Day 1749 Squirrels

You knew they would be back sooner or later. And there’s a dove and a cardinal. Drawn with my inktense and watercolor pencils colored in with the same and released with water. Adding the water to them always reminds me of being a child with those pictures made of dots that turned colors when you hit them with a wet paint brush.


Margaret still running around like a chicken but I have lost five pounds of me this week. Hmm maybe I need to draw my diet again. Xoxoxox

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Day 1748 I hit the Trifecta.

Now I have won at Georgia Watercolor Show. This is the winner. Unfurling. Large wc 22×30. I actually won with a watercolor at a watercolor show. I am amazed. Other one was an acrylic.

Will find out Sunday what I have won. Reception 2-4 pm Sunday at Sautee Nacoochee Museum if you want to come.

Did I say the driveway was clean yesterday?! Knew I should have told the yard guy to skip it yesterday but he needs his $$ too. Right?!

Margaret in shock. Last show they didn’t even let me play. Xoxoxox off to bed soon. Tired from that howling hurricane last night waking me up or maybe it was the house too quiet when the power went. It’s back now. Hurrah.

Day 1747 Last Night

Emily 16x 20 Fluid cp

I dragged myself to life modeling last nite at Mancusco Studios. Glad I did. Em turned out well despite my extreme tiredness.

I rather think Emily was tired too. She had large shadows under her eyes. Burning the midnight oil campaigning. I just seem to run the roads aka Drive baby drive. Two trips to Columbia and two trips to Aiken are three trips too many in four short days.

Tom Needham small watercolor. Always has such a lovely soft palette of flesh tones. Tom teaches watercolor down at the Gertrude Herbert if you would like to take a class from him.

Colors used Cad Red Light, D S French ochre, peacock blue, mineral violet, burnt sienna, cerulean, raw umber, ultramarine, red-orange. Most of the colors are Holbein.

Margaret Banting Down the hatches for hurricane Michael. Having several amusing thoughts about the name of this one. My brother Gene said recently to me that hurricanes never come for Athens Ga where he lives. Well he’s in the cone. Lol

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Day 1746 No It’s Not

Saturday. I finished last weeks sketch of Ilania.

It seems like I drew this a jillion years ago.

Strathmore Bristol with Charles Reid palette colors.

Gails nice head.

The amazing Marilyn Hartley drew this with her off hand her left hand. So amazing.

Alexis rocked it with this sketch. Way to go girl.

Terrible picture of Drew Murphys great painting.

Rich Letting his inner degas out oil painting.

Amy Lockhart Ness large charcoal.

Dawns soft oil. She has improved so much.

Margaret putting her feet up and grabbing her remote or maybe her jammies. Tahred xoxoxox

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Day 1745 The Winner Is…

Looking Down -second place professional- Works on canvas- a ribbon and a NICE check.

This painting is 3×4′ acrylic and based on a picture I took from the second floor looking down at the first floor at Ponce City market in Atlanta.

Exciting that it won. There were 624 entries and only about 30 winners.

The minimum prize Certificate of Merit got a $200 check.

Prize money for the art at the fair was almost $25000 in total. Wow.

More than a half million people will come to the State fair to see the art, the exhibits, the huge sandcastles, watch the dogs herd sheep, the pig races, ride the camel,and of course to eat corn dogs and maybe ride a ride. Got to have some fair food!!

A few more random paintings. Will take better pics of the winners when I go back in a few weeks and have more time.

Always like drippy weird paintings.

Off I go Margaret xoxoxo who needs a nap today before heading to the Aiken art guild meeting tonight

Another Winner “Looking Down” at the SC State Fair Art Show. LOTS of prize money and huge crowds. #southcarolina #cityart #acrylic #lechat #poncecitymarket #dancing #augusta #columbia #atlanta #scws #allaprima #impasto #scstatefair #fairs #statefairs

Day 1744 -It’s Saturday

Sorry to be a day late. I drove from Lifemodeling to Columbia so didn’t have time to post.

Macy 19×22″ Strathmore Bristol

rather like this with all the drips. All it needs is some more graphite added to it. Aka lines. Head might be a little small.

Second break. Forgot to take a photo of the sketch. Fred’s. LOVE this one. like all the purples and blues with the orange flesh tones. Hope he doesn’t paint over it.

Al Beyer’s lovely small head.

Dawn who is improving radically. I think it’s the tutelage from the New USCA Art professor Joe Kameem who Does a good figure drawing session on Tuesdays thru continuing ed.

Coach sitting on the floor near me got a really good sketch going right before it was time to quit. OH NO!!

The rest of my pics from the SCWS show

Lillie Hardy Morris – Inner Landscape.

