Day 970 Avenging Angel

Happy St Patrick’s Day!! Time to wear the green.  

Mixed media 15×22. 140# Kilimanjaro watercolor paper. 

Got up at five am and started working on a not too great watercolor of Ilaina. The heads too small. And her beautiful long hair was pinned up. 

I started journaling while listening to Robert Holden on Hay House. He’s the happiness guru. Good way to start your day. 

Then I stamped her and collaged her.  The wings were scraps that just fell next to her shoulders. That’s a sign isn’t it that she wanted to be an angel?!

Next came the paint. On her eyes. Added hair. Scribbled on her with my Prismacolor art sticks. Bytw I went for the black one and ended up with the dark blue one. 

This angel wants what she wants. Then I added the red Prismacolor.  Didn’t want her too precious as angels can be. 

More paint. More scribbling. Back and forth. Scribbled on her face with a 4B pencil both writing and defining her face. 

BOOM She was done. At least for now.  She might decide differently. 

Ttyl. Off to the parade. 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 969 Might be a trend. 

Been working on this today for an online class I am taking. More political art.  I have never made political art in my life til lately. 

Step one. Gluing down some figures  and journaling over them in pencil. Circling some of the words. Then stamping over that. I couldn’t find my stamps so I drew letters. 

Collages layer. 

Scribbling on it with Prismacolor art sticks.
Painting over it with cheap acrylic paint I. Bottles. 

And I added some washi tape. 

Ttyl. Got to clean up the mess I tossed all over the kitchen for some reason.  Stacks of paper scraps glue sticks and my apron to name a few things.  

Ttyl. Collage is fun. Try it. 

Margaret xoxoxo