Day 1755 Finishing up.

Yesterday I finished up my Macy’s painting from Saturday. She has to have the cushions and drapery to seat her.

Her right hand especially looked ridiculous without the black of the blanket by it.

One last nite about the Strathmore Bristol. I LOVE the delicious way it makes the paint sheet down the paper mixing together and the reason I paint vertically when I used it instead of horizontally or at an angle.

Took a while to decide how much peacock blue background to add. May still need a bit more.

Try it you might like it.

Blacks-ultramarine and burnt umber or burnt sienna. Cobalt blue, Cad yellow light and cerulean for the other drapery.

I also worked on her head and body some more. Adding cad red light and some mineral purple for shadows. Yes cad red light will work on the shadows. Plus another light coat of cad red light where she was reading as too white.

Margaret binge watching Designated Survivor. Oh and darn Chappaquiddick is now on Netflix’s too. Sigh. Too much goof tv. Xoxoxo

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