Day 982 Dr Sketchys 2

Love the Chinese dresses Foxy wore at Dr Sketchys Wednesday. Gorgeous fabrics and they fit her like a glove.  Classic Chinese dresses probably from her home in Taiwan. 

This is my favorite sketch I think though the next one is nice too. 

Both 11×14″ Super Aquabee tablet. Noodler Konrad WN colors in a whiskey painter box with a Cotman travel box full of Daniel Smith quinacridones. I used a gold Wink of Stella marker to sparkle these.  

This was a challenge to add origami elements. I have folded thousands of those cranes and a few of the frogs. As a kid I loved doing origami since the first kit I received for Christmas. I think she’s slightly out of proportion. Head to big. Legs a tad too short but I like her anyway. A lot to draw and paint in 20 minutes!!

Day 982 Last Nite!

After several disastrous sketches I knew I could handle our beautiful Asian model when I did this watercolor in ten minutes or so. 

All sketches are 11×14 in a Super Aquabee tablet. Love that paper. Painted with my whisky painter box loaded with WN and Daniel  Smith Quin coral and an old Cotman palette loaded with every quinacridone I own plus thalo blue and green black and white gouache. Painted with a pentel waterbrush. 

These are all two minute sketches. Some of these will probably be altered. And most are pretty awful. As in EEEKKK I Don’t feel good and I can’t draw a thing tonite. This one was the worst. 

Better.  I decided to give up my go to Dr Sketchys pen the Pentel Brush pen and use a Noodler Konrad. Life improved.  I always think it’s interesting how a change of pen can improve your drawing skills when they aren’t going well. 

Next We had a challenge to turn her into a fox. Evidently her stage name is Foxy. As some of you know I like to draw chickens. Follow them around at Key West to draw them or sit and watch them and sketch them. Never thought chickens could be so much fun but they are. 

Really like the sketchiness of her body and legs in this one. 

Ttyl another busy day. Haircut picking up paintings and back to aiken for a reception for a friends show.  

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 981 Dr Sketchys 

But first a bit of keeping track. Need to do some more of these but this week has been so hectic missing Rachel Maddow. 

This is truly mixed media with white and red grease pencil watercolor pencils ink and watercolor. 

Stillman and Birn Alpha Lamy pen noodler Lexington gray ink. Ted Nuttalls transparent palette. This is probably my fav so far of these. Well that and the General Flynn page. He’s one of my best sketches. 

Dr Sketchys tonite. Hurrah. Maybe some more mixed media?! 

Xoxoxo Margaret 

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Day 980 A few of those 100 people 

Painting the Farmhaus people 

And a few of my tv sketches. Really liking the background colors. A lot different than my usual cerulean. Sometimes it pays to get outta the box you are in. 

Painted with Ted Nuttalls transparent palette. 

Book club tonite. If you haven’t read When Breathe Becomes Air by Paul Kalanathi do. Don’t know when a book has made me cry more. So poignant. Wonderful book.

Book club tonite. Off I go. Xoxoxo Margaret.  

Day 979 -21 Days left

Till 1000. The goal is nigh! 

Taking an online class in extreme journaling with Julianna Coles. All my questing for a book at goodwill, salvation army, thrift stores and in the garage where I found a forgotten stack of books I found the perfect book in my son’s recycle bin in Atlanta. It’s a heavy thick very slick Saks sales ad. Since it was trash I didn’t feel bad about altering it. It also had some nice photos of women in it. 

Despite babysitting the grandchildren single handedly, lecturing to middle schoolers about art quilts aka show n tell and driving about four hundred miles I bounced out of bed to start the monster mash process this morning. 

I worked on the cover since I did not like the big script Saks on the cover. 

Oddest thing happened when I opened a huge old Bartletts to cut out poetry. I don’t think I even turned a page. It opened to a page that held a poem about “locking all your heart aches inside” and “hide it in your trunk” “will hide all your failures””will rise to meet you yet” and of course I cut them out and glued them on.  

