Day 1887 on the road again

Thrilled to say this is Now MY painting. Mario paints all of his painting from a love model. No photos.

my favorite way of painting a person too. These were all for sale in class. And all painted by Mario Robinson who is also a winsor newton rep. My friend Mike is the proud new owner of this lovely painting. All the paintings are painted with winsor newton paint. I almost bought this one. Lovely hands. This one was also a close contender to go home with me. And I loved this one too. A very quiet painting. at the end I fell in love with this one and would have traded if I ha had mine with me. The colors on her are so gorgeous. Soft blues and purples and alizarin. They do t show in the photo turning grey instead. Annoying iPhone.

This was my first choice BUT I couldn’t decide whether to buy one or not and somebody else Jane took her home. ☹️😬

Margaret ok the road again.

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Day 1886 The Mario Party is Over

I did this drawing of him while he was helping a couple of other students. Now to get it painted. Should be fun. Have lots of great pics of him to paint from.

Laughing with Mario. Something else he does well.

Mario is super tall. At least 6’3 or 6′ 4″ tall and thin.

Margaret packing to go home in the am. Art show opens on Thursday. Loose ends to tie up there too. Xoxoxoxo

50 shades of brown with @marioarobinson @aliapainter #grisaille #fabriano #watercolor #art #painting #artist #portrait #aquarelle #northcarolina #raleigh #marioarobinson #watercolor #painter #aquarelle #drawing #sketching #lifemodel #nudesketch #portraitpainting #portraits #portraitart

Day 1885 – 50 Shades of Brown with Mario

As done as she may ever be. Who knows. I may work on her some more. We didn’t get to take photos of the model so not much to go on to finish. Maybe loose some of the highlights on her cheek. They are still too light. . My paint puddles. The tests of the colors we used to paint fifty shades of brown and 15 shades of grey. The skin and hair wash colors are at the top left circled in pencil.

Mario’s paint test strip. Yesterday afternoon.

This am. A wash of the brown watery mix of yellow ochre cad red and ultramarine overs the whole face. Eekk. That was scary after working on those greys all day.

Before I screwed up the second background wash.

I accidentally stuck my brush in the black wash when I started the background wash. Oops. And then I had a blue run that got into my watery grey background mix.

Margaret putting her feet up with a glass of wine. Xoxoxo

15 shades of brown with @marioarobinson @aliapainter #grisaille #fabriano #watercolor #art #painting #artist #portrait #aquarelle #northcarolina #raleigh #marioarobinson #watercolor #painter #aquarelle #drawing #sketching #lifemodel #nudesketch #portraitpainting #portraits #portraitart #shadesofgray

Day 1884 – 15 Shades of Grey with Mario

Barbette a million layers of grey

I used my grandmothers opera glasses to see the model better.

The drawing

Round one of the grey layer

Round two. Progress is slow after edges w water adding the same grey

What’s with the white bubble?!

I ran the same grey wash over the WHOLE painting top to bottom!!😳😬 SCARY stuff.

Adding more and more darks. Wetting the edges w a waterloaded brush to soften the next grey layer bas it was added. Hard to explain. I usually do it the other way around.

A coat of grey over the whole figure WHAT??!🤪🤪🤪🤮

Finally dark enough to start running flesh tones tomorrow. This literally took from 10-5:30 minus model breaks and lunch breaks. 😳🤨

This is Mario’s. Look below to see his progress from yesterday til today.

Mario’s palette

Mario’s shoes. 😂

Drawing with @marioarobinson @aliapainter #fabriano #watercolor #art #painting #artist #portrait #aquarelle #georgia #atlanta #charlesreid #watercolor #artist #painter #aquarelle #drawing #sketching #lifemodel #nudesketch #portrait #portraitpainting #portraits #portraitart

Day 1883 Hangin w Mario

Been drawing all day in a class with Mario Robinson in Raleigh.

Being a jack rabbit type I was drawing our model for the second time, no third time when I realized I could draw Mario at his easel across the room.

So I added him to my painting. 😊 140# cp fluid

This is the second time I drew our model Barbette. 300# cp Fabriano paper.

Tomorrow we will spend all day painting the shadows. 😳

Day three we will be doing the flesh tones I think. Stand by to see what we do!!!

Did I say I really want to paint. Oh well.

Margaret in Raleigh where it’s finally chilly. Hurrah!! Xoxoxo

Drawing with @marioarobinson @aliapainter #fabriano #watercolor #art #painting #artist #portrait #aquarelle #georgia #atlanta #charlesreid #watercolor #artist #painter #aquarelle #drawing #sketching #lifemodel #nudesketch #portrait #portraitpainting #portraits #portraitart

Day 1882 From I 95 at the NC SC Border

South of the Border. What a wild whacky place. All things Hispanic. Been there as long as I can remember. Can’t wait to paint this one. Crazy colors.

Reading the road signs aka billboards along the highway were our entertainment when we moved anywhere as a military family. South of the Border and Bermashave signs were at the top of our list making long trips shorter.

My parents never let us stop. Would u with four kids in the car?!!

