Crazy busy day

Entry 1 All abt the catsup 3×4’

Somebody is filming a movie here and needs artwork.

Looking down 3×4’

Spent half the morning digging thru four years and abt 6000 pictures to find the missing art work pics on my phone.

French Fry 3×4’

Finally found them all.

The Party’s Over 3×4’

They had to be larger than three feet so that knocked out all but two watercolors.

Tenth and Broad St 3×4’

All had to be ready to hang immediately.

Pensive 3×4’

More digging required.

She was Beautiful 2’6” x40”
Fall Day in Brevard 3×4’
Unfurling 1 30×40” mixed media
Unfurling 2 30×40” mixed media
The Major 3×4’

And then I spent the rest of the day gettting class work ready for Watercolor I’ve that starts Thursday. Drew nine of the drawings for class paintings. Six more to go! 😵‍💫 Now putting up my feet wishing I had a kitty curled up beside me.

Speaking of kitties Bear is getting to be such a sweet kitty. Need to get him fixed so he can be a house cat. No spraying males allowed inside.

Hugs Margaret who now has her feet up. Xoxoxox

The Great Mary Whyte

Mary standing at her easel

Have finally had the honor and privilege of taking classes with her. I don’t think you can ask for a better hard working sharing teacher. If she knows it she will tell you.

Mary Whytes painting. Took her an hour and a half. Not quite a half sheet

Outside of a college art class the atmosphere is hard working and on your toes kind of environment. Lecture and Mary painting in the am then it’s your turn. If you work hard u can turn out two paintings in one day. Since my rotator cuff is shot I didn’t try that in the second class.

Full sheet Arches 300# done in Mary’s class in St Simons. Of course I can’t remember the lovely models name. No doubt in my notes.

The first one I took from her I did a full sheet in under two hours. That’s a lot of fast painting. Since the studio floors were concrete as I told Mary I limped out in both feet. OUCH. But I would do it again if I had too.

The sweet UGA student who modeled and played the guitar. Last time I will use fabriano. Sucked up the color like a sponge. I gave it to him and he was delighted. His dad Ken was our workshop helper and they were both delightful.
Mary’s painting. Oh so much better than mine. I am always tight on my first attempt in a class.
Painting #1. Tight but not as tight as the guitar player

Second time I sat. I really don’t like to and the floor was wooden BUT I didn’t want to limp the blocks to much car after class so I sat.

A quick sketch of Teesha. Something I do during class when I take notes. I listen better.
St Johannes Lutheran church

So since Mary says the secret to painting is to paint I signed up for a two day class in Charleston with her at Gudger Hall at St Johnnes Lutheran south of Broad on the Charleston peninsula.

Out the north facing windows at Gudger Hall

A lovely old building. Of course the paint flew during the day and the evenings on Edisto were heavenly.

The great Teesha by Mary Whyte painted in class. She’s the model in a lot of Mary’s books and is like Mary just a sweet heart.
My painting of Teesha the last afternoon. Then we were off home. If you can’t take a class with Mary there’s a Northlight video for $15 that you can buy and it’s almost as good as being there and her book on how to paint portraits. She leaves nothing out. Bytw Mary’s assistant thought this was Mary’s for a minute when I showed it to her. Made my day as well as my husbands.

Oh one last nite before I close. When you take Marys class in Charleston she and Sharon treat the class and a plus one with a reception in her studio. Heavy hors d’ouevres and the wine flows.

Margaret in rainy Georgialina curled up on the sofa reading when she should be painting. xoxoxo

Eight ways to jumpstart creativity

Got this in my email yesterday or the day before and decided to give it a whirl. Eight ways to jumpstart creativity

My right shoulder has been bothering me so decided to try the one making marks with my left hand and of course I got carried away. I spent an hour or more and eventually shifted to my right hand.

Messy but fun! The View from my window. mixed media still and and birn alpha
Both sides are a Pitiful mess till u think that most of the drawing was done with my left hand and I am a definite righty. A lot of the watercolor was too.
Trees with buzzard or vulture depending on where u live. They swirl and float over German Island across from the house on the other side of the Savannah. I used my Cheap Joes Scroobys Loose Goose to splatter long lines. Also to draw branches and weeds oh and the buzzard as it’s called around here. Looking I think it
needs a buzzard on the right top corner not the left.

At any rate it was a fun exercise. Next time I will stop before I go too far. Well maybe.

A kitty in progress. The Kitty in the Window. More abt that later.
Hoping if I put enough black Pitt pen on her I can just was it w the paler orange color. Not easy to paint a tortie. 

Margaret who is off to cook a pot of soup for this grey dismal British kind of day we are having. Xoxoxox

Morning scribbles

To say my sketchbook habit has fallen off would be an understatement. Been working on this stillman and birn alpha sketchbook for a year. Oops. Mostly these are birds and 2 cats on the back porch done with a uniball that I smear w a damp finger.

Daisy the cat was done with grey tombow. She loves to sit in the window and stare in at us in the den. Sooty the black male being solitary like he’s prone to be and yes he’s fixed. All our outdoor cats are.
Out back last night. It went from a nothing to this in about a minute last nite. Then it fizzled out just as quickly. Sunsets are so fleeting.
And yes the kitties still think they are starving ever morning.