Tony Hardwick – Guardian

Kathy Caudill- Misty Morning in Nacoochee Valley

Mary Ann Brock- Biker Brothers

MC Churchill Nash GRUFF LOVE this one.

jackie Dorsey – Real Life on the bottom left

Bottom Michael Tang Afternoon Light Loved this one too.

TOO ONE MY best of Show Family Foto 2

Bottom- Gary Nemcosky- Bob Meier

Top Helen Beacham – Oblivious

sorry I could t identify them all. Too many great paintings ina national exhibit.

That’s about it for Saturday. The rest got away while I climbed out of my corner.

Margaret xoxoxox off to shower and to get ready to head back to Columbia for the state fair art reception. Cross your fingers and toes. Xoxoxoxo

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Day 1743 My Crazy Weekend = Drive Baby Drive!!

Best of Show

Got my SCWS signature status Which evidently is a big deal and my painting was in the top ten plus a check at the SC watermedia Show At City Art in Columbia.

Best in Show

SCWS doesn’t rank paintings except for Best of Show and first or was it second which are included in the top ten. Strange but I will take it.

The runner up first or second?!!

At worst mine was tenth. ☺️

There’s mine in the middle. The BIG One!!

Now to drive back manana for the state fair awards and see what I won and which one won. Eeek. What a weekend. a Few random pics of the show. It was huge. Sixty two paintings juried into the show. 185 entries from all over the country. More tomorrow from the 41st Annual National SCWS show in Columbia.

Bon Nuit xoxoxox Margaret.

Day 1742 THE WINNER – is?!! No Idea!!

I won at the state fair. Just got notice🤗👍🏻 so Saturday an award at the Sc watercolor show and one Sunday at the fair. That ones $200. Hurrah.

Winner possibility #1 Thinking this is the winner BUT ya never know.

Looking down At Ponce City Market 3×4’ acrylic

No idea what I won at the SC Watermedia Show tomorrow. Or which painting won at the SC state fair art show which is a big deal. That awards reception is Sunday.

Option number 2!

Summertime 22×15”

Don’t ask me why but it is. Thousands of paintings and photographs are entered into two categories

Professional and amateur. I entered professional.

Dancing the Night Away 3×3’ Acrylic winner at SC Watermedia Show

So now I have to go to Columbia on sat and sun to find out what I won which one won and to collect my prize $$$$. Lol.

Driving back to Augusta at night so I can sleep in my own bed. 😴😴😴

Margaret the yo yo who always drives back to Augusta. Xoxoxoxo.

THE WINNER – is?!! No Idea!! #southcarolina #cityart #acrylic #lechat #lechatnoir #dancing #burlesque #augusta #columbia #atlanta #scws #allaprima #impasto #scstatefair #scwatermedia #acrylic #painting #winner #poncecity #Atlanta #georgia

Day 1742 Inktober

I have been doing inktober aka 31 ink sketches. Question is do you make it to the finish line of one ink drawing a day?!!!

I threw one of those strips in my purse before I went to Costco. Sat down at the restaurant area and put my satchel purse up on the table to hide behind. Parking yourself somewhere with a good site line to streams of people is always a good idea when doing these.

Started drawing with my Namiki Fude pen-love it’s thick thin lines. I tried to finish it at Lowe’s today BUT huge trucks thought they needed to be close to the door and blocked my view. 🤨

Pretty soon I had a whole strip done. I ended up at the Walmart grocery store because they always have a good flow of people going in and out.

Be brave and go to Costco or sams and draw the herds of people that walk by. Lotsa fun.

Margaret xoxoxox hanging out with a friend who is heading back to Charleston tomorrow.

Day 1741 Trying to get motivated

Reading excerpts from The War Of Art. We are our own worst enemies aren’t we?!

Also looking forward to a sketching trip in Key West next month. Found this strip accordion fold watercolor of Higgs Beach in KW when I was cleaning up books yesterday. It’s probably forty inches long.

I also have one of the KW Post office chickens somewhere around here.

I just sit in a spot and draw people when they drift by.

Adding the palm tree and the sea in the background.

Sometimes the people turn out great.

Sometimes they are a train wreck like the guy on the right. But they are always great fun to do.

Long and short of these is that they are great people drawing practice. People love them because so colorful.

Did I say I have a few more ready to go?! Think I will stick one in my purse and give a couple to friends. The grey ones are full sheets of canson mi-teintes paper.

Drawn on 40″ Stonehenge print paper ripped into long strips and accordion folded. Stonehenge paper is lovely thick paper that loves watercolor. It’s only fault is cracking along the folds. Makes great sketchbooks too. Thanks

Added a bit of mineral violet and cobalt the background of this painting.

Margaret off to Costco for six itty bitty book lights for Saturday drawing. If you get in the wrong corner during lifemodeling there is NO light at all.


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