Who could resist drawing this. The landscape is filled with oddball animals like a huge red daschund and I think a black cat. A whale flamingoes the alligator.

Can’t wait to paint this. Page 1 in my Raleigh to ???? Journal. Think the gator may be going on the title page. Came close to doing it today.

Stillman and Birn Zeta

Lamy Ef Noodlers Heart of Darkeness Ink

Margaret finally in Raleigh Xoxoxox

Whacky Wild #SouthoftheBorder #stillmanandbirn #ink #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #georgia #artist #charlesreid #urbansketcher #northcarolina #urbansketching

Day 1881 -10 days of crazy

Begins today. Show opens Feb 14 6-8 at the Aiken Center for the Arts on Laurens Street.

Show mostly delivered. 22 paintings. I left two in my cavernous garage so back to Aiken in the am on my way to Raleigh. A slight detour of twenty miles. 😵😵😵

The Key West chicken strip will be for sale.

I drew these sitting on a lawyers steps near the post office In Key West. There’s a huge flock at the post office.

It was so hot I went to the Starbucks on Duval St and drew this one.

Think lots of glass windows with a good street view from my table.

And yes there are chickens on Duval.

These are about 7″ tall. Ripped from a 40″ long piece of Stonehenge Print paper. Love that stuff.

This is from one of the 8×10″ stillman and birn Alpha sketchbooks that will be on display in cases at the show next week. Sketchbooks will NOT be for sale. Pentel Brush pen and a Lamy Ef. Noodlers Eelskin ink.

Hmm well if you give me 1000s of $$$$ mAybe.

I did tell Traci if the place caught on fire leave the pile of paintings and take the sketchbooks.

Margaret dreading the drive to Raleigh via Aiken. Xoxoxo

Sketch books will be in the show next week. Drawing the professor while taking notes. #aiken #usca #sketchbook #sketching #dailydrawing #stillmanandbirnalpha #ink #lamy #sketch

Day 1880 Downton Tea Party

The Fascinating Ladies who came to the Downton tea. You know I had to draw some of them. These two ladies were sitting at the table right next to us. I loved their fascinators. So I drew them.

Anyway getting ready to head to Raleigh for a class so that’s it doe now.

Twisbee in my stillman and birn. Deartrementis document brown ink. CharlesReid palette plus opera pink.

Delivering the show tomorrow the. Off to Raleigh. I begin my week do run run run.

Margaret who shouldn’t have taken that nap this afternoon. Xoxoxo

#aiken #ladilce #sketchbook #sketching #dailydrawing #stillmanandbirnalpha #ink #lamy #sketch

Day 1879 A Portrait is a painting

With something wrong with the mouth. – John Singer Sargent

some of these definitely qualify. I do like to take notes and draw people while I do. Some of the sketches of Joe turned out some bomb. Read the notes. Some of them are quite interesting. He never holds still very long. He did say today that painting is a dance. Aka he’s the dancer.

young and slim with thick black hair and penchant for plaid or striped shirts a very thoughtful young man.

A thinking painter. Read the notes.

All the frames are done. Hurrah. Delivering the show to the Aiken Center for the Arts on Wednesday. HURRAH. thanks Kristin and V at Art in Broad!’ I highly recommend them.

Cake row at Betsy’s in Aiken

Margaret off to meet w friend for dinner. I have managed to meet friends TWICE for meals today. Interestingly one friend LOVES to indulge in cake looking not buying for dessert. I told her I liked to indulge in cake licking. 🤗


Drawing the professor while taking notes. Really need to paint these. #aiken #usca #sketchbook ching #dailydrawing #stillmanandbirnalpha #ink #lamy #sketch

Day 1878 It’s Saturday

Practicing for my class with Mario Robinson next weekend. He’s been compared to Andrew Wyeth.

The drawing on 12×16 Canson Plein Air art board

The grisaille layer. Grisaille means greys in French. You start with that layer and then lay in the flesh color over it once the greys are dry. Supposedly you are finished when you get to that point.

Typically Grissaille is used with oils not watercolor. This method is known for being highly transparent.

And a problematic approach when you only have two hours to paint the portrait.

As my friend Mike said NOT my favorite of Macy.

I decided I was annoyed with her face being too dark and whipped it out with a damp Kleenex and daubing at her face. Also the right eye was too low. One of the great things about the board is you can literally wipe it off.

Right now leaning toward putting this in the recycle bin. Can’t paint on the back or maybe I should put some gesso juice on it and see what happens. Aka Fun Sunday.

Katie Padgett pastel

Our latte barista Fred’s fun acrylic 2×3’

Al Beyer oil

Tim Needham Watercolor in Canson plein air art board

One pair done.

Margaret hot on knitting another sock and watching the Hour on Acorn-Riveting-I should be getting a drawing for class tomorrow. Oopsey.

Hmm who needs wool socks when it will be 70 all week?Xoxoxo

Macy- 11×16” Canson Plein Air Watercolor board #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #canson #aquarelle #southcarolina #aiken #artist #lifestyleblogger #lifestylechange #drawing #sketching #cansonpaper #charlesreid #lifemodel #pleinair