Day 1220 1300 Followers 🤗👍🏻& 100 Augusta Landmarks aka urban sketching

Thanks to all my followers the new the old and the recent. I am so tickled and grateful.

Trying to get ready for masters week which means lots of sales at Art on Broad. The visitors love Augusta landmarks. I am sure there are 100 of them if I look and talk to my friend Robbie Harrell.

The Cotton Exchange 300lb 11×15″

I never can leave well enough alone. Should have stopped here I think. Now I have to do something to it.

I think I am going to have to paint the tree on the left. I will splatter it first then see.

I also drew it in my sketchbook.

Since I filled the page it didnt leave that big blank spot on the left. I can crop it out still. Probably the easy way out.

Colors used cobalt blue for shadows and windows w burnt sienna and quin sienna. Building is cad red burnt sienna and alizarin and a touch of cobalt. Roof is DS green from Kim’s class and cerulean. Sky cerulean.


Cotton Exchange story. At one time more cotton was sold around the world from this building than another place except the cotton exchange in I think Savannah. Cotton lined Reynolds street stacked 6 8 feet high for blocks in the early 1900s. And the warehouses surrounding it were full of more cotton that was shipped by train and down the Savannah River.

Did a lot of urban sketching yesterday since the sunlight was gorgeous.

St Paul’s Dome a block farther down the street. Holy Trinity I

Holy Trinity II

After I drew the first one I realized it would make a great double long spread. That said the sky will be gouache when I get done.

Maybe I will get these painted sometime soon. Gouache required for the messed up skies.

My new BFF I am calling Dot. An alpaca that lives in a field about a mile from my house. I finally took pics of him yesterday on my way home when I noticed he was near the fence. So cute. Now I want one.

Hoping I don’t kill all his pretty wispy curls.

Margaret off to shower and dress. Company coming. Xoxoxox

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Day 1219 Hmm Hippo Hop

Did I say been cleaning an purging for the last couple of days. I dunno what’s wrong with me. I am NOT a cleaner but my house is getting so clean it’s ridiculous.

byway this one is from back at New Years when I took my grandkids to Hippo Hop in Atlanta on a 15 degree day. I drew it as watched them race around. Henry’s wearing the red hooded jacket and is in it three times. Lilies weren’t a purple coat and is in it twice. That child loves a skirt. Anyway a fun place.

and a sculpey Bear I made for Henry.

Now I am tired from my cleaning so nite nite. Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1218 Urban Sketching

My nieces sweet house where I stayed in Charlotte for class. It’s just a small house but the perfect size with a small perfect kitchen fabulous bathrooms. Three bedrooms and hardwood floors. Screened porch and front porch. A great yard. What else do you need. Oh handy to downtown class

Drawn with a Lamy Safari in my stillman and birn. I painted this with my paints left from class. DS sepentine Green House grass with a dab of hookers Mineral violet shadows yellow ochre for the trim. Roof trees are manganese and quin sienna. Trees have a dab of burnt umber as does the fence. Manganese sky. A bit of alizarin crimson for the pinks added while wet. And some brilliant purple for the iris.

All the painting was done wet on wet so the colors would mingle on the page.

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1217 going to the dogs again.

I am calling Honey done and for sale. She’s 13×19 approximately.

The start. This is a really slow process. It’s like bringing the ghost out into the light. LOTs of water. Ultramarine blue and quin sienna. And probably some dioxzine purple.

Yuck. What else can I say!? Kim said to take pics of the process so I did. Hope u enjoy them.

More definition. At one point I added so many washes the 300 lb was buckling. 😱😱😱

I had to lift a few lights. So easy for those to disappear. I use a flat bristle brush for that. A little CLEAN water and a lotionless Kleenex to blot. No oil allowed.

Here she is up close. I splashed some more and added some more darks on the right to loose the edges.

And here she is again. Done. I really don’t like this paper. Soft soft for a 300 lb cold press. Jack Richeson Cold press . Absorbs too much color and bleeds edges.

My jack Zoe is saying what about me. That’s all for now.

Night night.

Margaret xoxoxo 300# cp #fabriano #forsale #blackdawg #lab #labrador #rescue #honey #dogsofinstagram #dawgs #beggar

Day 1216 – going to the birds?!! Kim Day 4!!!

