Day 1160 Inktober Day 6 hmm

Guess you have noticed I am posting one day late but hey I have done the sketch on the sixth so hmm I think it’s to early to be typing.

Going to take some

Dog paintings with me when I go to Atlanta for a nearby high end dog treat store. Hope they will take them. This sketch needs something else on the right. Not sure what but it will come. So will the paint.

Off to Aiken for life modeling. Happy Inktober!

Margaret xoxoxo

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Day 1159 Inktober Day 5

Can I Eat Yet? My favorite Vulture for sale lamy EF w Noodler fluid 140# paper

Watercolor soon!

Zoe needs some words but she’s for u less I have a brain wave for the words.

Paints used. Cerulean Burnt sienna burnt umber eyes. Cad orange and Indian yellow scarf and ruffle. Mineral violet and some odd blue on my palette for hat. Prussian maybe?!

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Day 1158 Inktober day 4

Not perfect but the decoration of Zoe continues.

She does love to dress up but no she doesn’t have any costumes. Just lots of scarves in all shapes colors for any season. She will actually try to put on her scarf if she shakes it off while playing kill her toys aka shaking them to death on true jack Russell style. And NO she’s never touched a mouse a squirrel or her bff Tom the cat who she loves and sleeps with in her bed.

Pentel brush pen Lamy on fluid watercolor paper. Will get paint. I can fix her slightly off nose with paint.

Margaret xoxoxo late meeting a friend for breakfast.


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Day 1158 – Inktober Day 4

Yesterday I drew my frequent postcards for the grandkids. I leave them as sketches so they can color them.

These are drawn on Stonehenge print paper. I can’t decide which ones i like best. The first set drawn with my Lamy or the second one drawn with my Pentel brush pen. What do you think?

Zoe is painted. She’s happier now that she has some color. Paint colors Indian yellow cad orange -pumpkin, sap green cerulean and burnt sienna -shadows. Dab of Quin coral on her ears. Burnt umber and Quin sienna in her eyes.

Ttyl off to paint some more!! Xoxoxo

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Day 1157 Day three

Decided to dress Zoe my Jack Russell up for Halloween. She does LOVE clothes. I think she could have done without the paint.

Not sure I like this. Maybe because I drew her with the pentel brush pen. Not fond of the lines. And I couldn’t think of anything to right on it. Thinking of adding a sign around her neck I do tricks for treats which she does. She dances. I tell kids she escaped from a circus clown. His loss my gain.

If there ever was a perfect jack Russell Zoe is the best behaved one ever. Not wild at all. Not happy. Content to sit around and snuggle most of the time.

So I painted yesterday’s too.

Paint used : cat ultramarine and burnt umber, cad orange eyes. Cad orange and Indian yellow on clothes and pumpkins. Mineral violet background with cerulean and burnt sienna shadows.

Margaret with another busy day xoxoxo

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Day 1156 Number two

Day two in the bag. Lamy and pentel brush pen fluid watercolor paper.

And yes I painted yesterday’s post. Think he’s awfully cute now. Actually mixed media.

Indian yellow cad orange vermilion burnt sienna cerulean charles Reid’s green watercolor. Flesh is Quin coral and a yellow.

Wasn’t happy with it so I colored it with my caran dache neocolor ii. Dark green sap green a yellow and red orange oh and white!!

Margaret thinking about drawing Zoe in a Halloween costume. Hmmm xoxoxo

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Day 1155 Inktober

It’s time for the annual Inktober challenge

To produce one ink sketch everyday in October. Today’s challenge word was swift. So I interpreted it as get it done swiftly instead of drawing something really involved. Besides who doesn’t love a pumpkin.

You know me. Today’s is screaming for watercolor so betting this one will get some paint. And YES those smears are intentional.

Drawn with a Lamy Joy, a Lamy Safari, and a pentel ink pen on fluid watercolor paper.

Day 1151 – Honey girl

Went on a walk about this evening she was gone for HOURS. Bad dog won’t come

When you call. But she’s home safe and sound so now it’s bed time.

Stillman and Birn Lamy Safari Ted Nuttalls Transparent palette.

Night all xoxoxox margaret.

Day 1154 Its Saturday

Today was a struggle. New great model named Macy.

A new model is always problematic. I drew her three times before I started painting which meant I only had about an hour to draw and paint this. drawing 2. All I can say is eeekkk. Yuck!

Although everyone’s eyes are in the middle of the head it just never seems to work out so easily in practice.

Not much time to cover a 18″x20″ piece of paper. She will probably get some caran dache neocolor ii before she’s done.

Strathmore Bristol 6b lead raw sienna Quin rose for skin, burnt sienna and cerulean for shadows with some Quin rose and dioxazine purple, sepia and ultramarine for hair. Background any blue on the palette and Quin rose. White gouache on her left shoulder which I accidently painted w the blue background. OOPPS.

Jeremy’s lovely sketch. I don’t know how he does that but his drawings are perfection.

Drew Murphy 3’x4′ acrylic. Like me he started over. Love the variety of colors.

Bills oil One of these days I am going to tell him about eyes in the middle of the face from too to bottom-ALWAYS!

Coach Larry’s charcoal

Ilanias small oil. Great figure. Love the background.

Als large oil.

Tom Needham’s small watercolor -1/4 sheet

Fred’s large acrylic. These ALWAYS make me smile. I just enjoy looking at them in all their wonkiness.

Margaret due for a nap. Xoxoxo

Day 1153 A tiny addition

Can change the while proportion. I started to chuck this sketch from last week.

Her head is now in proportion. I added maybe a 1/4″ on top and the left side of her head. That little bit made all the difference.

The shadows on her face are still not perfect but better. I used my caran d’ache neocolor ii to color her face and a bit in her hair. Used as a crayon they are somewhat opaque which let me lighten the darks.

I think the pink cheek on the left distracts somewhat from the dark on the left cheek.

Here she is before. Is she perfect now?! No. And maybe I will torture her some more. Or maybe she will end up in the garbage. We shall see!!

Happy weekend.

Margaret xoxoxo