Day 1005 Its Saturday

Been a while since I have been on Saturday and I got off to a rocky start. This is not quite finished. Because I started over after the first forty minutes I ran out of time. 

And now that I look at this one she’s too far to the left. I may just gesso over her. We shall see. 

I still have to finish her hands. I don’t know why I didn’t. 

Maybe I was just having too much fun slathering on paint. There s a heavy impasto on this Emily. And lots of what Al calls goobers lumps of acrylic. 


After first break. She was still damp so I just wiped her out and started over. 

Colors used Indian yellow, thalo blue, titanium white, liquitex flesh, burnt umber, burnt sienna. 

Al Beyer. Gorgeous small oil for him. 2×3′

Coach’s nice charcoal

Kathe’s scratchy conte and pastel. Love these. 
Another Kathe. 

Tom Needham had a good day with his watercolor. 

Like me Drew had troubles today.

And Rachel’s sweet charcoal. 

And that’s it.  Ttyl

Margaret off to the polo matches tomorrow. 

Day 1004 The Morris and James Michalopoulos

There were three interesting new exhibits at the Morris.  The two I have posted and Hopper like photos of Alabama. 

One was by New Orleans oil painter  James Michalopoulos filled with bright colors and whacky odd ball angles. 

His titles were often funny like the first title I posted. Unthinkin in My Lincoln. Obviously he loves old cars. 

While the cars were great his paintings of the New Orleans houses were my favorites. Lots of Thick paint. 

Definitely an exhibit an urbansketcher can enjoy. 


Day 1003 The Morris – Urbansketching?

Spent a great afternoon yesterday at the Morris Art Museum in downtown Augusta on Riverwalk with some of my favorite painter friends –  the members of Al Byers Advanced Painting Class. Interesting listening to their comments and to Als who as a professor and a New Yorker always has an opinion which he will readily share!🤗

I thought I would take you on a virtual field trip to the Morris with us. It was one of the first museums to deal only in Southern art. 

When you enter via the stairs the first thing you see are the water colors of Aiden Lassell Ripley (1896-1969.). Ripley caught the South in the early 1900s in a series of watercolors and prints that line the hall at the top of the stairs. 

His bio says “He was attracted by the interplay between the solidity of buildings and the patterns of light and shadow they created, interspersed with people, the snap of a clean sheet drying on a clothesline, and the shape of trees and bushes.” An early urbansketcher!

These are large full sheet watercolors 22×30″. They have great light and shadows. The Picnic above is perhaps my favorite.  

Remember he was painting these fifty – 100 years ago. There’s a certain timelessness to them. They could still be found throughout the south if we only bother to look. Oddly I am sure we could as Urban Sketchers find some of these places and paint them still. Probably a lot more battered but still standing. 

He was getting out and painting the south long before Urbansketching was a thought in Gabes head. 

St. James Church Tallahassee Florida 

Love the glowing white in this one. He does glowing whites so well. 

Southern Shack

I know these still litter the southern landscape. 

Springtime – Southern Church 

There’s is one of these not a mile from where I sit on Hopewell Church Road in McCormick County SC however there’s no great tree with Spanish moss and I never see people there. Is it abandoned. No idea. 

Cabin in Georgia 

Obviously many of these were done along the southern coast because the Spanish moss does not grow farther north in the south just along the coast.  

Planters in the Field 

Perhaps my least favorite. The figures are stiff and it’s too dark. Great handling of the trees, woods, and that evening sky. 

Unexpected Point, Florence SC

I love the light in this painting. It just glows with fall light raking across the horses and riders, glinting off the broom straw and buildings. 

You can still see these broom sedge fields with tall pines and rickety old buildings slowly crumbling to the ground. And yes they still hunt for quail and dove in  the south. 

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo off for another busy day. 

Day 1102 In the Bag 

This is what yesterday’s page should have looked like.  

Part one of The assignment was A creepy forest above the horizon. A graveyard and Frankensteins bride. 
First up was to take only five minutes to cut out ten animals and people to assemble into Frankensteins bride. The hands are Jacques Pepin. The gravestones and wings are more of the altered citrasolv National Geographic. 

Then the forest then a letter then a graveyard and then reconcile it. 

Lilly as I call her  was a lot of fun. Her head used to be a really cute little toddler I cut from an ad. Not anymore. 

I dressed her for her wedding day with Frankie. She’s excited of course. I added some gold gewgaws to her.  She still might need a purple plastic purse. 

 The tombstones are not quite as journalie as they should have been. Milestones in my life. Instead I wrote ancestors names.  Seemed a little creepy to do my life’s milestones.  

Bottom layer is a letter to a dead person. I chose Abraham Lincoln. We could use his wisdom right now. 

Thinking of adding some large letters. Frankie and Lilly were sweethearts!! 

Masking tape, black acrylic paint, white gel pen, Prismacolor art sticks, caran dache neocolor ii and Lamy EF. 

Ttyl Margaret xoxox off to start her haunted doll house.  Lilly needs a home. 

This is the list I have brainstormed for my house so far. 

Door flaps 

Birds behind it. 

Victoria or Queen Anne spiral staircase 

Tower Jacobean?! 

Bridal room for Lilly 

Doll house. Whole cover comes off. 

Widows walk w telescope 

Flag skeleton 

Open in middle of page 

Gothic throne chair w wigs and a hood

Attic room w bed. 

Arched gate 

Window wall 

Hotel de ville. 

Day 1001 One day at a time. 

Another day another post. If I quit now I am back to day one. Onward.  One day at a time. 

Trying to catch up my Book of the Night journal the online class I am doing with Juliana Coles as teacher. 

The assignment from the week I was in Charlotte is very long and involved. Though I took notes in it I did this page wrong. Oops.  

It now looks like this.  

