Day 1767 Tuesday drawing

Trying out a grisaille layer.

Grisaille means a first layer of the shadows.

Second break

First break. This is the grisaille later.

Then you add the flesh tones last. Usually done with oils.

I like the effect it gave. That aid needs a dark background.

First layer was done with cerulean burnt sienna and darkest darks burnt umber and or ultramarine.

Skin tone cad red light and cad yellow light. Sometimes more cad red than anything else. Think I will try it on hot press next.

Drew Murphy first break

At the end. He didn’t like it but I think it’s very interesting and unique. And no doubt he got the drawing right which is really the thing we all aim for.

Dawn first break

End of session

The iPhone didn’t do it justice turning the darks really dark and the flesh colors which were gorgeous also got muddy. They really weren’t like this but a really lovely soft peachy pink.

Amy Lochard Ness. Oil. Love it. Once again it went dark with the iPhone.

Bill Daniels. Wow what else can I say oil on panel.

Rich Klein oil!!

And that’s a wrap folks.

Margaret worn out from a busy day of baking. Xoxoxox

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Day 1766 Back in my Coloring book.

Woes press Might be a good name for word press because it is being most recalcitrant and annoying not letting me upload. Grrrr. I added white gouache water.

Before I added the gouache.

The Thompson River at my sons cabin at Sweetwater Trout Farm. The grandkids love to go swimming in the shoals the river forms as it swirls by the cabin.

Shoulda been some foam here. Oops
Shoulda been down.

Oops did I say foams??! I forgot the white water where it goes over the rock falls. Was painting it from memory. Going to see if the white gouache can fix it. Cross your fingers.

Before I added more ink with my Lamy. It was drawn with a Twisbi loaded with sepia ink.

Did I say I love this chaise longue. Love it’s patchwork it’s color. Bet it’s divine. Ok back looking for the ink sketch. Oops.

Because I love the silly bear!!

who else gets stuck in a hole!?

On my to paint list.

Found some Other fun things but no photos of the Thompson in ink. Sorry.

Listening to the lieutenant governor debates. Go vote. Early voting has started!! Get with it. Every vote counts.


Margaret xoxoxox see what I got today? Going on my sketchbook cover soon.

Where I shoulda been today but how many times can I drive to Atlanta in one week. Sigh.

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Day 1765 Adding darks

Waiting. Hit Press Fabriano 300 lb.

Important stuff adding darks. I need to dig out the painting of this without all the darks I just added to her my daughter in love Lee Anne about four months pregnant with my delightful granddaughter Livie. I added darks all over.

Added some card red light and burnt sienna ultramarine cerulean mineral violet. Amazed at how the salt shaker looks almost photographic on this hot press. Just adding cerulean and mineral violet to the background around the salt. 😳

With added dark greens

Added lots of darks to this one in the flowers. Though I will say it’s not as dark as this.

Really wasn’t happy with this one.

But now I am. The bouquet was too tight. I added make believe flowers. Now i like it alot!! added the red flowers and some white fluffy ones on the sides. A few leaves on top. Big difference now isnt it?!

Background tooo light.

Not any more. Added more purple and cobalt. Lotsa splatted.

Now you can see the sunflowers.

This one I fear will remain a tight mess.


Hmm maybe I should add some red flower to it too. Why not. Maybe I will like it better right. Worked on the other one.

Keep spreading the reds and the mineral Violet. I will say it Lois better in person. The reds look opaque in the photo and they aren’t. Oh well. Somebody tell me how to get accurate pics with the iPhone please. It used to be so great. Not anymore.

I will say the red flowers got tooo big. Ah well life as an artist. 🤣

And this one. Added the orange and burnt sienna to the yellow flowers which were just blobs of yellow. Aka boring. Oh and mineral violet and alizarin and ultramarine purples here and there.

And that’s it so far. Course the suns still up. More painting?! We shall see.

Hugs Margaret xoxoxo who should go walk my sweet puppy.

Day 1764 It’s Saturday

Our model was Jessie. 19×24″ Strathmore Bristol Smooth paper. Really like the way this one turned out. May or may not add background.

First break forty minutes. Started with a wash of quin gold.

Second break. Layers of burnt sienna, raw umber and hematite burnt scarlet. Darks of ultramarine and burnt sienna.

Added some cad yellow deep. And more of the other colors. I think she’s done. We will see.

