Day 994 – Peggy Habet’s class 

I drew Peggy several times during class. This was the last time and looks the most like her. Fourth time the charm. She was hard to draw with a long thin nose and a tiny face. 

The nose kept overpowering her tiny face when I drew her. This was the first try. And then I painted her too dark so I scrubbed her a little to lighten her up. I did have fun stamping her name and embellishing the page with a watercolor pencil. 

Go round three. Nose still too big. Eeekkk.  The hair is a combo of thalo and sepia. 

Number four. TOO Dark!!!’ What the heck. 

Better. But the face was too wide and not oval enough.  I could make it narrower by adding hair. 

I painted on my class sketches most of the day. Guess it’s time to do those color studies. 

Margaret xoxoxo whose having a painting day. 

Day 992 Peggi Habets Class

At Nancy Couick’s Art Studio in Charlotte was just great. A very cerebral thought provoking class. Peggi imparts ALOT of knowledge in a jam packed four days. 

A tiny little woman with a lot of knowledge and a definite joy in sharing what she knows. 

Her next painting. She’s working on a series of ballet dancers for a show with three other artists. They start with a photo session.  

After she decides on the photo  she then makes 3 small 5×7 ” black and white pencil studies. 

More black and white studies. 

She also uses the Pythagorean theorem to design her pictures as well as 2-3 color studies for her paintings. Colors combos might be complimentary colors analogous colors and tertiary colors. 

Something I definitely need to work on.  Hers are immaculate. Mine not so much. 

My color studies. It’s also a good place to work out design problems. I have another one of these but not painted it yet. 

She also gets you to form a story for the painting. This is a large future color study  for a full sheet watercolor of Raisin who loves Frisian horses and owns several. 

3×4′ acrylic

This is the same photograph painted as a large acrylic. I never quite finished it because it does not have a story. So now I can go back and fix this one. Yeah. 

One of Raisins freisians 

Margaret xoxox

Day 991 Livie done and a Class Review

Trying to decide if she’s done. Not sure I like the dark blue side. Maybe too strong?! 

Peggy Habets an awesome painter and loaded with knowledge that she shares. Such a willing and gracious teacher. 

Would I take her class again?! Yes. I have yet to meet a more diligent thoughtful teacher who wants everyone to be their own painter in their own style and NOT just paint like her. And she helps you figure out what that is. She also gives the best bound handout I have ever gotten in a class. Hmm the only hand out I have ever gotten 

Peggi only uses M Graham paints which stay moist forever. A good thing when you are laying in a LOT of colors. 

Raisin and I went to Cheap Joes to get several more tubes of it to augment our palette and a new palette just for the M Graham paint. M Graham is made with blackberry honey as the binder and doesn’t dry on your palette whilst you are using it. 

One of the girls at Cheap Joes said not a good thing when you do Plein Air. The bees love it and swarm to your palette. Eeekk 

The rest of the classes work. 
More soon. There were some absolutely gorgeous watercolors in this class. 
Margaret exhausted. Xoxoxo