Day 1127 Crosshatching or line work ?!

So does a town that’s a wide spot on the road count as urban?! Have long admired this old abandoned house on Hwy 28 near Parksville SC. Today I finally had the perfect combo of a sunny day and a half an hour or so to draw it. The trees are wonderful. Lots of huge oaks and that big old cedar right out front.

Hoping to watercolor this sooner or later BUT ya know how that goes. Later is not getting here sooner.

Lamy Ef in stillman and birn alpha.

Back to Atlanta to dog sit tomorrow after driving to Aiken to paint. I will be an oh so tired girl then. Xoxoxo

Day 1126 Another big one started aka Moh Dancing

Just started blocking in. Oops one head is way too big. 30×40 I think but may start over again on a bigger canvas. Dancers at arts in the heart shagging I think at the 8th St Jazz Tent.

Quin magenta and red. Nickel azo green and gold. Eventually will be a downtown street scene.

Margaret whose worried she may be heading back to Atlanta wed. Eeekkkkkkk. Xoxoxo

Day 1125 Sunday

A sketch of my grandson Henry’s Japanese monsters his dad bright back from Japan last year. Weird monsters. They kept tipping over and Livis kept snatching them and moving them. A true exercise in determination! Henry wants them painted so I am sure that will happen soon!!

How about them dawgs?

Off On The road again. I think I am living out of my suitcase. Bet I am not going anywhere after The holidays but home to my bed.

Margaret who is tired of lugging clothes up and down three stories


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Day 1124 An Unexpected Saturday

A guy instead of the girl we usually draw. Joe. I don’t know why he had all the chains on or why the strange make up. Usually we have a Santa of one kind or another. Sometimes a naughty one. Sometimes I tired one. Sometimes a Santa with a good stiff drink – who could blame him?!

Anyway I do think this drawing turned out well.

First time his legs were too short. Oops.

And this pose well I just don’t know. And the chains. Hmm And the mask and he blood. Hmmmmm. The contest was too add some texture.

Pentel brush pen using just the tip of the pen like a pencil Super Aquabee Tablet watercolor.

That’s all the Dr Sketchys.

Thanks for looking Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1123 Lazy Friday

Has planned to go off sketching somewhere in Atlanta today but is was a cloudy foggy morning and somehow that never inspires me. Started watching the Tommy Kane Danny Gregory Sletchbookskool video and decided to draw Lucy dog who was nearby lounging away the day while I listened to the video. My cross hatching was a little scribble so decided to punch it up.

Two hours later this is what I have done! It’s only 5×8. I used my Lamy EF right side up and upside down in a stillman and birn alpha. I might add a watercolor background but I might not. We will see.

wish I had taken more pictures of it. This was before I darkened the chair line work and added some very light cross hatching to the rug.

Think it needs something in the right top corner. We shall see.

Here’s what I was drawing. Edited out the boxes of Christmas decorations since they are not usually there. And yes Lucy dog is still snoozing.

Ttyl the sun is out and I am hungry maybe drawing with some lunch.

Margaret xoxoxo who should do something with her wild curly hair first.

Day 1122 -more dr Sketchys

You knew that!!

Not sure how long we had to draw this sketch but our model joe brought an amazing assortment of things to draw besides himself and I tried to draw them all in this one. A King Kong a Socrates bust a rhino a bat man type figurine a shirt on his leg glasses a stool and a drink. And the contest. Add something threatening. I added the hairy vampire bug. Unlike the angel this one was not a winner lol.

King Kong and Socrates againa couple of ten minute sketches. Oops too short legs. Beer bottles were a big item on the stage. And candles.

One of me drawing I stole from dr Sketchys Facebook page. Thanks Amanda! I spilled my first martini so I had Chris give me another in a jar. Harder to spill.

Pentel brush pen super aquabee tablet

Nite Margaret in Atlanta just back from meeting her cousins for dinner. Xoxox

Day 1121 Dr Sketchys part one

Four two minute sketches about 11×14 super aquabee tablet. Pentel brush pen.

The rest of the two minute sketches.

Four minute sketches. Watercolor with my #10 davinci sable. Love that brush.

Five minute sketch and a contest. Add an appendage. I WON!! Now why didn’t I get that free pass for the next dr Sketchys out of the pot. I got some glow sticks duh.

Anyway long day. Waiting for the plumber to replace my leaking hot water heater and a new pressure thingy. $1200 later I was off to Dr Sketchys. Want to buy something. Anything! The house my first born son my dogs?!

Off to bed. I also cleaned he house too to bottom and my cavernous 1500 sq ft garage. Margaret whose exhausted. Xoxoxo

Day 1120 A Birthday Card it two

Taking a fun class at sketchbookskool on Card Making. This is a birthday card I made for my green loving daughter in law whose birthday was Nov 13. It’s drawn with watercolor pencil on Stonehenge paper.

In the meantime my birthday was last week and my disgusted i law made me this lovely Card. Great minds run in the same circles.

Margaret xoxox heading to book club tonite. Great book. The Gentleman in Moscow.

Day 1119 done?!

Dancing at Le Chat 3×3′ Acrylic for Sale

Spent a lot of time finishing this up today I hope. Worked on the girl w the red dress’ s face. Candice I think. Also her hand.

The other girl I know is Amanda. Both are very funny actresses and dancers at Chat Noir.

Now it’s time for a nap before I race off back to Atlanta. I do hope to do some urban sketching while I am there. Downtown Decatur or zoo Atlanta. Love both. Xoxoxo Margaret

Day 1119 more elephants

Not sure what order I did these in. But they were drawn live at Zoo Atlanta. Always more difficult to draw live elephants than to pause the tv and draw them.

One more. These are actually double page spreads but not sure which order they go in since my sketchbook is at home.

Singing on the road again. Margaret xoxoxo