Margaret show has to get busy drawing for Watercolor Live today. xoxoxox

Drawing the lovely Crystall.

Chrystall as a fairy. You have to love her as a model. You never know what she will wear or if she will wear anything. She designs and makes all of her awesome costumes and also does fire batons as well as other performing. You can follow her adventures at crystallinecreative on instagram
These are both gesture sketches with a pentel ink pen drawn quickly. Then painted. This one was probably ten minutes The first one was a longer pose. Chrystal posed for us in a Zoom session. Lots of fairy poses. Best $10 I have spent recently.
My favorite type of sketchbook when I am doing live model drawing. Lotsa sheets. Loves watercolor and ink plus it flattens out mostly when it dries. I have it in every shape and size they make. I usually use the two biggest sizes for life modeling thru zoom or Dr Sketchys. Great for all those gesture poses.
This is one I use for everyday things when I don’t have my other fav Stillman and Birn handy.

Margaret xoxoxox

A question

Trying to decide which two portraits to enter in the GWS show. which ones would u choose?!

AC at the sweetest guy and a great artist. But NOPE I won’t let him give me a tattoo. Ouch I think they must hurt too much. If I ever got one he would be doing it. He’s a sweetheart.
Half sheet Kilimanjaro 300# M Graham paint.
The Church Lady. A great model from Mary Whyte class in St Simons last February. Love her red hat and those pearls. Half sheet Kilimanjaro 300# M Graham paint.
Garden Party. Another great model from Mary Whyte class in Charleston last year. Think she’s out. She gets lost in the background.
Half sheet Kilimanjaro 300# M Graham paint.

Time to clean up my painting table. Taking watercolorlive next week w my friend Mike.

Sunrise a couple of days ago.

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxox

Out my window


Kayakers head down the Savannah on any given day that’s half way nice no matter the temperature.

This was part of a thirty day challenge Ruth and I did to draw our neighborhood. I got three done she got a couple before we got hot drawing the Inktober challenge which we did do everyday for 31 days.

Mark this one for sale! 11×15” watercolor and gouache 😘

Margaret xoxoxo who will try to do better posting in this new year!

Portrait painting

She may or may not be done. Not fond of the too loud quin gold and the too heavy pencil that won’t erase but otherwise like her a lot.

Took an online class with Fealing Lin a couple of weeks ago thru Cheap Joes online. The biggest plus is that we get to keep the video on YouTube forever. A big plus.

Another plus you can contact Edwina May at cheap joes to get put in your favorite painters waiting lists if you can’t score a class.

My friend Mike aka Linda joined me in the zoom class. Even though she was in Raleigh and I was at mine it was almost like being in Boone in one of Fealings classes. We texted each other our paintings back and forth during our class breaks.

Oops really not fond of him. Lost some of his mustache and the quin gold really got out of hand. Eyes need work and I need to lift his mustache.
And she definitely needs work. Not sure what BUT sooner or later I will.

Loving these lazy summer days. I suppose I am having too much fun just lasting with the hubs yet around the house to bother painting. My bad right??

Last evening we were floating in the pool watching the swifts dart and dive overhead for their dinner. Who knew they did that??! Or maybe it was just a whole new view of them from below instead of from the deck?

Then the next door neighbors shot off fireworks for a half an hour. Scared our feral cats to death but we loved them. I actually posted a short video of them on Facebook last night.
Tomorrow night our other neighbors will go to town with their spectacular fireworks display. He has enough fireworks to fill up a long bed pickup in his garage. Grandkids are coming and they are going to love it! So are we.
Out my back porch on the Savannah river just now.
And earlier today. I thought the rain was suppose to continue.
Update- Morning mist.

Happy fourth!! Love Margaret xoxoxoxo

Time to draw

Still not done but it was fun to hang out w friends and paint Azelia who is just lovely and so much fun. Half sheet-15×22” of cold press 140 fluid paper. While I am not fond of a reclining pose had a lot of fun painting the fabric. Used wc paint w very little water to make it opaque. Easy to paint it with the sharp tipped seconds perla brushes.
Gesture drawing warm ups. These are two not minutes.
Not sure how long ruse were. Five minutes ish. She posed til she got tired of the pose.
Five minutes. All done on large sheets of newsprint w Caran d’arche Neocolor ii crayons.
What’s for dinner tonite. Meant to cook it yesterday. Oh well. Chicken pot pie. yummm. Plenty left for tomorrow

Margaret xoxoxox

Plein Aire Fishing

Well while he fishes I paint.

Flags flying at half staff on the Thurmond Dam.
The sketch. The only pencil I had was a thick leaded 2B derwent sketch pencil. Yes I forgot a regular pencil too. Sigh. You know when fisherman are ready to go they are ready to go. 😂😂😂
Off course I didn’t finish them. Left the big wash brushes at home. Both of these were painted with a tiny size 4. I rarely use anything smaller than a 10!

Both are fairly small. 1/4 sheet 140 arches rough. The pad just fits in my painting bag so I took it along.

Will finish these when I get home but off to moms memorial so these will languish on the studio table while I am gone.

Mom at 90. She does recently from Covid. Refused to get the shots.
On her 90th. She was 96 when she died in April. RIP Lucy June!

Maggie xoxoxo