Day 961 – Day 2 -OneWeek100People2017 

No idea how many people I have drawn now. 20 last evening at Panera and 11 more off MSNBC. Right now this Al Franken sketch is my favorite. 

I also like most

Of this page except for Eve. What happened there?! 

And this page except Lawrence. 

The blank spot is for the no longer missing Christopher Steele who Al Franken said he would go to the ends of the earth to interview. Go Al!! 

Think Lindsey Graham looks good as does  Adam Schiff. Both have interesting faces. Rachel. Hmm will try again. 

Panera.  Soooo cold. I thought I would freeze. I started to go to the chic Fil a bit it was crawling with people and sooo noisy. So I left and went to the quieter Panera. 

A lot of families were there. I am

Blaming the cold for these mostly awful drawings. All though there are a few bright spots like the grandmother on the right. 

I think all the Panera people were done in an hour. So that’s three minutes per person. 

I drew these people twice. Big baseball discussion. Dad showing the son how to hold the bat.

Prismacolor pencils Stillman and Birn Alpha Lamy with Lexington gray ink. 

Ttyl off to paint. 

Margaret. Xoxox