Day 960 – Day 1 OneWeek100People2017 

Yesterday’s output. 41 people.  

These were drawn off tv while I waited for the plumber. $135 later and a new kitchen faucet I was off to Panera in Evans. 

Undercover spy duty yesterday. I got a glass of their great I sweet iced tea and plopped my huge black purse on the table to hide behind. 

I spent about two hours there including eating a late lunch. I moved around a lot to get better views of my “victims.” 

The past few took longer because the Panera girls kept clustering around talking to each other. They must have been on break. I wanted to draw the one girls curly hair but it kept getting blocked by the other girls. 

I drew five  people at least twice as they moved around. 

The girl with the curly hair ended up taking a quick nap on the table – and no she did not look very comfy. Her shoulder is a bit too much on such a skinny little girl. The other girl walked off before I drew her legs. Oops. 

41 people done 59 to go!!

 These were drawn quickly in my Stillman and Birn Alpha using my Lamy safari and Noodlers Lexington Grey Ink. 
Ttyl off to vets to get Zoe’s stitches out. She had minor surgery two weeks ago and it’s time. Hmm wonder if there are any new victims there for UnDeRcOvER SpY!!

Margaret xoxoxo