Day 948 Dr Sketchys part 1

Last nite was Dr Sketchys at Chat Noir one of my favorite times of the month. This is one of my favs of the ten or so sketches I did last nite.  I did not feel like dealing with her legs which were very heavy so I swathed her in a gossamer white gown and called her Cleopatra complete with a deadly snake. 

All sketches done with my Whiskey painter watercolor pallette loaded with Windsor newton WC and one lone Daniel Smith Quin coral and painted in a super aquabee tablet with a Pentel brush pen. 

A warm up doodle with my Noodler brush pen and a Noodler Konrad with sepia ink. 

2 minute sketch.  Pentel brush pen. 

2 minute sketch. Pentel brush pen

2 minute sketch. Pentel brush pen

Five minute sketch. Pentel brush pen. Tombow marker.  

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow. 

Margaret off to Aiken for an art show opening. Xoxoxo


Day 947 Is it done?!!Ponce City

Glad to update this with YES ITS DONE! Signed sealed ya wanna buy it?

After over a month of painting on this large canvas Looking Down-Ponce City Market.  I can only hope!! It’s acrylic 3’x4′ BIG!! 

And here’s the progress on it. 

Not much else to say but IS IT DONE?! 


Margaret at the vets with Zoe whose saying is it done is it done too. Xoxoxo


Day 946 Enterprise Mill 

In the parking lot on the backside of Enterprise Mill sitting in my car hoping people would walk by to add them to the sketch. 

This is called the Graniteville Mill too and I actually misspelled Graniteville!! Left the N out which I tried to disguise with the left tree. Sad. I really liked the sign and it looked good til I left out the N!! OOPS! 

And the people are a bit too large but hey it’s a sketch so I am ok with that. Fast and dirty can lead to mistakes on the fly. 

This scene is to the right of the one above. 

Colors used. Hmm one of the orange reds browned down a bit with piemonite. Cerulean and the rest. Ted Nuttalls transparent colors. 

Lamy EF with Lexington Gray in an Alpha Stillman and Birn. 

My Girls! 

Excited. Dr Sketchys tonite. Hoping both dogs are on the mend from the barf episode for Honey and Zoe’s lumpectomy yesterday so I can go. 

#fatmans #EnterpriseMill

Margaret xoxoxo 


Day 945 Fat Mans!

A long time Augusta institution. At Christmas everybody went to Fat Mans Forest to oh and ah over the animated Christmas decorations or to find the perfect tree or ornament or ride the Christmas train. Or do all of the above everybody on town went. But the owner Mr Usry died. The kids wanted to sell the land and move it which never happened.  Thus Fatmans Forest passed into history. Fat Mans was also the go to place for Halloween decorations and a house of horrors. 

However the younger Usrys Fat Mans Cafe is still going strong turning out “soul good” food at their Enterprise Mill location. Excellent squash casserole. Vintage Oolie on Broad bought out the costume part of the business. 

I could not resist drawing their catering trucks as the gleamed in the noon day sun after our luncheon Thursday. 

Painted in an S&B alpha with Ted Nuttalls transparent colors. Drawn w a Lamy EF pen with Lexington gray ink. 
Ttyl! Time to Parker vous Francais! 

Margaret xoxoxo

#fatmans #EnterpriseMill


Day 944 Enterprise Mill

This sketch took the longest of all the sketches I did Thursday. Large double spread in my Stillman and birn alpha. Drawn with my Lamy ef. 

The building is vermilion or scarlet lake mixed with a bit of burnt umber or Piemonte. I also used Piemonte w ultramarine for shadows and windows. Makes a nice purpley blue dark. 

I drew the last old house on Upper Broad Street yesterday. It’s a sad mess. Probably a tear down because nobody wants to live in the middle of a used weedy car lot. 

Windows open rotted away and boarded up. But you can buy a Prius from the front porch!  It must have been quite a house in its younger days 100 years ago. I wonder who lived there. 

These two houses sit to the right across the weedy car lot from the lone house .  

Ted Nuttall’s transparent colors. #2 Richeson squirrel mop brush. 


Margaret who refuses to catch a cold but has a stuffed up head xoxoxo

#fatmans #EnterpriseMill


Day 943 It’s Saturday!! 

Our model didn’t turn up today sadly so Al sat for us. This was done in about forty minutes. The session actually went on longer because no one thought to call time. al sat for over an hour. Oops. Sorry Al!  

Tho.s was my view of Al. 

Fred posed next. About forty minutes. 

I made him too old. Told Fred that this was his Dorian Grey. Dorian Grey is a book written by Oscar Wilde and later a movie. Grey led a debauched life but never aged. Only his portrait did. Hence Fred’s Dorian Grey. 

