Day 63 A miscount

Never was my forté. It’s day 63 not 62. Oh I drew with Vlad yesterday. Threw my count off. This needs paint. Not sure what color. I know it needs a background. Maybe I need to record my adventure at Lowe’s. I think everyone in Augusta was there. I have never seen so many people at Lowe’s as there were at this one Wednesday. But I like my jade tree. So healthy. Maybe I can keep it that way.

This one is done. Finally realized I had one more roof to paint – the small one to the right of the smaller red barn. Now I LOVE the painting. Odd what one roof can do.

Yesterday before I painted the third roof. It was still competing and distracting from the center of attention aka focal point the roof of the smaller barn. Now to sign in.

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 61 sometimes it

Takes me a while to figure out what’s wrong w a painting. Did not like this one.

Till I darkened the roof on the right. It was competing with the focal point of the roof on the red barn. Oops. Think I still need to darken the smallest roof. But oh so much better now. A day or two of looking at it and bingo there was the answer.

Today I took a sketching class from Vlad which really was about how focus a painting using a value sketch. 32 of us showed up for 4 hours with the master Vlad. He has an MFA from St Petersburgs Art Institute in Russia. That’s a lot of art practice to get a degree.

Lots of great tips on focus squinting and shading.

a page of my notes today.

the photo – not much there is there. Guarantee if he paints it it would be wonderous.

And how to focus. Lightest light will be focal point. We used 3 shades well four if u count white. Light medium and darkest dark.

Also taught us about perspective which I already knew though sometimes it can drive me crazy.

And for dinner tabouleh veg salad and strawberry shortcake for desert. Yum.

Margaret ready for bed. Xoxoxo

Day 60 Cambridge NY

The Barn in Cambridge. Oddly enough the birthplace of my hero Charles Reid. Painted with Vlad Yesilesev yesterday. I do wish I had kept my Transparent colors on the shadowed bits of the barn but oh well. Fav but the orange one on the right. Like its glow. Think I will lift some of the purple on the roof of the big barn.

The sketch

Vlads value sketch. I didn’t take a pick of mine yet. Oops

First wash.

Trees. Lots of dry brushing.

Hmm no idea is this one done?!

And here it is done again. lol.

This is Vlads. Already sold or you could buy it for $400.

Margaret looking forward to painting the Roofs of Prague on Sunday. It’s my new thing I guess Xoxoxox

Day 59 My White Amaryllis

And a quote from Reese Witherspoon. This white amaryllis has been blooming steadily for SIXTY days one stalk at a time. Thought I should commemorate its swan song. It has consistently shown up to do the work of blooming. Third year it has come back to bloom.

I journaled a bit about the amaryllis in pencil and painted it faintly in the background on the right page.

Namiki Fude Eelskin Black Ink

A sweet fat cardinal wallowing in bird seed on the back deck.

Margaret who is Tahred again. Xoxoxox.

Day 58 – En Provence

A lot of egregious errors I thought and maybe a repaint when I finished but I really like this the more I stare at it.Things that bothered me yesterday no longer do. I think it has a great glow about it. I really love the tree. Who cares if I messed up the hard fought for dappled tree shadow on the right of the tree by misting it too much and it ran everywhere. 😫 and the roof line was not quite right. I no longer care and like it a lot. How would we take this no account ho hum picture and make a good painting out of it?! Hmmm.

The value sketch.

First wash.

Background bushes and roof on.

Tree’s done. Goodness almost done. What?! Speed Painting.

Adding details and a few darks.

And here’s A tree in Provence Done. Don’t you want to buy it?!

Tomorrows paint along with Vlad. You should join us!! You will be glad you did.

Beautiful day yesterday.

Margaret who thought she had posted this yesterday. Hmm. Xoxoxox

Day 57 Sat= recipes

Especially when I have another pile of facemasks to sew. Thank goodness they are done. 36 so far.

My favorite bread recipe. So good. Saw Martha make these last Sunday on cbs Sunday Morning Show. Looked too delicious so I wrote the recipe down but think I would sub raisins and cranberries. I have plenty of those. Thought these sounded good til Martha showed me hers. I do like a good oatmeal cookie. And I am quite fond of keeping a large bowl of this kind of salad in the fridge. Did I remember to get cucumbers NOPE. Trip to the store required. With a mask of course.

Margaret Tahred. Xoxoxox

Day hmm 56?? Mask making

But took some time off for art. It’s a must I think.

First was draw a tattoo that reminds you of your mother with Koosje on the sbsdrawingparty on Instagram today. My mom loves flowers and has quite the green thumb. I was making masks today so naturally I thought a mask surrounded by flowers for my tattoo. Moms self quarantining in Asheville NC with my brother.

Draw something nearby with Morgan. Been meaning to draw my grandmothers opera glasses which are quite cool. I take them to art classes to see what the teachers doing better. I also watch the birds with them. They are really quite good binoculars. Brass and mother of pearl with a cool lorgnette that I hope is bake lite plastic NOT ivory.

Lamy joy pen and Namiki Fude.

Margaret whose tired from sewing masks all day. Hugs. Stay safe. Wear a mask! Xoxoxo

Day 55 What Makes you HaPPy?

Today the weather was so gorgeous I had the back porch sliding door open. I could hear the birds sing and crunch on the sunflower seeds. Ditto the squirrels silly things. They made me quite happy today as did listening to Danny’s soothing voice.

Of course I forgot to draw Zoe!! She and I snuggled up in the sofa for a nap after mopping and scrubbing all the downstairs floors dusting the house and changing the sheets. Now it’s tie. For a good nite sleep.

Margaret Xoxoxox

Day 54 – How many? Loosing count!

Drawing my well traveled shoes yesterday with Danny Gregory.

And making first of the month resolutions with Morgan yesterday. Hmm did I??

No I sewed facemasks today.

And I fixed my droopy headlight on the Buick. It was about half an inch lower. It had bothered me last nite but couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

Margaret worn out again. Xoxoxoxo

Day 53 A Day in Havana

Not sure it’s done. Maybe I will like it better in the morning?!

The photo.

the value sketch

First wash Always a tense moment.

Adding more shadows and what about that old Buick?! My dad had a thing for Buicks.

Well that was fast. Almost done.

Making progress but that grill is ginormous.

Done for today but think I will add a bit of white gouache to the figures to set them off aka light on the shoulders and head.

Margaret who once again is Tahred. Xoxoxo