But I keep trying to figure out how to use the other figures. This option orrrr

This one.  The added paper collage is old citrasolv National Geographics I did several years ago.  I have quite a stack. 

The bottom layer of this page is purple tape painted black. Then journaled on with white gel pen. Never have the news on while journaling. And then a haunted forest added. I had to turn off the news and the first song on was The Night With a Thousand Eyes.  Perfect.  Then I added the eyes.  

Here it is when I started this morning.  

Prisma art sticks Caran dache Neocolor ii white paint pen. 

Two more pages to finish.  Eek. Will post the correctly done page tomorrow. Stay tuned.  

Margaret xoxoxo 

Day 1000- do I hear trumpets drums?! 

Only took not quite three years to get here  I have posted from the Sunshine Parkeay in Florida on the way to Key West, on the Seine River on a Viking boat- hither and yon.  It’s been a journey. Still haven’t decided if it will go on. And on.  And on.  

A few of my Paris sketches 

A few more Charlotte sketches. 

Day 999 One more day. 

Happy Easter everyone. Raisin Carter.  The chief instigator of all her friends showing up at Peggis class aka Leader of the Pack. I had fun stamping her name.  I think she was a little tired from all the fun we had in Charlotte. We wore her out!! 

Julie whose taking Charles Reid’s class in May at Cheap Joes with me. Wish I had taken a photo of her interesting basketball player that she was working on.  

The ink sketches. Sometimes you should just leave them ink. I wasn’t using my normal skin tones of Quin coral and Quin gold. I used Quin rose and yellow ochre.  So the paintings are a little dark. 

They were painted with Quin rose, yellow ochre, ultramarine blue, mineral violet, and pyrrole red. Oh and sepia for a dark brown. 

Ink pen Lamy Safari filled with Carbon Platinum Black ink in a strathmore mixed media 500 journal. Love their crispy paper. Just wish they would lie flat like the Stillman and Birns do. 

Happy Easter. Margaret hanging out with the grandkids who are on sugar overload  xoxox

Day 998 Oh My Two More Days Painting PCM

Spent yesterday hitting the art stores and taking photographs for possible future paintings at Ponce City Market.  

It’s a HUGE rehabbed old Sears building on Ponce de Leon near the Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Whoever designed it kept much of the funkiness of the old building keeping the floors and the huge support columns and the ibeams in the floors. 

The two panoramas give a 360 degree view of the space which is jammed packed with the smells of the 20 plus upscale chef run restaurants that allow you and your friends many delicious choices of food which you eat in the open areas. 

Outside eating area is a huge interesting place called the Shed which is an enormous concrete beam structure surrounded by restaurants ok one side and stores on the other. I think it’s new construction but not sure. I really need to sit down and draw it becAuse it’s wonderful to look at.  

The store side of the Shed.  

Sunday there is an art market in the shed. Going to check that out tomorrow but since it’s Easter thinking it’s not open. 

Keep taking photos of a few places that just appeal to my eye. This Caribbean food place El Super Pan  is just delightfully funky with its purple lit metal overhang. Someplace I have an unpainted sketch of this place. 

And my favorite golden dragon Chinese restaurant.  I have painted this twice. Love that dragon. 

This couple sat down inches from me at the same table Aron f one of the columns between me and the object of my attention. The golden dragon column. Yes there were other tables to sit at but no they had to block my view.  Irritated with the self involved duo I snapped their photo and immortalized the French Fry couple. 

Here’s the sketch I had been doing.

I love going upstairs and taking photos of the first floor over the railing. 

That’s how I snapped the photo for this painting called Looking Down which was recently juried into the Anderson Center for the Arts Show which is considered a coup in South Carolina. 

One of the appeals of Ponce city Market besides the delicious food are the masses of people and the odd interesting architectural elements like the large yellow and black arrow in the upper right. 

I think you could find a life time of paintings on the environs of PCM aka Ponce City Market. Something about this one. The two guys one big one little trudging off across the light from the doors. 
Sooner or later I will get a food pic of this bar. Maybe on my big camera not my phone. I have two hundred or so photos there. 

A trip to PCM is not complete without drooling over the delicious candy shop 

And my personal favorite the St Germain a PArisian themed patisserie loaded with all things Parisian – macaroons, breads, small crispy meringues, real marshmallows and cases of decadent gorgeous goodies. 

Trying to resist the lure of PCM today a Sketchers paradise but there are eggs to dye and Easter prep to be done. 


Margaret loving Atlanta even when it took me an hour and 15 min to drive 4 miles  from Trader Joe’s to the house. Xoxoxo

Day 997 Denizens 2

More peeps from Peggy Habets class. 

Brenda and Rebecca with who I have had had classes at Cheap Joes. Sorry girls I got you too dark. 

Good sketchbof them. Sad I got it too dark. 

One of the Pee Dee ladies.

 Actually white headed. I forgot what color her hair was til after I painted her.  Oops.  

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo

Day 997 Four more days till 1000

I suppose I should have a drawing or something but I am out of town hanging out with the grandkids and one sons dogs aka dog sitting so kinda busy! 

Working on four spreads in my Book of the Night. Somehow this one seems almost prescient after this mornings news about more bombs and a possible preemptive strike in N Korea. 

Think the upper left still needs something. And of course I left my blue prismartstick at home on the art table. Sigh.  

This one started out with a large journal piece about all the news. That Cat may have to go. Or maybe be knocked back. He’s too bright for a moonlit nite. 

Then this one. Still in the collage and stamp stage after a week.  Eeekkkk

And two pages ready for some art work. This ones is the yellowish masking tape base w cheap black craft paint over it and wiped with wet ones a bit. 

And this one.  The back of the triple hand spread from last week. 

My favorite so far. 

Ttyl off to the art stores.  

Margaret xoxoxo