Day 1741 Trying to get motivated

Reading excerpts from The War Of Art. We are our own worst enemies aren’t we?!

Also looking forward to a sketching trip in Key West next month. Found this strip accordion fold watercolor of Higgs Beach in KW when I was cleaning up books yesterday. It’s probably forty inches long.

I also have one of the KW Post office chickens somewhere around here.

I just sit in a spot and draw people when they drift by.

Adding the palm tree and the sea in the background.

Sometimes the people turn out great.

Sometimes they are a train wreck like the guy on the right. But they are always great fun to do.

Long and short of these is that they are great people drawing practice. People love them because so colorful.

Did I say I have a few more ready to go?! Think I will stick one in my purse and give a couple to friends. The grey ones are full sheets of canson mi-teintes paper.

Drawn on 40″ Stonehenge print paper ripped into long strips and accordion folded. Stonehenge paper is lovely thick paper that loves watercolor. It’s only fault is cracking along the folds. Makes great sketchbooks too. Thanks

Added a bit of mineral violet and cobalt the background of this painting.

Margaret off to Costco for six itty bitty book lights for Saturday drawing. If you get in the wrong corner during lifemodeling there is NO light at all.


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