BrEaKfaST

At New Moon. I know. Not my usual page but it’s fun. And I like it. That’s what counts right? It’s actually a journal page. My friend Tom and I blundered into the 10th Annual Hoofbeat Parade in downtown Aiken.

Only Aiken would have a horse parade with costumes.

I drew my late lunch at New Moon. Yummm. Their Downton mess Aiken style is sooo good. Pimento cheese which I always hated as a kid and grits and ham. Yummmy.

Anyway not what I intended to post. Been a crazy day.

Bought a new sofa at laZy boy to go with my chair. This sofa is one I actually thought about buying when I bought my current den sofa. Oopsey. Should have saved the $$$ and bought it.

I was going to draw at lazy boy but no wait time. Oh well. Lots of interesting things to draw in that place.

And old furniture listed on Facebook and Craigslist so hopefully gone soon. Fielding inquiries. It’s priced to move it out ASAP.

Margaret Xoxoxoxo putting her feet up and coloring in her book.

Day 1894 Alzeia

Alezia Hot Press Fluid paper 15×22”

The head was so small it was hard to paint. Love the hair. Painting vertical let it run and looks so soft.

Second break

First break.

I thought about trying to do the grisaille approach but you just can’t finish it in two hours minus breaks.

Costed her w quin gold. Colors used burnt sienna and cerulean for skin color. Darks burnt umber and French ultramarine

Pink is cad red light.

Hair burnt umber and French ultramarine

Drew Murphy. Didn’t get a shot of his finished. 2×3′ acrylic

Amy Lockhard Ness charcoal

Prof Joe Kameen a random sketch he did between offering help to everyone.

Dawns come along way!

Bill Daniels cherub. Oil on metal panel.

Margaret whose going to watch finding your roots. Love that show. Xoxoxox

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Day 1893 Random cafe guy

I rather liked the look of this older gentleman sitting in Earthfare studiously working away. No cell phone in sight. Then I noticed his ear plugs. Must be there somewhere right?

Twisbee pen Deartrementis document brown Ink stillman and birn Alpha Charles Reid palette colors.

Margaret Xoxoxox who bought a new red leather chair from Lazy Boy. Excitement.

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Day 1892 It’s Saturday

New Model. Hurrah.

No where near done because I was trying a Mario style painting sort of. Not easy to do that style in two hours. Really an hour and a half minus the breaks.

The sketch 20 ish min.

Second break.

Skin made soups to paint with.

Soup of cad red light and cad yellow light since I had my Charles Reid palette.

Background wash and greys cerulean and burnt sienna.

Hair color was Holbein opera pink, m graham mineral violet and Daniel Smith cobalt violet or ultramarine pink. First two definitely third. Have to chk the paint box to see what the third one is.

Lots more coats to go. Where are my muffin pans?! At least I have a photo so I can finish her.

Drew Murphy 2×3’ acrylic

Eve large charcoal

Fred 2×3’ acrylic. Such a happy painting

Rich Klein oil I think.

My friend Ruth Pearl drew this one Thursday nite in Chattanooga. She decided she looked like a Gibson girl.

Last night was wet paint party at Sacred Heart. I usually draw the models. At least ten models from Vintage Oolie are such fun changing poses a lot. Or maybe it wasn’t as much fun to draw without my friend Ruth Pearl there to draw with me. Usually they are irresistible and call my pen.

Even the attendees would dress up.

Inside Sacred Heart where they were starting to set up for Wet Paint Party.

A beautiful old deconsecrated Catholic Church that has been restored and is now on the National Historic Registry.

Macy was sold last nite. Hurrah.

Margaret who needs to be painting but so far isn’t. Aka Tahred. The last one day trip to Atlanta did me in.


Terry 16×20” Fluid cold press #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #southcarolina #aiken #allaprima #artist #painter #aquarelle #lifestyleblogger #lifestylechange #drawing #sketching #holbein #charlesreid #lifemodel

Day 1891 Super Mario

I know it’s Saturday BUT she told me she needs more work. I think I got Mario tall enough. Maybe. The first try was way too short. Hard to tell I am so short and he’s so tall. Also hard to get a long lean person all on one page.

I drew this while he was dancing and painting. Aka he lunges in and stabs at his painting then dances back. Looks are repeats the process. No wonder he’s so skinny. That takes a lot of energy.

I stand up and walk back from my painting and ran into the delicious scones Pete brought. NOT fair. πŸ˜±πŸ€— Deliciousness in the form of pastry.

Watercolor pencil twisbee pen w Deartrementis document brown ink and stillman and birn journal.

Margaret who has to get ready for wet paint party tonite but would rather stay home. And zzzz @marioarobinson @aliapainter #grisaille #fabriano #watercolor #art #painting #artist #portrait #aquarelle #northcarolina #raleigh #marioarobinson #watercolor #painter #aquarelle #drawing #sketching #lifemodel #nudesketch #portraitpainting #portraits #portraitart

Day 1890 Racing to Atlanta

The Little Professor was juried into a show at the Atlanta Artists Center in Buckhead so off I raced to Atlanta this morning. I would rather have stayed in bed.

The Little Professor was painted from a photo of my dad when he was three. His mother used to dress him up and parade him before her friends who would ask him questions. Since dad skipped two grades I am sure he knew the answers.

The Goodys Kodak Store on Ponce de Leon was also juried in. One of my favorite crusty rusty Atlanta landmarks.

So after a quick drop off. I hit the art stores to spend my Christmas and birthday gift cards before I loose them. Yes I have lost them before. One hour later I was at Trader Joe’s. Then on the road by 2:30. Wanted to beat the Friday rush hour. Home by five.

In bed soon. Hugs Margaret Xoxoxox

Day 1889 SOB 2

The decorations at South of the Border just scream to be drawn. Where else do you find such weird whackiness?!!

Watercolor pencils. Twisbee pen Deartrementis document brown ink stillman and birn Zeta.

Margaret heading to bed. Dropping off paintings for an art show in Atlanta tomorrow. Run run see Maggie run. Xoxoxo

Day 1889 Super Mario

Happy Valentines.

I tried the tall thin Mario drawing twice. Still had to prune this one down. He’s sooo slim and sooo tall. The first one he looked about 6 feet instead of 6 5 or so.

Watercolor pencils twisbee pen Deartrementis document brown stillman and birn sketchbook.

Anyway dear reader it’s the night of the reception. Pray for me. Hugs. Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1888 South of the Border (Again!)

Colored with watercolor pencils and one red tombow. The tombow was probably not the greatest choice. Looked better before I think but no photo. Oops.

I had found the alligator irresistible so when I stopped I had to draw him. I also bought rattle snake eggs for the grandkids googly glasses a huge 2′ pencil and hmm a whoopee cushion. That should be fun. The rattle snake eggs are a hoot. When u open the package sounds just like a rattle snake. 😡😡😡 It’s a rubber band with a washer string on a bent v shaped paper clip weight wire.

Here it is earlier. But no pic of just the ink sketch. Oopsey.

I did take a photo of the other sketch I did yesterday.

Been curled up on the sofa relaxing before the big show reception and craziness of tomorrow.

Twisbee pen Deartrementis document brown Ink stillman and birn journal.

Margaret ready to eat dinner Xoxoxox