Day 970 Avenging Angel

Happy St Patrick’s Day!! Time to wear the green.  

Mixed media 15×22. 140# Kilimanjaro watercolor paper. 

Got up at five am and started working on a not too great watercolor of Ilaina. The heads too small. And her beautiful long hair was pinned up. 

I started journaling while listening to Robert Holden on Hay House. He’s the happiness guru. Good way to start your day. 

Then I stamped her and collaged her.  The wings were scraps that just fell next to her shoulders. That’s a sign isn’t it that she wanted to be an angel?!

Next came the paint. On her eyes. Added hair. Scribbled on her with my Prismacolor art sticks. Bytw I went for the black one and ended up with the dark blue one. 

This angel wants what she wants. Then I added the red Prismacolor.  Didn’t want her too precious as angels can be. 

More paint. More scribbling. Back and forth. Scribbled on her face with a 4B pencil both writing and defining her face. 

BOOM She was done. At least for now.  She might decide differently. 

Ttyl. Off to the parade. 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

Margaret xoxoxo

4 thoughts on “Day 970 Avenging Angel

    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Ah thank Wendy. That Hay House ap is free and you just never know what stuff they will talk about it. Today I listened to bits in between driving to aiken and sketching and going to the flat track races. I listened to a healthy eating show a woman who talks to angels and OH a medium. Off beat and interesting. Lol.

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