Kim Johnson Costa Rican Sand pipers It’s the length of full sheet watercolor paper about 30 inches. Kim started doing it to use up scraps. I haven’t tried this yet. I was too busy painting the chickens. But this is definitely on my to do list.

Kim starts by drawing the birds lightly on the paper. Her long bird paintings with LOTS of splashes and splatters which all by themselves are too much fun to do. She’s using a blue a red and a yellow in this case a yellow orange. Could be a perfect spot to try out the Bob Burridge color wheel combos.

She starts on the left and paints to the right.

And the birds start to appear like magic. And here they are so you can see them up close. Such fun. Much splashing of water is involved in this. While it’s still wet she goes back on with a cats tongue brush and adds to the legs and beaks.

She also uses individual pics of the birds laying them out the way she wants them.

Great stuff and she says they are very popular.

Kathy Bovards fabulous chicken that she gave me. LOVE this so much. She’s just an amazing painter. Also painted this charming papillon.

Janettes fabulous penguin. What awesome colors. So charming.

And Patty Brady’s birds that were done like Kim’s. Not sure whose.

That’s a wrap folks. Time to finish unpacking and paint. Xoxoxo Margaret whose going to finish the painting of Honey.

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Day 1215 Going to the dogs

Scootch Man. Quarter sheet 10×15 300# All done but his splatters and maybe that white spot near his ear. No idea why it’s sooo white.

Started. All I got done in class yesterday. Colors used quin sienna quin burnt orange cerulean ultramarine dioxzine purple mineral violet yellow ochre burnt sienna burnt umber

posing the dogs in the early morning light this am. Scootch was all about getting the four day old chic fil a waffle fry.

and so was Honey. Don’t ask where it came from.

The Super Beggar started. Ultramarine blue burnt umber quin burnt orange

Margaret driving home by way of Cheap Joes.


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Day 1214 – Key West Dancers

Key West Dancers aka Chickens. Almost 22×30″

early this am. I decided to lighten up and nearly indicate the third female chicken

And I kept on painting and


And maybe the dancers are done. We shall see. Will take them home hang them from the mantle and stare at them a while.

That’s all for tonite. Time for the oscars Margaret xoxoxo ready to paint dogs.

Day 1213 Potter

Is done.

Earlier today earlier today.

Kim Johnson’s painting today

Kims finished portrait from yesterday.

Noah’s Monocle cobra. Noah is three and loves snakes so I have been painting some for him. His sister thinks it looks like a bunny lol.

A few pearls of wisdom for Kim Johnson.

More tomorrow. Hugs Margaret drinking wine and relaxing. Xoxoxo

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Day 1212 Another Day with Kim

Potter Hot Press Fabriano Artistico 300# 17x 20″

So far would you believe this took all day when we had time to paint. NO MORE stripes EVER. What a pain they are.

First wash

Second face wash w w few stripes

The whole thing stripes are a tough. Used all the blues. Cerulean manganese cobalt and ultramarine blue. Plus a green a yellow and cad red light oh and burnt sienna in the shadows.

All the stripes

Eek more to do the nose and mouth aka correct the shadows.

For now. Poor thing. Letting her sleep tonite. Me too. No painting tonite.

My friend Jeannette’s lovely soft painting so soft and dreamy.

Second wash

Not sure she’s finished but amazing.

Christine Wheelers beautiful old man

Kathy’s oh so charming dog. A papillion.

Jeannette’s gorgeous goats from yesterday. Love these.

And that’s a wrap for today folks.

Margaret putting down her paintbrush.

Night night. Potter so far today #watercolor #watercolours #aquarelle #sketch #charlotte #drawingforsale #nude #pencil #lead #art #artist #nancycoiucks #kimjohnson #drawing

Day 1211 Kim Johnson

Class at Nancy Couick’s. Fun teacher and she may be a distant cousin. Truly we may be cousins. She’s a Johnson from Iowa with a cousin named Rich. I have a Johnson cousin named Rich in Iowa and am descended from Iowa Johnsons. Both of our Johnsons come Pennsylvania.

I painted chickens all day.

Background first. Spritzing. And dripping. Cerulean, burnt sienna, mineral violet.

Medium layer.


Kim Johnson painting.

And I forgot to take a photo of the finished one. Oops.


A few finished Kim Johnson.

Margaret. Xoxoxo

Key West Rooster #rooster #loose #watercolor #aquarelle #splash #keywest #charlotte #northcarolina