I don’t think it’s quite done the more I look at them. Bout maybe they are never done? They will tell me. Lots of fun.  Go sign up.  


The first double page spread. Thinking it’s still too busy. 

I painted stamped collages scribbled and painted and lettered and I could go on but it’s time for French. Acrylic paint caran dache neocolonial ii prismacolor paintstiks paint marker. 

The books about the size of a piece of printer paper. Can’t wait for the next chapter. 

Margaret xoxoxo #julianacoles 

Day 977 So what’s up?!

If I were home I would be heading to the Steeple Chases the second leg of the Triple Crown today with my friend Kathe.  Oh well. Instead I am babysitting my grandkids which will be a lot of fun too. They are so sweet. 

The Two Year Old Harness Races Aiken SC 

I really think this is two pictures. I drew it leaving against the fence on the far left. The people on the right were a few feet from me. The guy on the left down the rails. I filled in with people who wandered by. That caused the problem with this drawing. The ladies in the middle are far too short. 

It looks great cropped like this. 

And not bad like this. I mean those ladies could be kids right?! Or the guys on the left really tall?! Hmmmm. 

Going to blame it on Kathe I had to hide to fill in the middle. She started bragging about my drawing. Eeekk. Not what you want when you are drawing people and they want to look. NOT if you have political sketches in your book too. Double eek. 

Andy way drawn in a Stillman and Birn Alpha with a Lamy Safari. 

Ted Nuttalls transparent Palette. 

Ttyl time to babysit. Pray for me! 

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 976 Time for some News

Been obsesssed with the news as many other Americans have and I take notes and draw the talking heads. Monday I was almost late to class listening to Comey FBI director talk about their investigation into the Presidents claims against Obama which of course as most people knew even before the testimony were completely unfounded. 

His other bomb  shell  was that the FBI has been investigating the Trumps campaigned connections to the Russians since July.  And I am keeping track of what they are saying and how it’s interlocked. 

It’s just all to incredible. 

About the picture. I had a few problems with Comeys face. His eyes and mouth should be parallel. They weren’t. I fixed him by adding a dark left corner to his mouth which raised it slightly. 

The purple brown on his face is Daniel smiths piemonite. Love that color. Makes delicious darks combined with blues too. And stays transparent. 

I think I nailed Schiff. 

Most of the red is a grease pencil. SO much fun. Loved them. Got a box of 5-6different  colors on Amazon.  It’s like a crayon on steroids. 

Otherwise the colors are Ted Nuttalls transparent palette plus piemonite on their faces for shadows. 

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo Where’s my Dick Blick 40% off coupon?? Heading that way today. Art store shopping!!  

Day 975 One more St Paddys Day

Could not resist drawing this great pirate ship passed by loaded with people tossing beads to the crowds. So much to draw and so little time. I really like parts of this but the foreground people watching are all assorted sizes. The middle group too tall for the other two groups. 

And I completely forgot to draw the buildings in the background. OOPS!!! 

Oh well that’s the thing about live sketching. Some you win some you mess up. Lol. 

One more to go. The Whiskey Bar Lamy Safari. Lexington Grey ink in a Stillman and Birn Alpha. 

Colors used. Every green I own. Pants are all some combo of ultramarine blue and burnt umber. Sky peacock blue I think.  

Ttyl off to delve into Atlanta after talking to two groups is middle school art kids. One was awesome second one ready for lunch. Fun classes though the kids are so cute. Just hungry. 

Margaret xoxox 

 Day 974 More St Paddys Day Parade

St Paddys Day Parade ladies from St. John’s tower. They were actually riding another truck but I liked this one better. Augusta Ga 
A dab of gel pen on the antennae. I loved those. And they were riding in chairs. 

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Gotta run. Heading to Atlanta. Hope to sketch there. I am Ready!!

Margaret xoxox