Al Beyer’s small gorgeous oil. And he used red. Al never uses red.

Eve charcoal and white pastel on canson paper.

Jeremy Sutherland red Prisma pencil. One of the verithin brand

Tom Needham’s Watercolor still needs the burnt sienna and he’s going to try the hematite burnt scarlet I gave him a puddle of.

Coach knocked out two great charcoals.

Dawns going to use this as a grise layer and some burnt umber when she gets home. She didn’t bring any Browns. Oops.

Fred LOVE it.

Tyrone pencil

Bill Daniels oil on metal panel

And that’s a wrap. Hugs. Margaret off to watch Foyles War. Xoxoxox

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Day 1763 cleaning

A rainy cold day like today seemed a good day for cleaning. I haven’t counted all the nudes I have done but there were at least 25 flower paintings. 😵 and piles of other paintings.

Loving Alex Powers.

Author of my fav how to art book

The lawyer-Powers a mere $150

Love his stuff

Wonder if Cityart does Lay away!??

I need one. Wonder if they would trade some flowers for one. Night. Will do better post tomorrow. Hugs xoxo

Day 1762 – sketching

I have a sketchbook full of these that I am currently coloring my way thru. Two left to do. This is my son Ben playing his beloved Dark Souls which has some of the most amazing graphics I have ever seen. CGI right?!!

I did the ink sketch then I added caran cache Neocolor ii to it and wet it down to blend it. The Neocolor are loaded with juicy color and cover more like crayons crayons do quickly. Watercolor pencils which are fun can take forever to color a large double spread like this.

Also finishing up this one lifting bits of white off the salt cellar.

It may not be back to paper white but it’s close enough. I may go back in and add some dark behind it to make the highlights brighter.

The third thing I am up to today besides madly listening to Mario Robinson’s podcasts is thinking about the background of this largish painting 16×20″ Fluid cp.

So many greens. Which will it be?!!! Eeekk

Really requiring a lot of thinking. Right now I am leaning toward an olive green background and lift the flowery vines out so they are lighter but not white. So the next question is WHICH green. A staining one that always will leave a trace behind it a transparent one. Experimenting required.

Should it be cerulean plus an orange or yellow for a dirty green.

A Daniel smith green apatite. Always a wonderful color but doubt I could run a flat wash with it. It’s known for its granulations of brown and rust which could be fun.

Or maybe just a nice dull olive green. Sigh. So much to think about so little time.

Sunflowers don’t differ in tone from background. 🤪😵[/[/[/[/[/[/

And is this background dark enough or should I do it like this one?! Eeekkk. Thinking too hard today.

Goodnite for now sweet readers. Margaret thinking about artfields and the GWS in the spring. Xoxoxox

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Day 1761 Can I call it It’s Tuesday

Canson Bristol Smooth 19×24″

A New Model-Rebecca. Always glad when I don’t crash and burn drawing a new model. I often do.

The sketch. She was easy to draw. Zip zip.

Second break flesh -cad red light and yellow ochre. She had a bit of a tan. Adding in cerulean, ultramarine and burnt sienna darks plus some cad red light for darks. Same color I made flesh with.

End of the drawing session yesterday.

Finished well probably you never know. When it’s sold it’s done. Hahahaha. Background chrome green with burnt sienna spatters.

Speedy Gonzales Drew Murphy managed to get two painted.

These are small for him. About 20×24″

Love Alexis sketch. She’s improved leaps and bounds since taking Joes Tuesday life modeling class.

Bill Daniels Oil

Dawn another whose improvement under Joes tutelage is just amazing.

Amy Lockhart Ness Conte Crayon.

Rich Klein’s lovely job.

Joe had us do gesture drawings vine charcoal on newsprint.

Now I love doing gestures.

Not to sure about the vine charcoal

And that darn newsprint.

But since Picasso did this one of its good enough for him it’s good enough for us right!!? 😂

Margaret who is coloring her coloring book today and binging netflix. Xoxoxoxo

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Day 1760 Out Jans Back Window

My sister in-laws back yard in Columbia. I am off to Aiken as soon as I post. Life modeling today at Usca

Caran D’arche Neocolor ii

Last page hurrah.

Which are great fun when you hit them with a dab of

Colored it with the Caran D’arche Neocolor ii which a

Now WordPress is acting nuts.

I quickly dabbed it with my large 12 silver fish back velvet. And was done.

Margaret off to Aiken.

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