Day 1761 Can I call it It’s Tuesday

Canson Bristol Smooth 19×24″

A New Model-Rebecca. Always glad when I don’t crash and burn drawing a new model. I often do.

The sketch. She was easy to draw. Zip zip.

Second break flesh -cad red light and yellow ochre. She had a bit of a tan. Adding in cerulean, ultramarine and burnt sienna darks plus some cad red light for darks. Same color I made flesh with.

End of the drawing session yesterday.

Finished well probably you never know. When it’s sold it’s done. Hahahaha. Background chrome green with burnt sienna spatters.

Speedy Gonzales Drew Murphy managed to get two painted.

These are small for him. About 20×24″

Love Alexis sketch. She’s improved leaps and bounds since taking Joes Tuesday life modeling class.

Bill Daniels Oil

Dawn another whose improvement under Joes tutelage is just amazing.

Amy Lockhart Ness Conte Crayon.

Rich Klein’s lovely job.

Joe had us do gesture drawings vine charcoal on newsprint.

Now I love doing gestures.

Not to sure about the vine charcoal

And that darn newsprint.

But since Picasso did this one of its good enough for him it’s good enough for us right!!? 😂

Margaret who is coloring her coloring book today and binging netflix. Xoxoxoxo

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