Jeremy’s awesome Fred. 

Kathe’s gorgeous Al. 

Drew Murphys Al. Large acrylic. 

Drews Fred. Looks so much like him. Drew trying to finish before break. Love the hand.

AC Daniels beautiful oil of Al. 
Fred’s wild eyed Al. 

Thomas Needham’s youthful Al. 
Toms Fred. 

And that’s it folks. Time for Wet Paint party. Sketching fun. 

Ttyl xoxoxo


Day 943 The Two Dowagers

Upper Broad Street used to be lined with these late Victorian houses. Now there are only three left. They look tired but not quite derelict. These two stand by themselves like two old ladies. 

The light was great yesterday –  and the houses were bathed in the bright winter sun which lit them like a spot light. 
I added the guy walking by. He’s really just an oval, a rounded triangle for the body, and a couple of strokes for legs and feet. Ditto for the arm. 

I coated the houses w a very light Quin gold. Makes them look sunny I think. 

Colors used-Sky. Hmm peacock blue?! Hookers green and hematite, Quin gold, cerulean, burnt umber and ultramarine, Quin burnt orange, vermilion. 

The trees are done w a watery soup of cerulean and Quin burnt orange to give the effect of bare winter limbs. 

The biggest thing that gives this look is using my small squirrel mop. You cannot get to picky with it. An #8 I think. 

In a Stillman and Birn Alpha w 92 pages which means they are thin. And they are wavy causing puddling.  Not sure I like that but will continue on since it cost a pretty penny $27 from Amazon. Hoping they will flatten out as they dry. 

Drawn w a Lamy EF loaded with permanent Lexington gray ink. 


Margaret xoxoxo


Day 942 Sacred Heart

I never get tired of trying to draw it and paint it. My fav building in Augusta. I think I got it this time. 

It’s an old deconsecrated Catholic Church downtown on Greene Street. I used to take Spanish from the nuns in the school to the read of the church as a third and fourth grader. My mom thought it was how we needed to spend our Saturdays. Asks me if I speak Spanish. Nope!! 

Colors used. Piemonite, cerulean, ultramarine blue, Quin burnt orange, burnt umber, Quin gold, vermilion, green appetite, sap green. 

Drawn w my Lamy EF in a stillman and Birn Alpha. Paper will dry flat but it’s a little wavy now. 

More to paint. 




Day 941 A few more als and that urban sketch 

Sketched at the Aiken Brewing Company on Laurens St downtown Aiken 

Colors used Quin gold Quin red orange cerulean, burnt umber, ultramarine, hookers and a gel pen or two. 

Draw with a Lamy Safari and Lexington Grey ink in a Stillman and Birn Zeta. 

Als painting of a student circus 1990. Even then he was trying to paint like Vermeer. 

Als friend from the gym who loved to tell stories. He was a rower in the 52 and 56 Olympics for Hungary. 

Al after his heart attack. He used his computer camera to take this photo. 

The models make Al look like a great painter so he says but we know he’s a great painter. 

Ilaina gorgeous as ever. A Saturday painting. 3×4′

Als office. Always neat. Painted with acrylic. Much wilder than his oil paintings. LOVE This one. Think it got a certificate of merit at the State Fair. 

Als an awesome painter and teacher the reason. I drove 60 miles three times a week to Aiken to become a better painter I HOPE!! 




Day 940 – LateNight Entertainment Al Beyer!

Our beloved prof Al Beyer was the program at the Aiken Art Guild last night and he was his usual humorous self peppering his talk with quip after quip such as “If you get a bad painting it’s your failt but if you get a good one (at lifemodeling) it’s all the model!! And that is true well sometimes. 

This huge seemingly abstract is the way Al works. It will be a photorealistic water landscape painting when he’s done or as he calls it the most boring painting ever since it will be almost all water with his. A bit of tree bank across the top. 

We told him we liked it as it is. An abstract. 

He blocks off the painting into multiple blocks the size of a standard piece of paper. Every nite with a printed paper from his tiled photograph he paints one section in oil with a small brush which takes him about 2-3 hours per square. 

Here he is with his helper Vanna aka Ilaina – one of  our Saturday models. 

Here’s a better picture of this huge painting. It’s made by layering multiple photos of Beijing in Photoshop. Interesting effect. 

Hmm my sketchbook seems to be among the missing. I drew theses ladies yesterday while my excellent steak salad got cold at Aiken Brewing Company on Laurens Street in Aiken. 

Hope I find it. It will be a great painting when I am done. Sigh. 


Margaret xoxoxo